A Review of the Simmons Beautyrest Black Lineup

Review Team

The Beautyrest Black line has been discontinued. Please see our list of best cooling mattresses for other alternatives. 

The Beautyrest Black line is touted as the cream of Simmons’ high end Beautyrest Series, offering the very best in terms of luxurious comfort, exacting support, and long term reliability and durability. Utilizing a number of proprietary innovations in conjunction with their signature pocketed coil technology, the Beautyrest Black line is touted as the go to solution for people who can’t compromise on their sleep quality.

For anyone who hasn’t bought an expensive mattress before or, indeed, for anyone who isn’t familiar with Simmons’ bedding products, it is more than reasonable to ask whether all the features combine to justify the exorbitant price tags on Black mattresses.

The time I’ve spent exploring the bedding industry puts me in a position to answer such queries in depth, and I’ve done so in this guide, that also includes select Simmons Beautyrest Black reviews to give you a model-by-model breakdown of what this lineup has to offer.

What Makes Simmons Beautyrest Black Stand Apart?

1. Advanced Pocketed Coils

The primary distinguishing trait of the Black lineup is the unique triple braided Advanced Pocketed Coil technology that lies at the heart of its support core. Besides offering superb conformity, bounce and motion isolation, they are also some of the longest lasting deep compression coils in the industry.

2. Micro Diamond Memory Foam

This innovative variety of memory foam is present in Black mattresses to ensure optimum cooling, without affecting the conformity of the product, by leveraging diamond’s effective conduction of heat(heating being a frequent complaint with conventional memory foam bedding).

Certain models use an even more sophisticated version of this memory foam, which has a breathable gel on top of it to further enhance the cooling capability. Simmons call this BlackICE Memory Foam.

3. SurfaceCool Plus Fiber

This fiber is located right underneath the fabric of the mattress, and serves to enhance airflow and maximize thermal dissipation to further assist in regulating the temperature of the bed.

4. Luxurious Top Fabric

To complete the air of luxury that surrounds this lineup, Simmons has understandably used a traditional looking but extremely comfortable top fabric to ensure that the sleeper enjoys rejuvenating contact with the mattress.

5. Ventilated AirCool Beauty Edge

The support edging used in the Black lineup has holes along its center to build up air flow even further for the sake of improved temperature regulation.

Is It Really That Comfortable?

The hybrid pocketed coil / memory foam construction ensures both conformity and springy compressive support, which should greatly in the alleviation of back pain and muscle stiffness, especially for those who suffer from a chronic condition and / or sleep at awkward angles. Some of the products also use an intermediary layer of latex to bolster the pressure relieving capabilities of the mattress even further.
Having said that, make sure you go through some of the concerns I’ve voiced about durability below.

Multiple Firmness Options

Another aspect that must be noted is that the Black series is available in varying degrees of firmness, ranging from ultra-plush (for side sleepers) to luxury firm (balance between plushness and firmness) to extra firm (for back sleepers) – a wise decision on part of the manufacturer, since the cure for back pain is quite subjective (some people crave a sinking cradle, while others require bouncy firmness).

To achieve the varied firmness, the manufacturer uses different materials in their comfort and contour layers, while keeping the underlying support layer the same.

Does It Really Stay That Cool?

Heating is a major concern with any memory foam mattress, but as discussed above, Simmons has incorporated a number of features to curb exactly this problem.

From the construction of the pocket coils, to the proprietary cooling Micro Diamond / BlackICE memory foam technology (that relies on microscopic diamonds to conduct heat away from your body), to the SurfaceCool fiber present underneath the fabric, Beautyrest Black mattresses are definitely some of the coolest memory foam products in the industry – a fact that many consumers have expressly attested to.

What the Manufacturer Claims

The biggest determinant of an innerspring mattress’s durability is the quality of its coils: the Beautyrest Black lineup utilizes coils made out of three wires wound around each other to maximize the strength of the finished spring – furthermore, the gauge of the carbon steel coils ranges from 13-15 which is thick enough to ensure that the coils don’t buckle under pressure.

All Beautyrest products are designed, assembled and tested inside the United States – one of the more impressive tests is the Cornell Test, which simulates a decade of heavy wear and tear on the mattress to determine its durability (a 240 lbs. mass bouncing on a mattress continuously for three weeks, to be precise).

