30 Of The Best Blue Bedroom Ideas For The Creative Soul

I love when I get a spark of creativity while I’m laying in my big, comfy bed. It allows me to enter a world that I never knew existed. I can walk into my room and picture a new color scheme and new furniture, well, usually. Sometimes, I get stuck and can’t think of anything cool or fun to do, especially when it comes to the feng shui of my room.

The one color that I can’t seem to grasp is blue. It is such a fun scheme to work with, but too much of it can be too overpowering. This is why I compiled a list of 30 of the best blue bedroom ideas that I could find for those who may be stuck in the same position I was.

Blue Master Bedroom

#1. Fresh & Clean

A fresh and clean combination of light blue and white gives a cozy look to the bedroom. The bed frame is black with a blue comforter.  The matching sofas and rug in contrast with white wall and ceiling make the room a calm place to relax. The ceiling is decorated with spotlights. The windows are decked with draperies with blue and white printed fabric to match the room interior. Moreover, the white wall cabinet gives you enough spaces to store your extra cushions, bed sheets, and blankets. Also, the bedside table and lamps are in white.

#2. The Circular Window

This blue bedroom is complemented by a wooden and circular window. The bed has a deep blue sheet that matches perfectly with the blue wall. The bed has wooden cabinets to store your books as well as a stand to place your lamp or clock. The blue wall is highlighted with two abstract blue paintings and four lamps. The floor is white with blue skirting that matches the blue wall. A plant is also positioned at the side to complete the bedroom layout.

#3. Simplicity

The bedroom has a simplistic design with a wooden double bed, blue bedding, and posters. The window lets plenty of sunlight to brighten the room and appear vivid and relaxed. The bed frame comes with a grey colored shelf, which is perfect to keep your books, decorative items, clock, Bonsai trees, flower pots, or other things. The floor is white that perfectly matches the white sheets, white walls, white pillows, and white curtains.

#4. Rustic Living

The rustic bedroom features a simple white double bed with many light blue pillows. The bedding is white and the wooden cabinet is also white. The cabinet has a good height and seems spacious to store your personal stuff and other belongings. The walls and floors have a wooden texture, though the floor retains its wooden color. The wall has been painted white to complement the bed and the cabinet. A plant at the corner of the bed and a golden tea set finishes the whole set. I love the overall rustic appeal that this room has.

#5. Double Bed Luxury

The bedroom has a luxurious double bed with fine blue beddings and beautiful blue and white curtains. The floor has a blue carpet that matched the blue and white curtains. There are two windows at the back and the side of the bed making the bedroom feels warm with plenty of natural light. A cabinet is placed at the right corner of the bed frame with a nice white bed lamp.

#6. Large & Spacious

The bedroom is large and feels very spacious and cozy with a luxurious brown wooden double bed. The bed has two stools and two cabinets. There are two spotlights above the bedroom. The windows have sheer white and flower patterned curtains that match the flower-patterned blanket and the pillows. There are two large blue flower-patterned vases below the main window. The walls are painted blue, and light from the room’s large windows make the room feel bright, calm, and relaxed. The floor has a rose-gold carpet which is unique, and something I hardly see.

Blue Bedroom Color Schemes

#7. Warm & Cozy

The bedroom has a warm and cozy feel to it with a big bed full of cushions and blankets. The wall is white that matches the large white metal rack and the white wheeled table. The metal rack is sturdy and seems highly functional to place most of your belongings without worrying about their weight. There’s a modern flower stand beside the bed and chic yellow chair that makes the bedroom appear elegant. A world map poster above the bed is used as a centerpiece.

#8. Natural Lighting

The bedroom has a modern décor and uses many natural materials. The bedroom has a double bed and feels very spacious due to its white walls. The blanket is grey, but the pillows have light and deep colored patterns. The window allows plenty of natural light to flood the room. The room has many modern pieces of furniture that make it feel clutter free. The bedside cabinet looks great with the white speaker and the bed lamp above it.

#9. Royal Blue

The bedroom’s walls are Royal blue, and the whole room has a touch of gold. The double bed design is simplistic with deep colored bedding and flower patterned blanket.  Two abstract art pieces are placed above the bed. The giant lamp is the centerpiece of this bedroom. The nightstand has multiple racks and has enough space for your stuff. The window curtains have a polka-dotted pattern that matches the Royal blue wall. The floor is white and looks great with the woven mat.

