Overall Brand Rating


Dromma mattresses, also known as the mattresses in a box, are some of the more modern easy to ship mattresses to come about in recent years. Dromma mattresses come with high standard memory foam mattresses mixed with latex, polyurethane and synthetic bio foams that make these mattresses soft, plush and highly supportive to back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Products & Materials

Dromma mattresses come in varying sizes and different accessories can be added. Since Dromma only provides the mattress, accessories would need to be purchased from a third-party seller or any online or brick and mortar mattress accessor seller. While Dromma brings in high quality materials to each of their mattresses, some of the most outstanding features include:

  • Edge support – The Dromma mattress comes with outstanding edge support. This firm outer edge on this mattress is great for anyone who likes to sit at the edge of the mattress or for someone who tends to move around a lot in their sleep.
  • High Density – Due to the plush materials that make up the Dromma mattress, the mattress comes in at a higher density level. This is perfect for sensitive sleepers or someone who sleeps with a partner that likes to move a lot.
  • Good Durability – The Dromma mattress supports all kinds of sleeper with its high durability make. The mattress has been reviewed as not too firm and not too soft, but just right in the middle of that spectrum which appeals to many different tastes.


Dromma mattresses will start at around $549 for the smaller sized mattresses, such as the standard twin size and closer to $600 for a full-sized mattress. The larger the size, such as queen or king, will become closer to $1,000 or about $950.

Warranty & Returns

The Dromma mattress comes with a standard warranty of about 10 years, but you need to check the policies of the distributors before purchase since these warranty policies are always changing. There is a sleep trial tied to these mattresses, so after about 100 days should prove if you want to keep the mattress or not. Returns within the sleep trial period and the warranty period are entirely covered by the manufacturer. Again, just make sure to check the store’s policies that you’re purchasing the Dromma from.


The Dromma ships with ease and take about one to three days to get to your home after processing of the order. There is a customer service team on hand in case you have any questions throughout the whole processing of the order, during shipping and even after the mattress arrives at your door.

Since the Dromma comes in a box, there is no team to help set up the mattress, but there are plenty of instructions to help you on your way to an excellent night sleep. Plus, the setup is pretty easy considering this is a more modern mattress with minimal setup requirements.