Why Do Air Mattresses Make You Sweat?

As such, an air mattress isn’t responsible for making you sweat through the night – it has more to do with the conditions you are sleeping in. True, most air mattresses are made from materials which are not very breathable so they prevent the sweat from being wicked away – however, this only amplifies the discomfort associated with sweating rather than causing it.

One of the chief causes of sweating is humid weather. If you’re out on a camping trip and sleeping in a forest, chances are that the moisture content in the air is kicking your sweat glands into overdrive. There isn’t much you can do except get a good porous cotton sheet to absorb and take the sweat away from your body.

Another reason why you’re experiencing sweating could be that you eat too much immediately before going to bed. This makes your digestive system work hard, resulting in uncomfortable sweating.

In any case, always remember to never sleep directly on your air mattress – this will only exacerbate the sweating sensation instead of fixing it. Make sure that your room has good ventilation if possible, and that there is always a fitted sheet between you and the surface of the mattress to minimize sweat coloration.

How To Avoid Sweating On Your Air Mattress

To recap:

  1. Never sleep directly on your air mattress. Get a porous cotton sheet and lay it on the air mattress to absorb the perspiration.
  2. Avoid eating too much before you go to sleep.
  3. Ensure there is good ventilation in the room you are sleeping in. In the case of a tent… open up the vents.

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