Overall Brand Rating


Protect-A-Bed started as a branch of JAB Distributors in 2001 and has quickly risen the ranks to become one of the tops recommended brands for mattress protection solutions. High praise for their customer service and their products, Protect-A-Bed is now available in 45 countries around the globe and can be found in hotels, assisted living facilities and more. Trusted wholesalers also carry a select line of Protect-A-Bed products.

Products & Materials

The variety found within each product that Protect-A-Bed is so extensive; it will be easier to let the readers know just the kinds of products that they offer.

  • The Mattress Pad Protector line features mattress protectors that are made from cotton, made from bamboo and ones that uses Tencel material in the construction. You can purchase cooling mattress pad protectors or ones that are 100% waterproof. There are mattress protectors for cribs and ones that are plush with velour for an increased level of comfort and cushion. All the different types of mattress pad protectors are available in standard mattress sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. Whatever you are looking for in a mattress pad protector; Protect-A-Bed has you covered.
  • Pillow Covers work the same as the mattress protectors but instead cover the entire pillow for a smooth sleeping surface and a hypoallergenic experience. Fabrics range from cotton to quilted cotton, bamboo to Tencel with cooling pockets and even waterproof pillow covers or those with plush velour outer layers. These protectors will increase the level of breathability found in your pillow, reducing moisture and trapped body heat for a sounder sleep experience.
  • Not only can you purchase pillow covers; you can`t forget about the pillow itself. There are memory foam pillows, adjustable filling pillows, and even pillows that have cooling Tencel Blend in the stuffing. These pillows are suitable for any type of sleeper – back, side, stomach and will help reduce the number of residual aches and pains that one can experience upon awakening. The contouring action found in these pillows will prevent improper spinal alignment and support the neck, head and upper shoulders.


Protect-A-Bed offers top quality products for competitive prices. While the pricing might seem high to some people, they are within the range of $69.99 to $199.99 for mattress protectors; $29.99 to $299.99 for pillows and $9.99 to $99.99 for their pillow cover line.

It is important to remember that while these prices can seem a bit on the high side for some budgets; good bedding should be an investment, especially when there are warranties provided on all products.

Warranty & Returns

Protect-A-Bed will cover their products with a customer warranty that is for a ten-year period with limited conditions. They will cover any claims regarding manufacturers defects or damaged goods but in order to process any warranty claims, your items must be registered through the official website.

Returns are also an option through Protect-A-Bed and customers can receive a full refund provided their item(s) are returned within 30 days of the original purchase price. The proof of purchase must also be provided.

Shipping Information

Protect-A-Bed will ship to both United States and Canadian customers, but it should be noted that they will not ship to any addresses that contain a P.O. Box; so, a physical street address is required. Shipping will commence one business day after payment has been received.

Shipping within the United States is free via a ground delivery service and Canadian customers will have to pay a fee and possibly custom or duty charges. The cost of shipping will calculate at the end of the purchase when the weight is determined and the method of shipping via FedEx has been chosen.