15 Pics of Cute Dogs Sleeping with Babies: #11 Will Melt Your Heart

Updated November 13, 2019

“A dog is a man’s best friend” is a cliché that everyone has heard up until this point in their lives. But only people that have actually owned a dog can stand by the veracity of this statement. While some people are skeptical about having their babies live in the same house with a dog, there are so many facts that can prove them wrong.

Aside from empathy and love, dogs can teach children responsibility and, as long as parents subject to few ground rules about the baby’s interaction with a dog, it’s a win-win-win situation for all three parties involved. That being said, how could the following images of babies sleeping with dogs NOT melt your heart?

1. Melting Hearts

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The only thing better than looking at pictures of Husky puppies is looking at babies cuddling Husky puppies. In fact, did you know that dogs actually learn to love newborns and accept them quickly as part of the family? Dogs are naturally attracted to novelty and will be tempted to sleep next to your baby as a sign of affection, just as a baby is naturally attracted to sleeping with the parents.

2. Gotcha Covered!

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While it’s never recommended to leave a dog alone in the room with a baby (not because dogs are violent, but because babies will tease the dog by play-biting them, so the dog may respond through minor playful aggression), you have to admit that once a pair like this slumbers together, you can’t help but fall in love with the duo and let them sleep together the entire time.

3. Dogs & Puppies & Babies, Oh My!

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How does one not fall in love with babies sleeping with other babies, even if some of the said babies are actually pups? Dogs experience most of the world through their sense of smell, so you can imagine how interesting it must be for them to sniff out the scent of a newborn.

4. Love Is All-Around

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Drooling over this match made in Heaven is almost natural considering that fewer things are as heart-warming as a doggo resting his head on a sleepy baby. Labradors and Golden Retrievers have always been known for their impeccable reputations against babies, which makes this photo even more precious.

5. Always by Your Side

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Having a dog can be a priceless experience for a child growing up. It teaches the little one how to unconditionally love animals in a world where people are starting to care less and less about wildlife. As they grow up together, it also teaches them the responsibility of caring for another soul that depends on them for food and water.

6. Best Buds

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This is exactly the kind of image that one finds so relaxing, you just want to print it on a canvas and hang it in your living room. Truth is that there rarely other forms of love purer than the one dogs feel for their human companions.

7. Growing Up Together

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Probably one of the most heart-warming thoughts is having a baby and a puppy growing together. Both new to the world and eager for love, having these two rascals grow and experiment with what the world has to offer will create a bond that lasts a lifetime.

8. Snuggle Buddies

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Ever since the world could take their eyes off YouTube cat videos, they discovered a world of happy babies that grow up just fine with a doggy companion. You can see tiny humans that crawl on top of dogs, pulling their tails and shouting in their ear, but the dogs love their tiny humans so much, they just put up with it without any objections.

9. Pup Patrol

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Even if you think that babies are too small to think or feel any kind of complex emotion, sleeping with a dog companion actually grants them a sense of security. This is also true for fully-grown adults. People are very vulnerable when they sleep, so knowing someone that loves them unconditionally is guarding them is great reassurance.

10. I’m Here, Buddy!

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Dogs calm people. By the power of association, it’s safe to assume that dogs can also calm babies. Babies too can feel anxiety, although that typically occurs because of their fear of abandonment. As long as the warm pup is resting by their side, your kid will most likely not feel alone.

11. Two-Way Relationship

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While you should never leave the baby and the dog sleeping alone together without adult supervision, having these two share a bed can actually strengthen the emotional bond between them. It’s not just about the baby getting used to the dog, but also for the dog to know their way around a baby.

12. Parental Control

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Babies and pups sharing a bed is, hands down, one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. However, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the dog doesn’t roll around in their sleep and ends up on top of the baby, potentially suffocating them. Either than that, it’s all cupcakes and rainbows.

13. Snooze-Fest

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Dogs can sleep about 12 to 14 hours every day. Babies sleep between 14 and 18 hours every day. These two might just be a match made in Heaven, particularly because all they do the entire day is sleep. Give them a chance. I mean, how cute are these two together?!

14. Das Ist Gut

This picture of a baby girl sleeping with a Dachshund pup has melted our hearts. We can just imagine the looks these two will share in six months from now when the baby becomes more aware of what’s going on in the world around her. Will she remember the good ole’ days?

15. Hot in Here

Dogs can keep babies warm while they sleep. Aside from the emotional value of never feeling alone, the baby will feel the dog’s warmer body temperature, which can really be of service on colder winter days. Keep in mind that babies also have higher body temperatures compared to an adult, so you might want to mess with that thermostat a little when this temperature-duet meets in bed.



You should thank the Heavens we stopped in time, there’s no telling how many other adorable babies and dogs pictures we could have jammed in here. If you’re tempted by the idea of getting a dog for your family that’s recently welcomed a baby, keep in mind that this is a huge responsibility, and the best choice for your baby’s safety is to keep these two supervised when together.

Other than that, babies growing up with dogs can really help them grow, both on an emotional level, as well as amp their responsibility skills. And did you know there are actually major benefits to sleeping with your dog? So, did you love these, or did you love these?