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SleepPhones is a product developed by AcousticSheep LLC, a business founded by couple Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe. The idea came to Dr. Lai back in 2007, when she struggled with falling back to sleep after nocturnal patient calls. Since she discovered that soothing music could put her back to sleep, she also saw the pain involved by sleeping with headphones on.

What was initially designed by her husband for personal use, became a product that more and more of Dr. Lai’s patients wanted to try. Six years and more than 100,000 homemade pieces later, SleepPhones became a regular business and a worldwide phenomenon.

Construction & Use

The SleepPhones is actually a comfortable headband that has integrated speakers, fulfilling two major functions: helping people sleep to their favorite sounds, while also making sure that the device stays comfortably in place during the night.

SleepPhones are a three-component product:

  • The headband, which is made from either fleece or breeze (a combination of polyester and spandex).
  • Two speakers (one for each ear), which fit comfortable inside the headband.
  • A communication mechanism that connect to your device either through a regular cord, or by using wireless Bluetooth technology.

The product became so popular, it’s extended beyond the use for sleep. People use the SleepPhones to listen to audiobooks, to play their favorite music while jogging, or even to watch some YouTube videos in silence before they go to bed. Because of the entire concept of the product, your sleeping partner will not be disturbed by what you’re listening to, because they can’t hear any of the sounds from your speakers.


The price of the SleepPhones depends on the model that you choose. If you opt for the Classic model (the one that connects to your device through a cable), you will only have to pay $39.95. Those that want the product with the wireless Bluetooth connectivity will end up paying $99.95.

The SleepPhones Effortless is the latest addition to the family, and it includes a charging base and a wall plug. Customers can also purchase different components at good prices:

  • An extra charging kit for $49.95.
  • The headband alone, for $19.95.
  • The Bluetooth module for $69.95.

Warranty & Returns

SleepPhone products are backed by one year of warranty. Those that wish to file for a return will have to keep the original packaging, and send the product back just as it was delivered. You will be required to fill out a return form, and then send it together with the product at the company’s specified address (which is available on their website).

Those that want to exchange a defective part will only have to send back that part.

Shipping Information

SleepPhones also have a versatile shipping offer. Those who want the standard package will have free shipping for orders that are above $25. Customers can also choose faster shipping methods, with varied prices.

The standard price for international shipping varies between $9 and $14, while expedited shipping (which is the only option available in all countries) is calculated at checkout.