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Defend-a-Bed is a line of mattress protectors developed by Classic Brands. Their current line-up offers three different mattress protectors, each with its own set of characteristics. Even if Classic Brands has its own website, the products that it sells, including the Defend-a-Bed mattress protectors, are only available for sale at third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, Macy’s, Hayneedle, The Home Depot, Cymax, Jet, ATG Stores, or Weekends Only.

Products & Materials

Defend-a-Bed currently offers three main waterproof protectors:

  • Ultimate Baffle Box – A waterproof mattress pad that’s made with cotton fabric, and features a baffle box construction. It comes in the form of a fitted sheet that can cover mattresses up to 16 inches in depth. It is available in all standard sizes, ranging from Twin to Cal King.
  • Deluxe – A mattress pad that’s made from cotton, and features a quilted top layer that makes the mattress softer and more comfortable. It comes in the form of a fitted sheet that’s suitable for mattresses up to 22 inches in height, and pairs really well with pillow-top mattresses.
  • Premium – This is a mattress protector that’s made from soft terry cloth, being extremely breathable and easy to clean. It goes well with pillow top mattresses, and has deep pockets that can fit any bed that’s maximum 22 inches in height.


The following three aspects of the Defend-a-Bed line of product varies depending on where you purchase your mattress protector. The prices are subject to change for each particular case, as well as the warranty, returns, and shipping policies, which are different from one retailer to another.

For example, the Defend-A-Bed Premium mattress protector is sold on Amazon for prices that vary between $14.77 and $38.21, depending on the size chosen. However, the same product costs $29.99 on Wayfair, going all the way up to $30.99 for the Cal King size.

Warranty & Returns

The warranty and returns for the Defend-A-Bed line of mattress protectors depend on the location of purchase. For instance, if you purchase the products on Amazon, you get 15 years of warranty, which is the same period that Wayfair offers as well. If you buy your product from Wayfair, you can also benefit from their 30-days return policy.

Shipping Information

The shipping information for your Defend-a-Bed purchase adheres to the policy of each store that you decide to buy from. Should you decide to purchase the products from Wayfair, for example, you benefit from free 2-Day shipping, and you’ll also be informed on the precise date when you can receive your product if you order it on the spot.

The good news is that most of these huge online retailers provide detailed shipping information in your “Orders” tab, which offers more peace of mind when you know you’re dealing with a seller you’ve heard of and probably bought from before.