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Manufactured and sold by Nature’s Pillow, the Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow has sold millions around the globe ever since it was featured on national television. The makers of this pillow understood the importance of a good night’s rest and was inspired to design a pillow that not only supported the neck and head but also reduced tension, stress and anxiety. The use of the buckwheat design is inspired by original Japanese buckwheat pillows; which means that the filling inside is made up of tiny beads instead of stuffing.

Products & Materials

The Sobakawa gained popularity overnight after the national television ad went viral and people started touting the amount of support that is offered through this pillow.

  • The Sobakawa pillow is filled with mini foam beads to provide a level of comfort that cannot not be duplicated by solid foam panels. This little beads are also known as “air-micro beads”.
  • The beads are encased within a square of polyester fabric which provides breathability and moisture-wicking. This helps maintain a cool temperature on the pillows sleeping surface without trapping body heat throughout the night. It also acts as a hypoallergenic barrier to prevent allergens or germs from staying trapped within the pillow.
  • The ergonomic design of the Sobakawa helps it contour to the head, neck and shoulders which will reduce residual aches and pains after a night of slumber.
  • The size of this pillow would be more along the lines of a king or queen sized pillow as it is designed to cover the entire head and neck as well as parts of the upper shoulders. This makes this pillow ideal for back or side sleepers as support is not comprised in any way.
  • Does come with a polyester and spandex blended fabric cover that can be remove via a zippered flap for easy machine laundering. The zipper can pull on the hair if you accidentally sleep on that side.


Sobakawa pillows are generally sold through an authorized third-party online retailers such as Amazon or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Prices can vary depending on the seller, deals or sales they currently have, coupon offers or bundle offers. Amazon is selling the Sobakawa Buckwheat pillow (at time of publication) for $29.99 while Bed, Bath and Beyond retails them for $14.99 a pillow.

Definitely shop around different websites to discover the best price for the same product and always remember to calculate shipping and potential duty fees into the total cost.

Warranty & Returns

As the Sobakawa pillows are sold through third-party retailers, the return and warranty policy would be whatever the corresponding policy for the particular website you choose. Some websites do not allow the return or refund of pillows because they are considered personal items and other sites might allow a return within X number of days with proof of purchase.

Shipping Information

Sobakawa Buckwheat pillows are sold through third party retailers as previously mentioned meaning that shipping policies would be whatever is in place for that particular retailer. Shipping could potentially be free or a flat standard fee while the delivery date is dependent on the chosen postal/delivery service.