The manufacturer offers a 10 year limited warranty with all Beautyrest Black products.

What I Observed

It is worth mentioning that while the manufacturer varies the thickness of the materials used in the many layers, they do not exceed reasonable limits beyond which sagging concerns can arise.

However, the real world reviews of Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses tell a different story: there have been numerous complaints of sagging and crater formation within a few years of purchase, that led to back pain and general discomfort among the sleepers – not to impressive for a product that has ‘beauty rest’ in its name.

This implies that the manufacturer is using low density materials for their foams, which translates into faster breakdown, especially when the sleeper is heavy and/or the model in question is plush. Simmons doesn’t provide that information either, so this is another bad sign. We typically don’t recommend mattress companies that aren’t transparent about their materials.

To play the devil’s advocate though, the manufacturer does specifically instruct that you should use an appropriate base for the mattress, which provides adequate support along the middle, or it will start sagging after a while. However, it is too much of a coincidence for all of the complaints to be occurring because of this oversight from the consumer.

Furthermore, it appears that Simmons isn’t that keen on honoring their warranty in this situation – so all I can say is that you should make sure you meet all of their care instructions to the hilt in order to be sure of getting a warranty should you run into a bump. I would also advise bulky individuals to look else where for a mattress that will last for them.

Is The Foam Environment Friendly?

In line with any high end brand, Simmons only uses CertiPUR-US® certified foams in Beautyrest Black mattresses. These foams are guaranteed to be free from heavy metals, banned phthalates, flame retardants and formaldehydes that can adversely affect your health and pollute the indoor environment of your room.

They also adhere to low Volatile Organic Compound standards, another indication that manufacturer has gone to some length to ensure that the quality of air in your room is not affected by their product. This is particularly relevant considering the fact that memory foam mattresses are notorious for giving off noxious odors for at least a few days after they are unwrapped.

SmartMotion Technology

The Black series is fully compatible with Simmons’ SmartMotion Bases that are built from the ground up to automate your sleep setup. Features include an adjustable bed profile, six level massage system, snore relief mechanism, and sensors to capture data that indicates the quality of your sleep. All this, accessible through a smartphone app.

Personally, the most praiseworthy aspect is that the Black series allows you to combine top-of-the-line comfort and pain relief features with an adjustable bedding unit that can be controlled via smartphone, from the same manufacturer – so those in dire need of an adjustable bedding setup i.e. severely disabled individuals, don’t have to spend time checking compatibility between various mattresses and adjustable beds.

Top Rated Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress Reviews

1. Calista


  • Firmness: Extra Firm
  • Comfort Layer Composition: SurfaceCool fiber, 0.75” GelTouch foam, 1” Comfort Foam
  • Contour Layer Composition:
    1” Energy Foam, 0.5” Micro Diamond Foam
  • Support Layer Composition: 1.5” Energy Foam, Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, Advanced Pocketed Coil

This is the cheapest (relatively speaking!) mattress in the Black Lineup, packing all the essential features that put the Black series apart, and should be a major step up for anyone moving on from a budget brand such as IKEA.

The mattress is designated extra firm, with a comfort layer comprising of SurfaceCool fiber, GelTouch Foam and Comfort Foam, and a contour layer consisting of Energy Foam and Micro Diamond Memory Foam, that makes it a good choice for back ache sufferers in need of a stiff sleeping surface, as well as back and stomach sleepers in general.

The extra-firm 1” Comfort Foam and 0.75” GelTouch Foam combine to yield the overlying stiff feel, with the latter ensuring a degree of thermal dissipation. The underlying 1” Energy Foam enhances the overall shock absorbency and motion of isolation of the mattress, with 0.5” Micro Diamond layer drawing away body heat even further.

The support layer is the expected 850 coil count Pocketed Coil core topped off with another 1.5” Energy Foam layer that provides the combination of pressure relief, compressive support and conformity that the Black series is well known for. The overall height of the mattress is 12.5”, more than enough to keep your body from sinking all the way through into the steel coils at the bottom. The surface is 100% polyester.

Aside from the durability concerns voiced above, the feedback from consumers has been positive, with the stiff surface receiving particular praise for its ability to alleviate back pain, especially among back sleepers. Some users did report the edges not being able to sustain their weight as they sat on them, but that depends on the force being exerted on them of course.