#10. Classic

The bedroom’s interior is of classic style, and all the furniture are antique. The floor has a classic diamond brown and chocolate mosaic which match the antique furniture and the style of the room perfectly. The walls are cream colored, and the bed has flower patterned pillows and bedding. There are two table lamps on each side of the bed. The ceiling is white, and a chandelier and wall lamps make the room warm and relaxing.

#11. Floral Patterns

The centerpiece of this bedroom is a designer black chair. The king-sized bed has floral patterned pillows and blue blanket with pastel beddings. The walls have separate colors, white and royal blue. The floor is white, and the walls have posters. The cabinet has a modern design and looks great with the flower pots. The ladder style furniture seems like a good place to dry your towels. The ceiling has a wicker-inspired chandelier that compliments the room pretty well.

#12.  Abstract Pattern

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The wall is multicolored with colors like grey, coral, and sky blue. The bed looks to be comfortable with a white blanket and plenty of colored pillows. A simplistic, bronze ceiling lamp compliments the room nicely. The floor has a multicolor diamond-shaped pattern that matches the wall. A stripe bedside stand looks great and appears pretty sturdy to put on a lamp, a clock, or a flower vase.

#13. Cute Owls

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The light pink bed is perfectly placed at the center of the room. The blanket color is navy blue and several printed pillows lay on the bed. The cute pillows are different in color and texture. The wall has royal blue color in the background and has several owls painted in pink. Two tables are placed on both side of the bed; one is white, and the other is brown. This is perfect for any little girl.

#14. Black & Brown

The wooden floor looks very classy and modern. Half of the wall is painted brown whereas the other half painted black just at the back of the bed. Also, on the top of the bed, it has a painting that has blue on it. The bed has light blue in color and has large black and white pillows. The room has a simple yet modern design computer table and a folding chair to work. Ladder-like bookshelf perfectly fits into the other interiors of the room.

#15. America The Great

It’s an American themed bedroom that has a frame of a painted US flag on the red wall. It also has two large golden stars on the background. The bed has a navy blue blanket and several different pillows of different sizes and color of the national flag. There are two table lamps standing on a long wooden table that is placed on both sides of the bed. The navy blue draperies on the window match with the cushions of the rocking chair.

#16. Red & Blue

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The designer of this bedroom uses both light and dark color to perfectly showcase the interiors. The bed color is maroon whereas the blankets are white with red border. The wooden chandelier gives the whole environment a different look. The bedside table lamps and drapes match the same white color. The wall paint is royal blue and for this, it perfectly highlights all other colors of the interior. To match with the wall, the carpet also has the light blue tones.

#17. Many Modern Colors

The centerpiece of the bedroom is the king-size grey bed with several multicolored pillows. The navy blue blanket clearly stands out on a white surface. Red Sofas are placed at the far end of the room and give a romantic feel to the atmosphere. At the back of the bed, the grey textured wall perfectly sticks out the bed from the other interior. Bedside shelves also blend with the color of the bed. The black and white carpet gives the room even a smarter look.


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The interior design of the bedroom is very colorful. The royal blue wall paint outstands as a solid background for the different colors of the interiors. The king size modern bed has grey and coral red texture blanket on top of it. Different pillows lay on the bed that matches the blanket. A foam padded chair is on the corner of the bed to read books before you go to bed. The multicolor printed draperies have all the featured colors of the design. Two white table lamps stand beside the bed on a slick and compact glass-topped table.

#19.Antique Style

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The room is deep blue with a navy blue king size bed that stands in the middle. A golden antique style chandelier hangs at the center of the bed. The blanket is red and white striped, and the pillows are of different shapes and colors. The bedside table has a very decent look, and it has pink on top and blue at the bottom. A blue painting stands at the back of the table lamp. Few homegrown plants give the total atmosphere a very natural feel.

#20 Relaxation

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This bedroom with a single bed has a feminine vibe all over. The Coral-ice blue walls, almost like a Tiffany blue, make the room relaxed and calm. The window curtains are rose-pink which enunciates the rooms overall femininity. The bed has a flower patterned blanket, and the ice-blue pillows match the wall colors. The room has a white cabinet and a white table stand with two white and red bed lamps. The red flower-printed carpet also adds to the overall feminine theme of the bedroom.

