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Updated September 12, 2020

Everyone needs some time to rest and relax- and you can’t really unwind unless you’re comfy. If you are an avid reader, or you often play console games, or simply spend hours scrolling on your smartphone or laptop, you probably know by now that it can be a challenge to find a comfortable position. A reading pillow is designed to solve this common conundrum.

With its super cozy and ergonomic design, a reading pillow can help you retain a healthy and comfortable posture and enjoy those long reading or gaming sessions without any pesky back and neck pain. Reading pillows have a special shape that perfectly supports all the main points of your body, and are often filled with shredded memory foam. With one of these nifty pillows, you don’t have to worry about soreness and stiffness anymore.

What are the Benefits of a Reading Pillow?

Have you ever experienced those uncomfortable moments of tossing and turning and not being able to find a proper position as you were trying to relax on the sofa or the armchair? If you enjoy long weekend sessions of console gaming or you get engrossed while reading your favorite novel, your experience can largely depend on a comfortable position in which to do it. That is where a reading pillow comes in handy. Designed specifically to make you relaxed and comfortable during long periods of being seated or lounging, these accessories are somewhat of a crossover between lazy bags and ergonomic pillows. The look and design feature some very clever solutions: an angled back support, neck rest, and the angled armrests will efficiently support your body and keep you comfortable for a long while.

Reading pillows come in a variety of sizes and with different features. From small to extra large, they can accommodate every person’s body shape and adapt to anyone’s needs. And with the addition of some smart features such as side pockets and adjustable loft, you get a convenient and comfy accessory that will easily become a favorite spot in the room.

What to Look for in a Reading Pillow?

The design of the reading pillow is unique among standard shaped pillows, but in reality, most reading pillows largely look alike. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no room for creativity and innovation. With the basics taken care of, the manufacturers can really take things one step further with refining the design and adding new elements to an already proven approach. With this being said, you’ll generally be focused on the same set of features when choosing a reading pillow, so here’s what factors to consider to ensure a perfect match:

  • Filling

It is crucial for a reading pillow to perfectly combine softness, comfort, and good support for your body. The proper fill is the key factor for this, and that is why you will often see shredded memory foam as the most popular choice. Memory foam is great for adapting to your body shape and returning to the original shape all the time. Different reading pillows will have different construction and amount of filling, and thus can be softer or harder. Some brands even offer you the option of adjusting the softness by removing or adding extra foam. And that can come in hand if you need adjustments from time to time.

  • Neck support

When engaged in reading or gaming, it is often the neck that can suffer the most and gets sore quite quickly. Having good neck support is crucial and some reading pillow models offer you this important addition. Neck support allows for the healthiest and most comfortable experience in any seated or lounging position and can make things much more enjoyable. An even better version is the removable neck support, which you can simply attach when your neck requires it. Either way, it is an important ergonomic feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Added features

A reading pillow can easily fit in with the decor in any room of your house. And in some cases, these extra features can make that room tidier, stylish, and much cozier. Some examples include the side and back pockets. These deep pouches can hold all your handheld odds and ends, keeping them secure and close to hand, and the room tidy. Always know where your TV remote is, the console joystick, your novel, or your reading glasses by simply tucking them in the side pocket of your reading pillow. Interchanging outer covers are a good feature as well, allowing you to spice up the style of your room by simply changing the colors of the cover.

  • Removable cover

The last bit we mentioned really deserves its own spot here, as having a removable cover really is a big deal. A reading pillow is your very own nook where you can snuggle, snooze, and relax – and having it smelling fresh and being cleanest all times is important. Removable covers are machine washable and easy to replace, and that allows you to always have a fresh-smelling spot to read your book in. Also, look for the material the cover is made of – some brands offer soft and plush velour and velvet fabrics that really add a touch of style and elegance.

5 Best Reading Pillows

Husband Pillow Reading Bed Rest

Editor’s choice

It is not an easy task to take an already perfected design and take it to a whole new level altogether. The Husband Pillow manages exactly this, with a string of efficient and smart design solutions. At the core, this pillow features the standard shredded memory foam filling and tops it off with extra comfy and elegant high-quality microplush cover. With this combination, you are guaranteed top-notch comfort for any activity. The hand rests are positioned at a wider angle, featuring stitched borders and handy side pockets where you can put all your odds and ends – a perfect spot for your TV remote, phone, book, or anything similar.

Another smart feature of this reading pillow is the adjustable headrest. It can be moved to your liking, perfect for when you need to find the comfiest position. Not to mention that it will make sure you don’t strain your neck! There is also the adjustable loft which features a zipper, allowing you to shift, add, or remove foam in order to make things perfect for your taste. This high quality, luxury ergonomic reading pillow really has everything you’d want in one and will meet the needs of most readers.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you are willing to spend a little extra, then don’t hesitate with this high-quality design. A ton of smart features and quality, ergonomic build make this one of the best reading pillows you can find, whether you’re an avid reader or a gamer.


  • Dozens of colors to choose from
  • Adjustable and detachable neck rest
  • Adjustable loft
  • Side pockets
  • Replaceable and interchangeable covers


  • Adding or removing foam can be really messy

Specs for comparison:

Available sizes: Standard

Filling: Shredded memory foam

Weight: 9.1 lbs

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Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Runner up

As a brand, Linenspa needs almost no introduction – their line of high-quality products established its reputation for comfort and reliability. This mid-range, balanced reading pillow design combines all the tried and true features for superb results. There are three sizes to choose from: standard, X-large, and X-large with neck support. The first one is your straightforward choice that caters to almost all users, while the neck support version gives you some additional comfort, especially for those long reading nights when your neck quickly gets stiff and sore.

