Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Baby Mattress Review

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Our Rating: (8.6 / Out Of 10)

As a parent, your number one priority is the safety of your child, so why not get them a safe crib mattress that is going to keep them comfortable for many years? As a mom, I like to share my experiences with products and whether I would recommend them to a fellow parent or caregiver.

So, the first product in a series of many that I am going to be testing, is the Sealy Foam-Core crib mattress. I tested this product for two-weeks and I would like to tell you all about my tests and findings. So if you are ready, follow me!

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The Sealy Soybean Specs

MaterialOrganicDegassing PeriodFirmness Level (Scale of 1-10)
Soybean Foam & Pearl embossed coverYes None9
WeightMinimum Weight RecommendationMaximum Weight RecommendedWarrantyPrice
8.3 pounds5 pounds65 poundsLimited lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials$$

The Sealy Soybean Promise

The Sealy Soybean promises a healthier sleeping environment for your baby or toddler. All of their crib mattresses have been tested for ideal firmness, chemical content, air quality, and durability. It has passed all ASTM standards and has promised that your baby has a reliable and supportive mattress that will last as long as possible.

I want to take a minute here and just remind you of why a proper crib mattress is so important. Without a proper crib mattress, SIDS and SUDS can sneak up on you and your baby without notice. This is why it is so important to have a crib mattress that is fit and firm enough for your sleeping child. With that said, keep reading to learn all about this safe and comfortable crib mattress.

Presenting The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

You may recognize the name of the mattress company, Sealy. This is because they are a huge maker of regular mattresses. Sealy created a crib mattress that has a Greenguard Gold certification for a healthier sleeping environment for your baby and toddler. The Sealy Soybean crib mattress has created something that is ideal for safety, quality, firmness, comfort, cleanliness, waterproof, and crib fit tested.

The Good & The Not As Good

It happens, sometimes there are a few things about a mattress that we absolutely love and some things that we aren’t very fond of. This is where I tell you all the good and the not so good things about the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress.  


The Good

  • It has no smell to it
  • It is waterproof
  • Crib sheets fit perfectly
  • Fits in crib perfectly
  • Cleaning it is easy

The Not So Good

  • It was too firm for my toddler
  • It made noise when he moved

My Thoughts About The Box

When I received the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress, as I said earlier, it was in a crib mattress shaped box. There is nothing fancy about the box, all it will say is, From: Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc. Aberdeen, NC 28315. There is no other pictures or wording on the box. I suppose since Sealy/Kolcraft is such a huge company that they don’t need to market their products in fancy boxes. If you take a look, you can see how it was packaged and what the box looks like.

Word of advice, tip the box upside down when removing the mattress. It is a pain to try and get it out by yourself because it suctions inside of the box if you pull from the top.

Features & Benefits

Alright Folks, here is where I tell you everything you could possibly want to know about The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress. I will tell you all about what I liked, didn’t like, the benefits, price, and so much more.

What Sets It Apart?

The first thing is that it is made with renewable soybean foam, which was mentioned above. But, do you really know what that means? The fact that the soybeans are renewable puts them in the organic category. It makes it a healthier choice for your baby and toddler while they are sleeping because it will not emit gasses like other mattresses might.

The mattress also meets or exceeds all flammability, CPSIA, lead, and phthalate testing. It does not contain toxic fire retardants and it is made in the USA.

The entire mattress is Greenguard Children & Schools Certified which means that it is certified for indoor air quality. The soybean foam helps to improve the durability of the mattress and it was voted America’s Best Brand for Baby. Not only that, but is also earned the Women’s Choice Award for 2013 & 2104.

Construction & Composition

Unlike some of the older or more traditional crib mattresses, this one has multiple layers to ensure optimal comfort. With older model crib mattresses, generally they will just be made with the outer shell and a one layer inner core. If you were to open up that outer layer and look inside, you’ll see some kind of mutant foam that looks like carpet padding, which can’t be healthy for baby.

With that said, let’s hypothetically open up the Sealy Soybean and take a look at what is inside:

layer-1-and-2Layers 1 & 2 is the waterproof cover and edges.

Layer 3 is the comfort wrap which is on top and on the bottom of the soybean core.

Layer 4 is the thick soybean core.

Layer 5 is the airflow pocket that allows the mattress to breathe.


Since those inside layers are made from natural soybeans, your baby will be sleeping on a mattress that is healthier for them and for the air quality inside the room. It is CertiPUR-US Certified high-density renewable foam which is encased in a pearl embossed cover for easy cleaning.


