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About Amazon

Diving into the history of Amazon is almost futile, as everyone who has ever accessed the internet already know that this is the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon is a platform that sells a lot of different products from almost every category known to man, but mostly acts as an online marketplace, intermediating sells between other brands and the consumer.

However, Amazon has been known to tackle with the production of different categories of products as well, and has recently become a part of the mattress market. Despite the fact that it has only recently started manufacturing and selling mattresses under its own brand, Amazon is no stranger to how the industry works, and their mattresses can now compete with well-known industry giants, such as Casper.

Mattresses Produced

Amazon sells quite a diversified line of mattresses, such as the AmazonBasics Memory Foam, AmazonBasics Coil, Rivet, and Revel Hybrid Cool.

Materials Used

Each of the four mattresses mentioned above provides a different configuration for its customers, looking to provide a decent bed at a competitive price.

The AmazonBasics memory foam mattress is a model available in three different heights: 8, 10, and 12 inches. The top layer is made with plush memory foam, which is looking to support side sleepers, due to its low firmness level (about 3-5 on a scale from 1 to 10). The second layer sports holes that are looking to improve air circulation inside the mattress.

The core of the mattress is a support base made from high density memory foam, which has a convoluted shape on the top side. This egg-crate design is looking to maximize airflow, while the entire layer provides support for the sleeper and the weight of the mattress.

The AmazonBasics coils mattress is a hybrid model that combines springs and memory foam, for the ultimate pressure point relief and support for the sleeper. The cover combines knitted jacquard and microfiber, leading to a surface that feels cool and pleasant to the touch.

The comfort layer of this mattress is made with double comfort foam, while the core of the mattress lies in the 7 inch layer of pocketed springs. This layer features reinforced springs at the corners, for the best edge support.

The River is a memory foam mattress which is also made by Amazon, combining three layers of foam with different properties. The top layer is made with instant-response foam, looking to provide comfort as soon as you lie down.

The second layer is created with cushioning memory foam, which distributes the weight of the sleeper evenly across the mattress. The base of the mattress is made from high-density memory foam, and has superior support capacity to give the mattress durability and shape. The cover is made with Celliant, and FDA approved fabric recognized as a medical device.

The Revel is a memory foam mattress which features gen infusion in the comfort layer, to cool down the mattress and the sleeper. Underneath the three inch comfort layer lies a two inch layer made with latex foam. The layer is a bit bouncier compare to the traditional properties of memory foam, and features a convoluted shape for better airflow.

The base of the mattress is made from high-density foam, providing the sleeper with support. Some people might argue that this is not a hybrid mattress because it doesn’t have a coil support system, but since it’s created with latex foam, Amazon considers it a hybrid.

Mattress Production

Amazon claims that their memory foam products are made in the USA, but customers are skeptical about this, considering the low starting price for these products.

Warranty & Return Policy

The warranty that Amazon provides for its mattresses is not the same for all models. Those that are looking to buy an AmazonBasics Memory Foam mattress will benefit from one year of limited warranty. However, the warranty is void once the mattress leaves the US, so the only customers who can benefit from this warranty are those living on US territory.

The AmazonBasics Memory Foam mattress offers a 30 night free sleep trial, giving customers the possibility to return the product if they are not satisfied with it.

Other models, like the Rivet, has a much more generous warranty and return policy. The Rivet mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. As far as returns are concerned, know that you have 100 nights of free sleep trial, during which you can return the mattress if you are not happy with the results.

Price Range

The least expensive Amazon-made mattress is the Twin size of the AmazonBasics memory foam model, which costs as low as $130 (for the 8 inch version). The highest price for these mattresses is for the Rivet King, which is priced at $624.


All the mattresses that bear the Amazon brand are sold exclusively on this platform. The products are not available in any brick-and-mortar store, although Amazon does have physical stores across the US.

Shipping Availability

The mattresses that are currently manufactures and sold by Amazon are subject to same shipping policies as other Amazon-sold products. For example, those of you that want to purchase the AmazonBasics Memory Foam mattress have the possibility to select one of the multiple shipping options.

If you want to receive the mattress within 24 hours, you will have to pay a shipping fee. Amazon Prime members have free shipping. People that order the mattress internationally will have to pay a shipping fee, but also important taxes, depending on the country of destination.

Brand Popularity

The major benefit of Amazon mattresses is that they already have a powerful brand name to rely on. While Amazon may have only recently began to make its own mattresses, they have always been in contact with some of the major names in the mattress industry, which have chosen to sell their beds on this platform.

People who have bought a great deal of products from Amazon’s platform in the past, have become acquainted with important information that could convince them to invest in an Amazon mattress, such as how their handle their customer care, from how easy or difficult it is to return a faulty product.