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PharMeDoc has a pretty specific mission and goal with their products – “at PharMeDoc, we don’t just strive to improve your health but all aspects of your life.” This company owns lines of bedding supports (pillows, mattress covers, etc.), product lines of pregnancy and toddler pillows as well as fitness lines to provide people with whatever they may need at one website.

Products & Materials

PharMeDoc has a long list of products in their online shop and a great variety on those items again in terms of colors or patterns. This means that while we can’t break down each product we can touch on the bestselling ones:

  • The C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is filled with polyester stuffing and can be adjusted as needed by removing or replacing it. This allows you to control the firmness of your pillow and the soft jersey knit cover is fully removable. No need to dry clean this cover, simply throw it into your weekly laundry and wash as per normal. The “C” shape of the pillow reduces aches and pains on the body during pregnancy and supports the sleeper from head to toe.
  • The Contour Cooling Foam Pillow may not look like the type of pillows you are used to using but they definitely work better. The contoured and peaked design allows for maximum support without sacrificing comfort. The memory foam inner layers cradle the neck and head to allow for proper alignment from the spine to the toes while the cooling layer reduces the temperature of the sleeping surface. A lack of moisture means a lack of bacteria or germs, making this pillow hypoallergenic. Comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed.
  • The Wedge Pillow has a steep, sloped designed and allows those who sleep in a more upright position must still be comfortable and supported. This pillow is a firm foam layer for support that is wrapped in memory foam for cushion. Featuring a removable and washable cover, this pillow is perfect for those who are recovering from illness or injury.
  • The SleepBreeze Cooling Pillow is the perfect square of memory foam surrounded by cooling gel layers to prevent overheating. The memory foam contours to the neck and upper shoulders while the head rests perfectly into a cushion of support. The gel layer will reduce the temperature of the sleeping surface; allowing the sleeper to wake up cool and dry.
  • The Waterproof Bed Protector is a four layer mattress protector with an attractive quilted design that adds a touch of cushion to it. The bottom layer is a rougher texture to prevent slippage throughout the night and lets the protector stay in place. The waterproofing and absorption levels are consistent even after hundreds of washes.


The pricing scale at PharMeDoc ranges from budget to expensive! It fully depends on what you are looking for in terms of a pillow, a mattress protector, or fitness gear. For example, one memory foam pillow may cost $30.00 whereas another style with additional features costs $80.00

Warranty & Returns

Limited warranties are available for five years (unless otherwise stated) on all PharMeDoc products and this warranty will cover everything from manufacturer’s defects to damage upon arrival goods. To access this warranty, the products must be purchased directly through the PharMeDoc website and not a third-party retailer.

Returns and refunds are accepted for 30 days after the original purchase date. All returns must be accompanied by the unused product in the original packaging and the proof of purchase. Contact the customer service department first to get instructions specific to your purchases.

Shipping Information

Shipping costs are determined by the total weight of your final package. Products are shipped via standard ground delivery service and delivery can take up to eight days before arrival.