Since this crib mattress is made for both toddler and baby, I want to divide this section into two parts for you. As a parent, I feel it is important to talk about the two separately so that way you can get a better idea as to whether or not this is a mattress that you will want to keep until your baby is ready to transition to a toddler bed.


Although this crib mattress is quite firm, it won’t take away the comfort for your baby. I can’t really speak for a baby, but I am pretty sure if they could talk at that age, they would tell you that their safety is way more important than their comfort. In my personal experience, if a baby is tired enough, they are going to sleep just about anywhere.

Although this may be true, Sealy still created this mattress with comfort in mind. The high density core has an added cotton cushioning that balances the sleeping environment for your child. Your baby isn’t going to sink in, but they also aren’t going to be sleeping on a slab of rock.


I have gone through the toddler sleeping phase 3 times and now on my 4th. I know that no matter how comfortable a bed is, they are still going to give you a hard time when it comes to napping and sleeping. You may be ready for them to go to bed, but they aren’t ready.

I put my 19-month old son on this mattress for the first time after being on a well broken in mattress from my first son-7 years ago. Let’s just say he was less than thrilled about the transition. His comfort level is much different than my other kids were. They were able to sleep on anything, the same could not be said for my youngest. Since this is a firmer mattress, he didn’t sleep as well on it as i’d have hoped. He was constantly tossing and turning and keeping me and himself awake at night.
Since all toddlers are different, I can’t say for sure that each child is going to have this issue, but it just seemed to be too firm for a toddler to use as a mattress, my toddler anyway.


The overall support of the Sealy Soybean-Foam Core crib mattress is pretty good. I did not notice my toddler sinking in like he did with his other mattress, which is a huge plus. Yes, there is a difference between the support for a baby and for a toddler since one is heavier than the other. This is why I want to show you the level of support for a baby and for a toddler.

Since I do not have a newborn baby to do the test with, I will use something that is close to the weight of a newborn baby to show how much they sink into the mattress. In this case, I will be using a 7.5 pounds of potatoes, which is the average weight of a newborn baby, inside of baby pajamas.

The test shows that the baby does not sink into the mattress, at all. There were absolutely no indentations while the baby was on the mattress. I tried to take a measurement of how much the baby would end up sinking in, but there were no measurements to take.

As for the toddler test, I could not get my son to hold still and sit on the mattress, so I had to improvise. Since he weighs roughly 25 pounds, I decided to substitute my vacuum, which weighs about 25 pounds. If you look at the picture, you can see that the heaviest part of the vacuum does sink in, but not a whole lot, maybe half of an inch.

If you ask me, the fact that the mattress does not sink in at all with the “baby” on it and only sinks in maybe half of an inch with the “toddler” on it is exceptional, especially for the safety of the baby.

Two-Finger Test

The two finger test is something that is done by parents and experts. What you do is stick two fingers between the crib and the mattress, if you can fit more than two fingers in there, the gap is too wide and poses a suffocation risk. This could be because your mattress does not fit the crib properly, it does not mean the mattress is bad.

As you can see by the pictures, the Sealy Soybean passed the two-finger test. I could hardly fit one finger between the crib and mattress. Keep in mind, I have a pretty standard crib that is suppose to fit all crib mattresses. If you have any doubts, check the specifications of your crib to make sure this one will fit.

Edge Support

You may be wondering how I can do an edge support test on a crib mattress. This particular test is more for the toddler aspect of the review. Once you use this mattress outside of the crib or even in the crib but with the toddler bed conversion, edge support will really matter.

You aren’t going to want to put your child on a mattress that is going to sink at the edges, especially if they are just learning that there aren’t any bars to keep them from falling off. You are going to want something that has solid edge support.

If you take a look at the pictures, you can see that the edge support is kind of lacking. I am hardly putting any pressure on the edge and it is sinking considerably. This may not be an issue while the mattress is inside of the crib, but for children who sleep on the edge of the bed, it could be an issue.

If this is something that worries you, you could always invest in a safety rail to keep your toddler from falling out if they get too close to the edge, just until they learn that they can fall off of the bed if they get too close to the edge.


Certain corners of some crib mattresses just do not work well with some cribs. Some crib mattresses have rounded corners that create a gap in the corners of the crib, which could be dangerous to the baby and cause the mattress to move around.