The pillow is filled with a shredded memory foam blend that boasts the ability to easily conform to any position. It features a CertiPUR-US certification and has a lasting comfort thanks to the good quality of the foam. The outer surface is made from durable but feather-soft velour fabric offered in two stylish colors – navy blue and stone gray. The basic design and great attention to detail make this reading pillow a fantastic choice and one of the best offers for back support.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This design covers all the important bases for a reading pillow, and really leaves little to be desired. Affordable and well made, it can be a great choice for most people, whether they need a standard size or require a bit more space for comfort.


  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Optional neck support
  • Comfy soft velour fabric
  • Stitched armrests
  • Nifty carrying handle


  • Spot wash only
  • Takes 48 hours to fully expand

Specs for comparison:

Available sizes: Standard, X-Large, X-Large with Neck Rest

Filling: Shredded Memory Foam

Weight: 7lbs

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Milliard Reading Pillow

Best reading pillow for kids

Carefully straddling the border between a beanbag and a reading pillow, Milliard offers a unique product that really takes comfort to a new level. Made from high-quality materials, it perfectly combines softness and back support without making things overly complicated. Inside of this reading pillow is quality shredded memory foam, covered with a super comfy and elegant velour cover. The latter is fully removable and machine washable, allowing you to keep your pillow clean and smelling fresh at all times. The memory foam is contained in a zippered lining which allows you to add or remove stuffing at your own accord, adjusting the softness as you want.

The outer cover is also zippered for easy and quick removal and features a carrying handle for convenience. Milliard also gives you a great selection of sizes, with dimensions to match every user’s needs. Their extra-large size features a removable neck rest as well, adding even more support, this time for the neck and shoulder region of your body. But what makes this reading pillow really great is that it comes in a small size ideal for the needs of children- this can be a great gift to encourage your kid’s reading habit.

Who Should Buy This Product?

This is a great example of a straightforward design executed in a high-quality way. Milliard offers you this luxury and soft reading pillow with some great features such as a washable outer cover. If you love the softness of a bean bag but you crave the support of an ergonomic pillow, look no further. The best part is its range of various sizes, with the smallest catering to children and teenagers- which is not something many reading pillows can boast.


  • Great selection of sizes
  • Soft velour cover
  • Machine washable outer cover
  • Petite sizes for kids
  • Adjustable firmness


  • No choice of colors
  • Only extra-large size features a neck rest

Specs for comparison:

Available sizes: Standard, Standard 18”, Petite 14”, Extra Large 24”

Filling: Shredded Memory Foam

Weight: 12 lbs

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Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

Best reading pillow for back pain

This Vekkia resting pillow boasts one of the best and high-quality designs on the market and features a lot of elements that make it a great choice for back pain sufferers. With a bulky and angled base, this reading pillow offers the best back support and truly comfortable experience, no matter what the circumstance you are in. Filled with quality shredded memory foam, it will adapt to your body and support key pressure points in your body for optimal comfort for hours on end. As if that wasn’t cozy enough, this reading pillow is enclosed in a soft velvet cover for that silky and luxurious touch. You are also given an additional bag of 200 grams of shredded foam that allows for some adjustment in softness via a hidden zipper.

Another nifty addition is a convenient side pocket for all your handheld accessories. The standard size lacks neck support, but this is provided with the larger, 24” version. Either way, this reading pillow is one of the bulkier, comfier designs out there and most will be impressed by the coziness it offers.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Soft and comfortable, with plenty of options for adjustment, this reading pillow will satisfy the demands of the most, but it is particularly great for people suffering from back pain. It is supportive and snug enough to make sure you don’t get sore and stiff after hours of reading or lounging.


  • Supportive and comfy
  • Great for back pain
  • 200gr of extra foam for adjusting firmness
  • Velvet cover for a plush feel
  • Machine washable outer cover
  • Convenient side pocket
  • Robust


  • Off-gassing at first

Specs for comparison:

Available sizes: 18”, 24” with neck support

Filling: Shredded Memory Foam

Weight: 6.25 lbs

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ComfortSpa Reading Pillow

Best reading pillow for couch

Here is another reading pillow that comes quite close to a lazy bag – combining that cloudy softness with the ergonomic support of a reading pillow. ComfortSpa offers a high-quality reading pillow for every occasion and one that will fit best at your sofa or couch to make sure you’re cozy enough for that Netflix marathon or reading session. Filled with shredded foam, it gives that unmistakable soft feeling, and makes reading, watching TV, gaming, or any other activity all the more enjoyable.

This pillow features a soft warm grey breathable velour cover that fits in with any interior decor and feels luxurious to touch. There are also convenient side pockets for all the itty bitty accessories, such as your reading glasses or the TV remote, just to make sure everything is in one place and within arm’s reach. The outer cover can be spot cleaned with ease, allowing you to quickly eliminate accidental stains. Add to that a handy carrying strap, and you have yourself a practical and comfortable pillow to support you during your favorite activities.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you always enjoyed that soft and hugging feel of a lazy bag, but require the supporting touch of a reading pillow, this design by ComfortSpa offer is just the thing. Affordable, comfortable, and ideally suited for a couch or a sofa, it will make you feel like you’re lounging on cloud nine.


  • Not too bulky for a couch
  • Two side pockets
  • Soft velour cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Soft and cozy


  • Only one size
  • Can be too soft for some

Specs for comparison:

Available sizes: /

Filling: Shredded Foam

Weight: 6.69 lbs

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Bottom Line

The weekend might be the favorite part of your week already, but with a comfy and supportive reading pillow your Saturday afternoons spent reading or playing video games can only get much better. With the right pillow, you will feel comfy and get rid of back and neck pain for good, while still not compromising on your favorite reading or gaming positions. To boot, reading pillows are not only super comfy – they are also good support for your back and will provide you with a healthy and natural position to lounge in.