  • Relatively cheap.
  • Yields a stiff sleeping experience that suits back sleepers.
  • Multiple cooling technologies.


  • Edges may not sustain the weight of bulky individuals.

A major step up for anyone moving on from a budget brand such as IKEA.

Read our review here.

2. Katarina


  • Firmness: Luxury Firm Pillow Top
  • Comfort Layer Composition: SurfaceCool fiber, 2.25” Comfort Foam
  • Contour Layer Composition:
    2” AirCool Gel Memory Foam,
    1” Comfort Foam, 0.5” Micro Diamond Foam
  • Support Layer Composition: 1.5” Energy Foam, Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, Advanced Pocketed Coil

The Beautyrest Black Katarina lies somewhere near the middle of the price scale, and thanks to the balance it strikes between plushness and firmness, it works well for all sleeping styles, which is why I’d recommend it if you and your partner sleep in different positions.

The luxury firm designation is achieved through a comfort layer consisting purely of Comfort Foam to a considerable thickness of 2.25” (discounting the SurfaceCool fiber underneath the fabric, of course), and a Contour Layer consisting of AirCool Gel Memory Foam, Comfort Foam (again), and Micro Diamond Foam.

The presence of dual layers of Comfort Foam enables the mattress to be firm but not too firm a la Calista – a degree of softness remains, which is further accentuated by the pillow top surface. Thanks to the SurfaceCool fiber, 2” AirCool Gel Memory Foam and 0.5” Micro Diamond Foam, the Katarina runs pretty cool during your sleep, as indicated by consumer reviews.

The support layer consists of 850 count Advanced Pocket Coils that are covered with 1.5” Energy Foam – the resulting base is both compressive and contouring in the way all Black series mattresses are. The overall height of the unit is 15”.

Barring the durability issues, the Katarina has received almost unanimously positive feedback from users, who have praised it for the quality of its construction, its aesthetics, the way it relieves pain, and how the pillow top lends it a luxuriously relaxing feel.


  • Pillow top surface for extra comfort.
  • Balance between firmness and plushness suits most sleeping styles.
  • Decent cooling performance.


  • None.

I’d recommend it if you and your partner sleep in different positions.

3. Mariela


  • Firmness: Extra Firm
  • Comfort Layer Composition: SurfaceCool fiber,
    2” Comfort Foam
  • Contour Layer Composition:
    1” Energy Foam, 1” BlackICE Memory Foam, 0.5” Comfort Response Latex
  • Support Layer Composition: 1.5” Energy Foam, Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, Advanced Pocketed Coil

This variant of the Beautyrest Black Mariela is as high end as it gets for an extra-firm mattress from Simmons, with specific features included to yield superb pain relief and greatly enhanced cooling, making it ideal for back pain patients who are very particular about the temperature of the bed they sleep on.

The comfort layer consists of 2” extra-firm Comfort Foam which isn’t all that different from the Calista (in fact, it lacks the GelTouch foam that Calista has) – however, the Contour Layer is made up of 1” Energy Foam (normally used as a support material because of its firmer composition), combined with 1” BlackICE Memory Foam (the most advanced form of cooling gel foam offered by Simmons) and 0.5” Comfort Response Latex (for additional contouring and responsiveness, minus the heating associated with memory foam layers).

The support layer comprises of 1.5” Energy Foam covering 850 Advanced Pocketed Coils similar to other Black series offerings, so ultimately, the Contour Layer plays the major role in distinguishing this product from other extra-firm mattresses in the Black lineup.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the middling 14” overall depth of the mattress may actually enhance its durability, especially for bulky people. Since it would allow their mass to sink through the comfort layer and reach the innerspring support layer which could sustain it without stressing the overlying comfort and contour layers.


  • Most luxurious extra-firm mattress from Simmons.
  • Comfort Response Latex gives responsiveness and conformity without typical heating problems.
  • BlackICE technology ensures optimum thermal dissipation.
  • Middling height coupled with extra firm rating makes it somewhat suitable for heavier individuals.


  • None.

Ideal for back pain patients who are very particular about the temperature of the bed they sleep on.

