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Intex has been producing products for over 40 years with expert research and innovative ideas. Intex is now planted in more than 100 countries around the world. For the past ten years, they have been working to leave a smaller carbon footprint with production.

Intex creates air beds, pools and spas, toys, furniture, boats, and more for the whole family to enjoy.

Products & Materials

There are six different interior constructions you can come across when looking through Intex’s store. First, there are beds with an I-Beam construction. These beds have vinyl beams aligned either vertically or horizontally.

Next, there’s the Coil Beam Construction. These mattresses have open loops of vinyl. They’re all attached through welding on the top and bottom of the mattress. Another model is the Wave Beam which resembles the I-Beam construction. Rather than having horizontally or vertically oriented beams, this one has equally distanced air channels that create a wave-like surface.

There is also the Air-Flow construction, which is composed of diamond-shaped pockets. These pockets allow and regulate air-flow from one another to create a level sleeping surface. Finally, there is the strongest of them all, the Dura-Beam construction. This construction consists of thousands of high-strength polyester fiber beams aligned either vertically or horizontally to make a strong support system underneath the mattress top.


The Dura-Beam Standard Series come in a range of $20 to $70. The smallest bed size they offer is Twin and the largest is Queen.

The Dura-Beam Plus Series has a wider range than the Dura-Beam Standard Series. Their mattresses can come for as low as $15 to as expensive as $85.

The Dura-Beam Deluxe Series holds higher standards than most others. Their cheapest model starts at $87 and goes up to $125.

There are only 2 in-home models, both priced at $45.

Multi-use/Camping Air Beds can come for as cheap as $13 and reach a price of $80.

Premaire is there most expensive model series of mattresses. Their prices start at $89, which is more than the most expensive Dura-Beam Plus model, to $205.

Warranty & Returns

There are two types of beds that come with a warranty from Intex. For high-rise/raised airbeds that come with an electric air pump, there is a 90-day warranty. For any mattress that has an internal Dura-Beam design, there is a 1-year limited warranty. To apply for a warranty claim, you must have proof of the original purchase. Your warranty will cover the replacement of defective products and materials.

You can also get service and assistance for manufacturing defects within the first 90 days of your purchase. You can get technical advice and replacements, a repair kit, and replacements for faulty components.

Beds also come with a 30-day return policy and must be returned in original packaging. There should be no damage, stains, or broken components. Shipping fee for the return is not covered by Intex. They also don’t repay the primary shipment fee you had to pay. The refund for the mattress can only be given if your mattress is in a resalable state.

Shipping Information

Intex uses FedEx to ship their products to you, otherwise, they’ll use regular mail services, depending on the size of the package. They do not cover the shipment fee, so you do have to pay for your own shipments. With your tracking number, you can keep an eye on your shipment until it reaches your address. Packages are expected to arrive within 2-3 business days.