What is the Size of a Queen Bed Frame?

Whether you are replacing outdated bedroom furniture, looking to add a guest bedroom, or simply want a new look, you probably have already seen how many options are open to you concerning size and style of products. Beds, in particular, will take up the most space in a room, and you should approach your purchases with an idea of room and furniture sizes in respect to each other.

Since a queen size bed is the most popular size for adults it is easy to find many frames to fit your mattress and decorating preferences. When asking what size is a queen bed frame to initiate your search, there are a few things you should take into account in order to focus your room layout prior to purchase.

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Common Bed Sizes

Most people are very familiar with common bed sizes. Twin, full (otherwise known as double), queen, and king size beds are used across the industry to help narrow down mattress and frame choices. For the most part you can narrow down your measurements for a space-based off these accepted terms, but what you also may want to take into consideration is that variances in both width and length of these sizes exist.

XL and XXL, Olympic, and California are terms you may have heard of associated with mattresses, but may not be familiar with. Basically, what these words highlight is a difference in measurements, that can actually help you better decide what you need in relation to the space you are trying to fit. This is especially true if you have a particularly difficult space to fill and find the more conventional sizes are not a good fit.

Mattress Size In Inches In Feet
Twin 39 x 75 3’4” x 6’2”
Full (Double) 54 x 75 4’6” x 6’2”
Queen 60 x 80 5’ x 6’8”
King 76 x 80 6’4” x 6’8”

Mattress Sizes

As mentioned, common mattress sizes are a good jumping off point to provide you a rough estimate of the space you need for your bed frame. You don’t want to forget that you are accommodating the size of the bed frame, not the mattress and that bed frames are specific to your mattress size. But with that being said, start with a general idea of mattress size to make sure you are first accommodating your own physical needs and support as you sleep:

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The variations of these mentioned earlier will be detailed below. But once you know which size mattress you need to accommodate yourself, and your partner if needed, you can better determine your frame choices and space needed within the room.

Most Popular Bed Size

It’s no secret that the most popular bed size for adults is a queen or variation of the size. With almost half the world’s population sleeping on some sort of queen bed, your choices of furniture are quite varied indeed. The question, what size is a queen bed frame, is not simply answered due to the variables in both mattress sizes, as well as the frame styles you can choose from.

What I’ll break down below is these variances in Queen mattresses sizes, so you can see just how many options you truly have surrounding this popular size. When looking for a frame to fit each, you need to take into consideration that your preference of material, construction, and design will greatly influence the overall space it takes up.

Queen Size Beds

Basic frames, whether they are a simple platform style, or include a head and footboard, will generally add 2 to 5 inches of measurement to the mattress size. Since a queen size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches, you should, at minimum, plan for at least 62 x 82 inches. But if you prefer more decorative pieces or those that include storage or shelving as part of the frame, you will be looking at a much larger frame overall. Always be sure to check with the measurements provided by the manufacturer to ensure a proper fit.

Olympic Queen

An Olympic queen mattress measures 66 x 84 inches, which provides you a full half-foot more of width to your sleeping space. This is a popular pick for couples who want a wider bed, but feel the 72-inch width of a king is too much. Of course, you may be more limited in your options pertaining to both mattresses and frames if you stick to this size, but it is a great alternative to the much larger king.

– California Queen

A California Queen is the same 60 inches wide, but adds 4 inches to the length, making it an 84-inch long bed. This is an excellent size for taller bodies who aren’t looking to add any width to their sleeping space but would like to stretch out a bit more. A bit more popular than the Olympic queen, you will find a decent variety of mattresses and frame to choose from, as well as sheets.

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If you over the age of 18, chances are you are sleeping on a queen size mattress, or are looking to upgrade to one. Popular due to how versatile they are, you can easily sleep two, as well as swap out a queen to a guest room when looking to upgrade. Because of this there many choices available to support your mattress and decor, and the bottom line is to make sure you have a good grasp of both your mattress and floor space measurements before committing to a bed frame purchase. If you have any questions, please let us know below!