The Sealy Soybean has square corners that help the mattress fit into the crib tightly. I put it in the crib, as you can see from the pictures, and it fit like a glove. Also, it seems to me like square corners are better for crib sheets. I had noticed that the sheet fit better on this crib mattress than the one I use to have with the rounded corners.

Water Resistance Test


The seams of the crib mattress are pinched, as you can see from the pictures. I am not a fan of the pinched seams because they kind of poke out and if the crib sheet happens to get pulled up, those pinched edges all of a sudden become a toy for children.

I witnessed my son pulling at the seams, which is why I think these types don’t seem to last as long as the flat seams or no seams at all. I also noticed that the pinched seams of this particular crib mattress are sharp on the corners.

This may not be a big deal if you have a sheet on it, but if for some reason your child doesn’t like sheets or you needed to do an emergency washing, these may pose a scratch risk for your child.

Ease Of Transport

We have all been there, taking the crib mattress out of the crib to clean it or change the sheets. This is something that could be important to those who cannot lift heavy objects.

The Sealy Soybean is pretty light. It was very easy for me to move around and put in & take out of the crib. I brought it into the room where my toddler sleeps and it was easy to lift it up and plop it inside of the crib. It was also easy to lift up to put the sheet on-there was absolutely no struggling.

What Does It Feel Like?

Sometimes a child just won’t sleep on a crib mattress, or any mattress for that matter, if they don’t like the feel of it. I can honestly say that as an adult, I would not want to sleep on a mattress that has the feel of the Sealy Soybean.

It does have a very smooth surface, but you can feel the design that is on the cover. The designs are raised up a little from the surface. This is probably not an issue if you have a sheet on it, but for babies as picky as mine, it’ll be a problem.

This crib mattress also has the embossed waterproof cover which feels kind of like plastic. Yes, it may be easy to clean, which I will get to later, but it just feels like sleeping on plastic wrapped foam. My child did not like to sleep on it without the sheet on.


It is important that sleeping babies are not woken up, which is why a crib mattress should have no sound coming from it when your child moves. Yes, you will have the occasional scratching noise of the mattress rubbing on the sheet if the sheet is not snug, but noise coming straight from movement on the mattress is a whole other story.

My child moves a lot in his sleep, which made for a noisy mattress. Yes, I am saying that the mattress is noisy, especially if there is movement. If you listen to the video below, you can hear what it sounds like when I move my hand over the mattress.

This may not bother some babies and toddlers, but if they are noise sensitive, especially when they are sleeping, it could cause a sleeping problem for baby, which means no sleep for you


If you plan to use your crib mattress for a few years for baby and toddler, you are going to want something that is durable. But what exactly makes a crib mattress durable? Well, there are a number of factors.

The way the seams are stitched is a huge factor. The stitches on the Sealy Soybean are lock-stitched with sturdy edging. This will ensure that there is no unraveling of the seams which could cause the mattress to pop open, exposing the insides to your child.

The fact that it is waterproof also adds to the durability. Since the cover is pearl embossed, the water pools right on top of the cover, which allows for easy clean up. Check out the video below to see it in action.

One of the other reasons that this mattress will lost a long time is because each crib mattress from Sealy has to pass a 60 point inspection or above. This means that all crib mattresses are inspected for quality and construction. I don’t know about you, but I think that is a huge plus in the book for durability.

Motion Transfer/Bounce

If a baby can feel movement on the crib, they will most likely wake up, well, mine would. Which is why I did a motion transfer/bounce test with two water bottles. I placed one standing up and I dropped the other close to the one that was standing. The one that was standing up barely moved and the one that dropped has minimal bounce.

If you check out the video, you can see what I did and how the water bottles reacted to the mattress. This, to me, proved how firm and safe the mattress will be for babies and toddlers.

Heat Retention

I can’t tell you how many times my children have woken up from sweating in their sleep. As a baby or a toddler, it is very easy to overheat, which is why I created this test to show how much this crib mattress will hold heat.

I simply use a sock with rice in it-used as a homemade heating pad-and heat it up to a certain temperature. In this case, I will heat it up to around 120 degrees. I will then time how long it takes for the mattress to get back down to normal body temperature, around 98 degrees.

After doing the test, which you can view the video below, it has been calculated that it takes about 25 seconds for the temperature to drop from 117 degrees to 98 degrees. I can only assume that because of what the cover is made from, it helps to keep the heat out of the inside of the mattress.

With all of that said, there is very little heat retention, which is great for a crib mattress. This means that your baby won’t overheat while they are sleeping which greatly reduces the risk of SIDS and SUDS.


