Twin vs Twin XL: Knowing The Differences And Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a bed for your child’s room or for your guest room, it’s always a good idea to be aware of which ones offer the better benefits. Just because one is more affordable, it doesn’t mean that it’s the better option. In this article, we discuss a twin vs twin xl. So, what exactly is the difference between a twin and twin xl? Is one bigger, longer, or more expensive? In this handy guide, I’ll fill you in on which one is the best option for you.


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Twin mattresses are very commonly found in dorms, children’s rooms, guest rooms, and even doubled up in master bedrooms as two separate beds or put together for one big bed. What are the measurements of a twin bed? Their measurements are 39” x 74”, making them small enough to fit in just about any bedroom size. Now, let’s check out some of its main features.

Twin Pros and Cons


  • Very common size
  • Affordable
  • Fit in all room sizes’
  • Easy to move around


  • Too narrow for multiple sleepers
  • May be too short for taller adult or teens

Size and Foot Space

The twin bed isn’t usually the type that you would put in your master bedroom unless you sleep separately from your partner. If this is the case, and your room is big enough, two twin beds would fit comfortably next to one another with a night stand in between. Otherwise, they are ideal for a child’s bedroom or a guest room with single sleepers.

The unfortunate part about the standard twin size bed is that they aren’t fit for two sleepers, unless you plan to get really cozy with your partner. They are very narrow, making it almost impossible to sleep with someone else. The other issue is foot space. These are shorter than the XL’s, so taller individuals may be uncomfortable.


Twin beds are generally quite affordable depending on the manufacturer and style. You may only pay one hundred dollars for one type and a couple hundred dollars for another. It all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of comfort. The bed frames for these beds may be more affordable than the XL version because of the added length.

When it comes to the bedding and the accessories, these are going to be very affordable as well. You will be able to browse thousands and thousands of selections online that are readily available for purchase. Usually, the price of a twin comforter set with sheets included is around $35, which is a pretty good price in my opinion.

Ease Of Movement

Since the twin bed is so small, moving it around is going to be quite easy. These are generally very lightweight, depending on the material the bed is made from. Innerspring beds are going to weigh more because of all of the metal, so just watch out for that. If you’re one who loves to move furniture around frequently, it’ll be very easy for you with this size bed.

Twin XL

The twin XL has the same width as a twin but the length is 80”. The full dimensions of the bed are 39” x 80”, making it the same length as a queen. Let’s check out some of the features of this bed compared to the twin.

Twin XL Pros and Cons


  • More foot space
  • Easy to move around
  • Same price as a twin


  • Takes up more length in a room

Size & Foot Space

As stated above, the twin XL is the same width, but it’s longer, giving the user 6 more inches of foot space. This is ideal for those who are closer to 6 feet tall or for those who tend to move down the bed as they sleep, such as myself.

This size mattress is the most popular bed used in dorm rooms. They comfortable fit single sleepers and they don’t take up too much space in the room. It leaves enough of the floor plan for a roommate to put their bed in as well.


Depending on the manufacturer and the type of bed, the price of this bed is going to go up a little bit, but not too much. If anything, it will raise up by one hundred dollars or so. They are usually around $150 and up. The bed frames may also cost a little more than the twin size because of the added length.

As for the accessories, they are also very affordable and readily available. You can always find great sales in the back-to-school section for bedding sets because of how much they are used for college dorms. They can cost you anywhere between $20-$50, depending on what comes in the set.

Recommended Room Sizes

For a twin bed, it’s recommended that the room has a minimum size of 7’ x 10’ or 10’ x 10’ for two in the same room. For a twin XL, the recommended room measurements should be 7’ x 10’.

Twin vs Twin XL Comparisons

Twin Twin XL
39” x 74” 39’ x 80”
Accessories are readily available Accessories are readily available
Affordable Costs more than a twin
Narrow in width Narrow in width
Less foot space More foot space

The Verdict

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If I had to choose just one of these mattress types, I would have to choose the twin XL. This is mainly because of the added length. If your room has the right dimensions, I would put the XL in it over the twin.

The added foot length is ideal for people like me who are constantly sliding down to the bottom of the bed as they sleep. It’s also great for children who have friends over frequently and need that extra sitting space on the end of the bed. The other thing that I would use it for is putting two of them together because it makes a nice sized king bed for half the cost!As always, if you have any questions, comment below.