21 Basement Bedroom Ideas

Looking to add an extra room to your growing family, or need a nice, private space for when you have guests? Have you considered taking advantage of your basement?

Whether you are planning an entire basement makeover, or simply want to spruce up what you already have – these ideas are sure to inspire. Everything from total overhauls to taking advantage of raw materials can transform your basement into an area that you’ll never want to leave. Take a look at these awesome 21 basement bedroom ideas below!

1. Unused Spaces

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Have an area that just isn’t really utilized for anything even if the rest of the basement is finished? Making it into a little bedroom area is the perfect solution when you are looking to add some sleeping space for the occasional sleep over guest. 

2. Tucked Away Corners

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Basements are known for their odd spaces that you probably pushed a bookcase or desk into. Why not take advantage and build a built in sleeping area? That way you don’t lose storage space and you still have a nice bed for guests or even a teen’s bedroom.

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3. Under the Stairs

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Finished basements are the best, especially when you have company. But all that living area can make it hard to find room for a bed, unless you take advantage of the space under the stairs! Built in a cute platform bed with storage, add a comfortable mattress and fat pillows, and you have an excellent bed for sleepovers. 

4. Curtain Dividers

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When you need to provide a bit more privacy to your downstairs sleeping area, why not add curtains? Curtain dividers are an excellent solution for a little privacy, and can easily be tied or slide back to open the room back up when you aren’t sleeping. 

5. False Walls

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Add the feeling of personal space separated from the rest of the basement with a partial false wall. This allows your basement to still feel open, but helps keep a bedroom or small living area more personal and easy to customize for comfort. 

6. Tucked Away

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Overhaul your basement and make it a bedroom oasis for your family. Bright lighting and warm tones helps provide the ambiance you need to keep it looking dark and dreary. Add some basic furniture to avoid it from looking cluttered, and keep wall decor sparse and simple as well. 

7. Window Furnishings

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Who said long window furnishing had to be only for larger windows? Help make your basement windows look larger than what they are with a set of draping curtains, and also add a bit of decorative touch to the space. 

8. Bright Decor

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Use brighter color palettes to help open up smaller spaces and make it look larger than what it is. Soft white and touches of contrast or even small pops of color combined with simple patterns provides interest without it becoming overwhelming.

9. Finishing Raw Materials

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Whitewash raw materials such as unfinished wooden floors and brick walls. This provides an awesome backdrop for both contemporary and more rustic decor, helps brighten up the space to make it look larger, and also creates incredible textural interest. 

10. Decorative Touches

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Don’t neglect decorative touches even if you have a rarely used space. Simple touches that mimic the rawness of surrounding basement materials is a great way to make a unique space out of an otherwise drab area. 

11. Luxury in an Unexpected Space

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Just because it is a basement bedroom doesn’t mean it can be a luxurious experience. Use neutral tones, low, warm lighting, and rich textures to help offset the face you are in a basement. Anybody would be happy to spend time in this lovely room. 

12. Best Sleepover Ever

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Love having company? Why not invest in some built-in bunks that accommodate a crew! Nobody will feel left out with this awesome set=up which boasts queen size beds for singles and couples alike!

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13. Unexpected Lighting

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 If you have space to convert a basement area into a bedroom, but hate that you have no natural lighting, get with a builder to see what you might be able to do. Natural lighting can often be brought down to lower levels with some basic solutions that might surprise you!

14. Repurposed Storage Area

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Turn that storage area into a cozy sleeping space with a neutral paint job and a comfortable bed. This solution is perfect for finished basements that don’t offer a lot of privacy. All you really need for a bedroom is a pace to sleep!

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15. Rustic Retreat

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Design the rustic retreat of your dreams no matter what the rest of your house is decorated like. Basements already have a darker feel that is easy to warm up with proper wood tones, paint hues, and warm lighting. 

16. Multi-Purpose

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Basements are often used as multi-purpose spaces for entertainment, storage, and exercise. Why not add sleeping to the mis as well. Section off a space as an area a guest or teen can take advantage of. 

17. Elevated Areas

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Help keep your sleeping area separate from the rest of the basement with a raised platform and storage combined with a sliding curtain for privacy. Thai is a great way to provide a sense of personalization, especially if the basement is utilized by others in the household. 

18. Black and White

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Black and white contrasts are a [popular way to make small areas look larger, and provide a great foundation for pops of color or simple design as well. Don’t be afraid to go bold with highlight walls either!

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19. Tucked Away

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When sharing space in a larger, open area, look for simple ways to define a bedroom area. Half painted walls, decor, rugs and color contrasts can help make this happen. This way, you could put a mini-bedroom into each corner of a room!

20. Warm and Welcoming

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Recessed lighting and a space heater fireplace is a great way to make your bedroom a more formal space and add a sense of invitation to the mix. This example mixes the two perfectly, taking advantage of what natural lighting there is all while creating a sense of comfort and peace.

21. Basement Overhaul

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Own that basement space and make it all your own as a mini-apartment complete with a bedroom living area combination, walk in closets and a spacious bathroom.


If you have a basement, then you have the potential to create any one of these basement bedroom ideas. Everything from simple DIY decorative touches to complete overhauls can turn your basement space into something much more worthwhile!