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The J-Pillow was invented by Gemma Jensen, in an attempt to come up with a solution to maximize comfort during long flights. She created the prototype herself, after witnessing how much her kids were fighting over who gets to occupy the window seat.

But Gemma interaction with the discomfort people felt when flying goes way beyond her personal experience, as she was a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic. During those years, she was able to see how much passengers longed for a comfortable sleeping solution.

Construction & Use

The J-Pillow is a compact travel pillow with a rather unique design (compared to what customers expect a traditional travel pillow to look like). It’s made from plush materials, so that it feels soft when touching the skin. The filling is 3D polyester fiber, looking to give the pillow a soft fill.

This product is often referred to as “the three way pillow” because it offers support for the chin, the neck, and the head. The pillow is delivered together with a carry bag, making it easy to transport the pillow by attaching it to larger pieces of luggage.

To place the pillow into its bag, insert the trunk first, and then slide the whole thing inside. Use the snap-loop fastener to close the bag tightly, and then attach the fastener to your luggage. The pillow only weighs about 8 or 9 ounces, so it won’t be a heavy companion on any trip.

Aside from the comfort and versatility of the pillow, it’s also very easy to clean. You can throw the whole pillow inside the washing machine, set a program that uses warm water, and then tumble dry on low heat.

While the design of the J-Pillow is confusing at first (mostly because it’s not like all the other travel pillows of its kind), there are four easy steps to follow in order to fully enjoy the comfort that’s often missing from a long trip:

  • Hold the pillow in the right position, making sure that the snap-loop fastener is at the top.
  • The trunk of the pillow, which is the longer curvy part, should go under your chin, with the rest of the pillow placed on the side of your head.
  • Lean your head against the cushioned area of the pillow.
  • Lean back on your chair. You should know feel the cushioned area of the pillow squeezed between your head and the chair.


The J-Pillow is available in a blue or red color, and each item costs $49.95.


You are free to initiate a return within the first 60 days since the date of purchase. You will have to email the company and provide your order number. Expect further instruction on the how and the where the pillow should be shipped to.

Shipping Information

A huge surprise was to discover that the J-Pillow team provides international shipping, free of charge. That means that your only costs are those of the actual product, plus customs taxes (which are different from one country to another).