As you may or may not know, some mattresses come with an odor, depending on what they are made from. I can happily say that this crib mattress had no smell at all. I would have hoped that it did not have a smell since it is CertiPUR-US certified for indoor air quality.

When a crib mattress has an odor, it usually means that there are chemicals in the mattress that aren’t really good for babies to breathe in. This is why a lot of people are making the switch to organic, which is what this mattress falls in the category of.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here is where you get the chance to read what other parents and caregivers had to say about certain features of the crib mattress.
  • After a year or so, the plastic cover started to crack
  • Has tight seams
  • Complaints of sagging after a few weeks
  • Babies don’t sink in
  • It isn’t bouncy like coil mattresses
  • No corner compressions
Comfort For Baby
  • Babies sleep through the night
  • Babies seemed comfortable on it
Comfort For Toddler
  • May be too firm for some toddlers
  • Other toddlers sleep well on it
  • Toddlers don’t sink in
  • After a year or so, the plastic cover started to crack
  • Has tight seams
  • Complaints of sagging after a few weeks
Ease Of Movement
  • Easy to lift for sheet changing
  • Lightweight and easy to move
Customer Support
  • Takes a while for a response
  • They investigate all claims before replacing or refunding

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

Does it work in all cribs?
It is made to fit both USA standard size cribs and beds. It is best to check the dimensions of your crib against the dimensions of this crib mattress to make sure it will fit.
Is a protector needed?

Since it is waterproof, it is not necessary to have a pad or protector on it. Although, if you want to ensure a long lasting mattress, it wouldn’t hurt to put one on. It also helps to make cleanup easier in the middle of the night. All you would have to do is take the protector off and wash it instead of washing the whole mattress.

Does it work on convertible cribs?
Yes, this crib mattress will work on a convertible crib, as long as it is a USA standard size.
How easy are returns?
If you have an issue covered under the warranty, all you need to do is contact their customer service department and they will provide you with instructions on how to return it. It must be shipped prepaid and insured adequately.
Is there a warranty?
Absolutely! It has an impressive limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials.
Is it dual sided?
Unfortunately, it is not dual sided. Although, this crib mattress has been made to work with babies and toddlers on the same surface.
How easy is cleaning?
Very easy. Since the cover is pear embossed, the moisture or spill will remain on the cover and not soak in. All you need to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth and mild soap or a paper towel if it is just water.

Who Is The Sealy Soybean Crib Mattress For?

The Sealy Soybean crib mattress has been designed for babies and toddlers between 5 pounds and 65 pounds. Since all crib mattresses are made to specific standards, there really is no specification as to who a certain crib mattress is for, especially since the babies don’t have an opinion.

So, with that said, if you or your baby fall into one of these categories, this mattress may be what you are looking for:

You prefer natural fillings
The Sealy Soybean has a soybean foam core. The soybean foam is a renewable and CertiPUR-US certified filling in this mattress. It is also Greenguard Gold certified for indoor air quality. This means that there are no harmful emissions that are going to harm your baby or your family.
You want something waterproof
I know how tough cleaning a crib mattress can be after a sick baby or a leaky diaper. This mattress has a waterproof coating that allows accidents and leaks to be cleaned up without getting inside of the mattress itself. No, the waterproof coating is not natural, but it is very helpful.
You want a dual firmness crib mattress
Crib mattresses are expensive, so if you want something that is going to last from age 0-4, this is it. It does not reverse for different firmness levels, but it is specifically made to support both infant and toddler. So there is no reason to have to buy a new mattress once your baby is no longer a baby anymore, as sad as that is to think about, trust me, I know.


Overall, the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress has good value for the price. If you are looking for something that is safe for your baby, this is it. Although my son did not sleep well on this one, I think that it may have been too firm for him, but not too firm for a baby.

Although my son did not like it, I was impressed with the way it fit in the crib and how easy it was to clean. This is a huge plus for someone who has a potty training toddler. If they soil themselves and it goes through the sheet and on to the mattress, it can easily be cleaned up.

In all honesty, I would recommend it as a cheaper alternative to a dual sided crib mattress, but not as something to be carried on throughout years and the transitions from newborn to toddler.

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress






Edge Support






Heat Retention


Off Gassing


Toddler Sleeping


Baby Sleeping





  • It has no smell to it
  • It is waterproof
  • Crib sheets fit perfectly
  • Fits in crib perfectly
  • Cleaning it is easy


  • It was too firm for my toddler
  • It made noise when he moved