What's The Best Bed Height?

For every purchase in your life, there is much to consider. Convenience, comfort, style, and functionality. Furniture is a long-term investment, so you have to be extra careful when considering the furniture in your home.

One key piece of furniture in your home would be your bed, where you sleep for at least 6-7 hours every day. Your bed has to be ideal for your health, and one of the more important considerations many people miss out on is the bed height.

Today, we’ll see the best bed height for you and why it’s important.

Why is Bed Height Important?

There are various reasons why bed height is an important feature.

The first consideration is safety. The higher a bed is, the harder it’ll be to climb into every night. For this reason, it’s good to get a bed that’s below your knees.

Children and seniors will need lower beds since they will have a harder time climbing into bed. Adults and teens can get away with taller beds since they don’t have as much issue climbing onto the higher platform.

The next consideration is convenience. Some people find it more convenient to have space under the bed to place shoes and belongings. Therefore, they’ll opt for a higher frame.

Some people find the space under the bed to be a nuisance since it collects dust and debris that’s hard to reach, so they prefer shorter frames or solid frames with no space underneath.

Some people enjoy having a bedside they can comfortably sit by, while others may like their bed closer to the ground. Preference has a strong part to play in what you find convenient.

Finally, the last consideration would be appearance. Matching your bed with the rest of your room is important since this is the centerpiece of your room.

Low beds can create a spacious illusion which works well in smaller rooms. The shorter frame provides more space above the bed, so it doesn’t feel as though your bed is taking up as much space as it really is. However, if your room itself is empty, or you have taller walls, a tall bed would fit better in this setting as it compliments and dominates the room.

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Best Bed Height for Toddlers

The right time to move a toddler from their crib to their own bed is when they’re around 35 inches tall. At this point, the railings on the crib will be around their chest, and they’ll be tall enough to hoist themselves over it.

When choosing a bed for toddlers, the bed height shouldn’t be over your own knees, and ideally, the bed should be easy to climb for both you and your child. 10 to 12 inches off of the ground is more than enough. Be sure to get a firmer mattress for your child so they can adapt to climbing on their own bed. A firm mattress will offer better support for them.

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Best Bed Height for Kids

There are two factors that contribute to the height of your child’s bed. The first one is the mattress itself. The mattress for a child’s bed shouldn’t be too thick, but sturdy enough to support your child at night while they sleep. The ideal thickness would be approximately 5″ for a child’s mattress. Whether it’s firm or plush depends on what suits your child better.

Just as with toddlers, the frame of the bed should be easy to climb up and come down from for your child. It cannot be as tall as an adult bed. The bed should be around 10 to 12 inches tall, meaning your child’s total sleeping surface height should be between 15 to 17 inches off the ground. Anything higher than 20 inches will become inconvenient for children to climb over.

Best Bed Height for Teens

When entering the teen years, you’ll need a bigger bed in general. Teenagers are taller, and rapidly growing so it’s better to get a full-sized bed. Of course, upgrading the bed size will also result in a comparatively taller bed frame.

Bed frames and sleeping surfaces will begin to stand over 24 inches since this is where bed frames begin. Shorter frames can come around 20 inches, while taller ones can be 30 inches.

Naturally, there is also the consideration of the mattress, which should ideally be 8 inches thick to support your adolescent’s weight. It’s best to try and make sure that the actual height of the sleeping surface does not exceed 30 inches. Otherwise, getting in and out of bed may become a hassle.

Best Bed Height for Adults

Various beds can come in different heights. At this age, you’re experimenting with full, queen-sized, and king-sized beds that will each have their own height. The thickness of a mattress can range from 8 inches to 12 inches and depending on what you’re comfortable it only makes your sleeping surface higher.

The height of the actual frame will range from 16 inches to 24 inches tall. Add the mattress to this, and you’re definitely looking at a sleeping surface well above 24 inches. To make sure the height you have is right for you, check to see if you can comfortably sit on the edge, with a 90-degree angle to your legs.

If your legs a stretched out below you, the bed might be too tall. If your legs are cramped and bent, then the bed might be too short.

Best Bed Height for Seniors

As we age and our bodies grow stiffer, the harder it becomes to maneuver around. That’s simply how it is. So, to make things easier for yourself, it’s time to lower the height of your bed. When you combine both the mattress and the bed frame, your sleeping surface height should be no higher than 24 inches, and no lower than 20 inches.

No matter how thick or thin your mattress is, you should remain within this height to ensure you don’t harm your knees bending them and you’re not at risk of collapse.

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Final Say

The height of your bed is a minor consideration that many people overlook, but your knees will begin to feel it if it’s too tall. There is always an ideal height for every age group to comfortably climb in and out of their beds. A general rule is to make sure the sleeping surface is not over your knees. Match this to each age group’s general height and strength, and you will always have the right height for your bed.

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