Blue Bedrooms For Girls

#21. A Kids Fun Room

The bedroom is for children and designed wonderfully while keeping the playfulness and spontaneity of kids. The room’s walls are painted blue, and the centerpiece of the wall is nothing else than the New Year tree and giant white butterflies. The bed is white, single and low-lying and has a brown blanket with white pillows.  The floor has a wooden texture, and the wall is filled with an oddly-shaped yet vividly colored table, stool, and open wall cabinet.

#22. Scandinavian Decor

This child’s bedroom has a Stylish Scandinavian decoration. The floors are white to resemble the snow on the ground, while the blue wall makes us think of the blue skies during winters. The bed is white, low-lying and looks like a hut’s frame.  There are creative objects hanging from the bed’s top frame, and the bed has many colorful pillows. The window coverings are white and have a rocking seat suspended from the ceiling.  The room also has a simplistic wooden rack that has plenty of room to keep toys, dolls, teddy bears, etc.

#23. Polka Dots

This bedroom has a spacious white bed with blue-dotted blanket and pillows.  The walls are light blue, and the ceiling is white. The window has white shuttered curtains and matches the ceiling. The side table has plenty of for bedtime story books underneath as well as a drawer. The white bed lamp matches the table perfectly. The room also has a white drawer cabinet. The floor’s carpeting is beige that blends seamlessly with all the white elements in the room.

#24. Vivid Coloring

This blue bedroom is designed for a baby girl and has plenty of toys and a large bed. The window has pink curtains. The walls are purple-ish, but it matches the bed’s blue blanket. The floor has a wooden texture. There is a green drawer and a white table across the bed. A wall shelf hangs over the bed and is a good place to keep books, toys, dolls, etc. Although, black bedside table looks odd, but nonetheless, grabs the attention. A large ceiling illuminates the room.

#25. Stylish Kids Room

This children’s bedroom feels stylish yet simplistic. The white single bed has blue bedding that matches the blue walls. There is a cabinet with drawers as well as a bedside table for a flower vase. This bedroom has a big closet which has more than enough space to store the child’s clothes, shoes, toys, books, and so on. The blue wall is complemented with a nice flower-styled lamp and a centerpiece that resembled birds in flight.

#26. Blue & Red

The bedroom has a bright blue color and distinct red wooden nightstand. The bed has a purple blanket with blue pillows. A freely hanging white shelf is suspended over the bed to put toys and other collectibles. There are two windows in this room which has white curtains with red accents at the bottom that matches the red wooden nightstand. The carpeting is beige, and there is also a bunk bed for the dolls. Cool!

Boys’ Blue Room

#27. Soccer Player

This bedroom is for boys and as you can see, there is a cool ball-shaped sofa in the corner. The Royal blue single bed goes pretty well with the wall. The windows are huge for the room enabling plenty of natural light flooding the room- which is good. A study table is placed in the middle of the room and in front of the window which, for me, is a good furniture set up. A green wall clock and to-do notice board make a great addition to the wall.

#28. Solar System

This is a kind of bedroom for little boys that I really like. It can inspire them to know more about our solar system, planets, rockets, and who knows, even astronauts!  This boy’s bedroom has space-themed blue blanket and pillows. The wall is white, but it’s the two brownish wooden nightstands that catch the eyes. The nightstands have enough drawers for storage. Two starred lamps on both sides of the bed lighten up the room pretty nicely.

#29. Modern Boys Room

The bedroom has a wood bed, and the interior décor is mostly for boys. The walls are light-blue that matches the curtains. The floor is white, and all the furniture has a golden varnish texture. I love the coloring of the furniture and how they are placed. A white lamp on the nightstand is sufficient for reading on the bed. As this is child’s bedroom, there is study table. This room is perfect for boys who don’t like colored furniture.

#30. Airplanes

This bedroom is set up for two children. Only two colors which are red and blue have been used in the entire interior décor of this room, and it looks great and playful. The single beds are same in dimensions. The bed is blue, but the pillows are red, and sheets and blankets are white. The floor has a blue-white checkered design that matches all the blue colors used in the interior including the walls. The centerpiece of this room is the alternately ascending red and blue boxes on the wall that is used for storage.


There you have it, 30 of the coolest blue bedroom ideas that we could come up with. These rooms have some pretty great decorations, color schemes, and overall themes. My favorite was the kid’s rooms. It’s always nice to see a fresh design for my kids’ rooms. If you have any designs of your own and want to share them with us, feel free to comment. If you know somebody looking for inspiration, please share, share, and share!