Can Full Sheets Fit a Queen Bed?

Updated October 4, 2020

We have done some research and found a few ways to fit full sheets on a queen bed. We will also be giving you a few helpful hints when it comes to making your bed sheets look great, so stay tuned!

Below, we will be going over a few different solutions that you could utilize to solve your bed sheet dilemma. Depending on what you have available to you, some of these solutions might be easier for you to use than others. However, they all can be attempted, and you can decide which one is best for you!

  • Using a flat full-sized sheet can be easier if you have decided to change your bed sheets, as it will give you more flexibility
  • Remove any mattress pads or anything extra that is on top of your bed
  • Using sheet straps may be the answer to your issue, as they are a versatile alternative that you can use
  • If you are using a full size fitted sheet, a little bit of sewing can ensure that it is the right size for your needs

Using flat sheets can be a good solution because they are wider and longer. They contain more material and will be able to cover the whole bed easier. As well, many people already have extra flat sheets that they don’t even use. These can be put to use while trying to make your bed look great.

Mattress pads can provide a bit of extra cushioning, but they also take up space from your bed and sheets. If you do not really need a mattress pad, it might be worth looking into removing it. You could replace it with extra blankets or comforters that do not take up quite as much space.

If you have a bit of sewing knowledge and a fitted sheet, you can try tailoring it. This is the most complicated method that we have talked about, but it can be worth it if you have the patience to try!

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Best Alternative

There are a few different alternatives that can be used while trying to fit full-sized sheets on your queen bed. The easiest solution in this case would simply be to purchase sheet straps. They do not require any extra sewing, which is helpful to people who are not strong sewers. As well, they do not require you to have either fitted or flat sheets, you can use either kind.


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How to Do It


Step One: Flat Sheets

The first step that you can try is using a flat sheet on your bed, as it can be a simple alternative for you to do. If you have too much or too little material (depending on the sheet), you can try making hospital corners on the bottom sheet. These corners should look crisp and tidy when you are finished. Then, tuck the corners underneath the bottom of the mattress. It may be hard to have the proper amount to tuck underneath, but the end result will look nice, and no one will be able to tell!

Step Two: Remove mattress pads

Second, try removing anything extra that is on the top of your bed. This could include mattress pads or protectors. This will give you excess room, and you will have some leeway with your sheets. Seeing as a queen-sized bed is larger than a full-sized bed, you will need the extra room if you are fitting full sheets on it. With a little bit of extra space, the full-sized sheets might just fit properly on the bed!

Step Three: Using sheet straps

Sheet straps are great because they can be used to remedy a wide variety of ill-fitting sheets. These straps are adjustable and have clips at the end of them. They are good for if you want to firmly secure the sheets onto your mattress. This will prevent the sheets from slipping off and will give you more material to work with. If you wish to purchase sheet straps, they typically come in a package of four, which will cover your whole bed.


Step Four: Making adjustments on your sheets

The final step that you can try is making adjustments to your sheets by sewing. This will involve turning your flat sheet into a fitted sheet to suit your queen bed. If you know how to use a sewing machine, you will be better off to use this solution. By sewing a square from each sheet corner, you can then sew the edges of the squares together. You will then be able to make a casing and add elastic around the edges.

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This tutorial was meant to help you through a frustrating problem; having bed sheets that don’t quite fit your bed. Did you learn any helpful tips while reading? I am of the opinion that having a guide like this is helpful because there are so many little life hacks that can be passed along to people who need them. Life is difficult enough, so having someone on your side who has experienced the same issues that you have can be a blessing.

Just because you got a new queen bed does not mean that you need to throw away all your full-sized bed sheets, which is great! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to share it with your friends! Let us know what you thought in the comments below, we hope to hear from you soon!