4. Sonya


  • Firmness: Luxury Firm Pillow Top
  • Comfort Layer Composition: SurfaceCool fiber,
    2.25” Comfort Foam
  • Contour Layer Composition:
    3” Dynamic Response Memory Foam, 1” BlackICE Memory Foam, Micro Coil, 0.5” Comfort Response Latex
  • Support Layer Composition: 1.5” Energy Foam, Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, Advanced Pocketed Coil

Sonya is the most extravagant luxury firm pillow top mattress in the entire Beautyrest lineup, designed for consumers who want an uncompromisingly comfortable, cool and pain relieving bed setup that is neither too firm nor too soft.

Underneath the SurfaceCool fiber, there’s a 2.25” layer of medium firm Comfort Foam, which is backed by 3” of Dynamic Response Foam, 1” of BlackICE Memory Foam, and 0.5” Comfort Response Latex, resulting in sublime conformity, responsivity and cooling. To achieve individualized pressure relief and support in the base, a durable layer of micro coils is introduced atop the Comfort Response Latex.

The support layer is also strengthened over the other models, with a dense 1850 coil count base of Advanced Pocketed Coils, covered with a 1.5” layer of Energy Foam for motion isolated deep support.

The overall height is 18”, so shorter consumers are advised to take the height of their base into consideration before investing in the Sonya. Also, the moderate firmness and considerable height of mattress combined with the fact that the foam layers have been known to sag rapidly, makes it potentially unsuitable for those with an above normal BMI.


  • Most extravagant luxury firm pillow top mattress from Simmons.
  • Comfort Response Latex layer combined with Micro Coils enhances deep conformity and pain relief.
  • Dense coil count for optimally distributed back support.
  • BlackICE Memory Foam results in some of the best cooling seen in memory foam products.


  • High profile may inconvenience shorter users with already tall bed bases.
  • Durability concerns in the context of heavyweight individuals.

Designed for consumers who want an uncompromisingly comfortable, cool and pain relieving bed setup that is neither too firm nor too soft.

5. Tatiana


  • Firmness: Ultra Plush Pillow Top
  • Comfort Layer Composition: SurfaceCool fiber,
    2.5” Comfort Foam
  • Contour Layer Composition:
    3” AirCool Gel Memory Foam HD, 1” BlackICE Memory Foam,
    Micro Coil, 0.5” Comfort Response Latex
  • Support Layer Composition: 1.5” Energy Foam, Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge, Advanced Pocketed Coil

The comfort layer consists of an extra deep 2.5” comfort foam layer to ensure a plush surface feel, while the contour layer packs a 3” AirCool Memory Foam HD top for conforming to the shape of your body. A 0.5” latex foam layer topped with micro pocketed coils further augments contouring while also yielding a degree of springiness.

The contour layer also contains a 1” layer of BlackICE memory foam to offload the heat that would otherwise accumulate in the thick AirCool memory foam layer on top. The support layer comprises of 1850 individual pocketed coils covered by a 1.5” layer of Energy Foam, ensuring lasting back support in spite of the soft upper layers.

Again, the one very minor criticism I have with this mattress is with its considerable 18.5” overall depth, that is not friendly for short people (try sitting on the edges that way). Given its ultra-plush designation and its height, I would like to stress that heavier individuals avoid getting it because of the many sagging complaints the Black series has gathered.


  • Ultra-soft comfort combined with deep support of a pocketed springs.
  • Ample high end memory foam for conforming to side sleepers.
    High coil count for maximum durability.
  • BlackICE technology handles the copious thickness of memory foam.


  • Might prove awkward to sit on the edges for short people.
  • Not recommended for heavy users.

This ultra-plush mattress is the epitome of soft, relaxing comfort geared towards those who sleep in awkward positions that tend to put their muscles and joints in stress.


In summation, you will have seen that the Beautyrest Black lineup lives up to its claims nicely provided you don’t have an overweight BMI.

Given how each of the models is available in one or more specific firmness levels, it would be impossible to choose a single best model that would suit every sleeper out there. That said, in my opinion, the Mariela extra firm mattress will be the most suitable for the majority because it combines firmer memory foam layers with a modest height, thereby ensuring adequate contact with the support layer.

Since Black mattresses all lose some of their firmness after a few months (i.e. ‘breaking in’), this would eventually lead to a moderately firm yet conformative sleeping surface, that wouldn’t degrade as quickly as some of the softer models that have been plagued by such complaints.

It may lack some of the bells and whistles of its pricier siblings, but what good are those if they can’t sustain your weight for more than a few years?