Best Baby Pyjamas for Your Little One

Corey Majeau

Everyone wants their baby to sleep as comfortably as they can. And there are several ways that you can help them do so.

Baby pajamas can make your young one’s sleep more comfortable, and the right ones will benefit you with a nice, sound, uninterrupted sleep.

But with the huge variety of products available, getting the best pajamas for your baby can quickly become a stressful task. Luckily, in order to avoid getting something itchy and uncomfortable for your baby to sleep in, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best baby pajamas you can find online.

#1AVAUMA Snug-Fit Pajamas


#2Burt’s Bees Baby Pajamas


#3Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Pajamas


#4Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Pajamas


#5Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Long Sleeve Print Pajama Set


#6Simple Joys by Carter’s Cotton Sleeper Gown


Let’s Dive In

In order to find the best pajamas for your young one, you should consider something the proves its value in comfort, fitting, and safety in particular.

Introducing multiple factors can worry a parent but are far from overwhelming. Put your mind at ease with our buying guide, which will help you understand bit by bit what you need in ideal pajamas for baby:

Do Babies Even Need Pajamas?

While they do help in terms of comfort, it isn’t required for newborn babies to wear pajamas to sleep in until they’re four to six months old, when it becomes recommended.

At such a young age, it can be much easier to dress them in something a little large or loose, and as you’ll read ahead, the size of the baby’s pajamas plays a big part in their safety factor.

For a sign of indication, proper baby pajamas can be introduced once your baby starts to become more mobile and tosses around in their sleep.

Because newborns are more likely to need changing often in the night, an easy to open and remove article of sleepwear would be better. Sleepwear such as one-piece bodysuits (which usually have snap buttons for replacing diapers) will make for far easier and more convenient diaper changing.

Instead of using a regular blanket, a wraparound swaddle makes diaper changing just as easy while adding extra warmth.

Benefits of Buying Good Baby Pajamas

Pajamas add to your baby’s comfort in sleep, safety in their beds, and can make it easier for parents to rest as well.

Good baby pajamas are soft enough to not cause any irritation or itching during naps, which would otherwise potentially wake your baby up a bit too early.

Even if they’re as much as a bit cold about to slip and fall, baby pajamas can help keep your baby warm and away from injury, meaning a peaceful sleep and perhaps even no early crying.

Babies can’t be in swaddles forever for warmth. Pajamas come more and more in handy as the newborn gets older while doing the same jobs of keeping them warm and snug.

You won’t have to worry whether or not your child is safe if you remove the need for a potentially smothering blanket for warmth. This means you could also sleep well, resting assured that your child is out of harm’s way at night.

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What to Look for In the Right Baby Pajamas

Of course, your baby will have different individual needs to meet than others based on their age, size, mobility, skin sensitivity, and sleeping habits. Believe it, babies can feel the difference between the right and wrong pajamas, and so will you if they like their pajamas or not.

The right baby pajamas can be the difference between a good sleep for everyone and causing real harm. The wrong ones could be uncomfortable or even unsafe and a source of concern.

So what can you look for in your pajamas without a doubt? Size is a big one, but other aspects such as safety measures and materials used will make or break your decision in your purchase.

Consider the Shape and Size

Individual to your infant, be sure to know approximately what size your baby fits into at the time. Sizing of clothes for anyone let alone babies who grow quickly can and will be unreliable at best and downright confusing at worst.

Size and shape are incredibly important! From as little as discomfort, the wrong sized pajamas in the worst-case scenario could be a hazard (especially if the pajamas are too big and loose).

To ensure you’ve got the best chance of getting the right size pajamas, check plenty of reviews and see if customers or reviewers can come to an agreement whether the brand’s specific sizing runs small or large.

It never hurts to keep receipts on you, just in case.

Take a Look at the Material

Most commonly, baby pajamas will be made from 100% cotton. This can be helpful as the pajamas will be soft to the touch, breathable and stretchy.

Polyester is another one that’s more resilient but could potentially be irritating. Preferably, you’d want a rayon-blend as that tends to be softer and less harsh on the skin. Otherwise the fabric could get hot with little breathability.

Safety is Important

For your child’s safety from risk of fire, baby pajamas are always tested and regulated for tightness and use of flame-retardant chemicals. It is required that the pajamas be either snug-fitting or treated with flame retardants, and the descriptions on tags will say so with the same standard message, as required by law.

If your baby clothes are loosely fitted and made with material that catches fire easily, flame retardants would be necessary. However, due to research relating to the potential harm these chemicals can cause, different options such as snug-fitting pajamas free of these chemicals have become more common.

Best Baby Pajamas Reviews

1. Editor’s Choice: AVAUMA Snug-Fit Pajamas

These baby pajamas from AVAUMA are designed and made to be comfortable, cozy, and especially soft to the touch so even a child with very sensitive skin won’t be irritated by the feel of them.

Made with care and the softest possible material baby can wear, AVAUMA’s pajamas are comprised of a blend of mainly viscose with a bit of spandex. The result is an incredibly comfortable lightweight, soft, and stretchy natural fabric that’s silky soft and breathable like cotton.

The AVAMUA snug-fit pajamas are made to fit tightly for fire-related safety measures without the need for chemical retardants. The material allows the pajamas to be snug and not abrasive to the skin.

Another plus to these pajamas is their wide availability in sizes from X-small for babies 6 to 12 months old to 8T for children. There’s also a variety in styles to choose from, whether they be the fun bright colors and patterns or the choice between long and short sleeve pieces. This variety combined with the decent pricing makes it easy for you to buy multiple pajama sets as your baby grows up.

  • Incredibly soft and breathable fabric for the best possible comfort
  • A wide variety in sizes and color styles
  • Can be worn in almost any season – long and short sleeves available
  • Viscose is naturally sourced
  • Affordable
  • Unisex
  • A bit thin for winter, recommended to wear in a room with heating
  • Large for newborn babies, not recommended

Who Should Buy This?

If your baby has sensitive skin or you want something refreshingly breathable for those warm times of theyear, AVAMUA’s baby pajamas would be one of the best for the job. The fact that you can purchase a shorts and short-sleeve version makes these pajamas suitable for especially hot days.


2. Runner Up: Burt’s Bees Baby Pajamas

Burt’s Bees Baby is a favorite brand for parents with their natural and safe products for children, ranging from bath accessories to clothing. Their Baby Pajamas are one such product, having even won an award for their comfort.

Snugly-fitting and flame retardant-free, these pajamas are made to fit your baby gently with elastic waistbands and ribbed band cuffs at the wrists and ankles. The material is made up of 100 percent certified organic cotton by the GOTS. Organic cotton is breathable, soft, and gentle on the skin and should cause no irritation or reactions for your baby.

This is a 2-piece pajama set, with a shirt and pants, so understandably it is aimed for infants age 12 months and up. The range in available sizes includes everything in between 12 months to 7 years. Burt’s Bee’s promises a hand-me-down quality in their baby pajamas that will last and retain after many machine washes.

The style for this baby pajama set is unisex and available in 29 different fun prints to choose from.

  • 100% certified organic materials used
  • Snug fit for safety
  • Unisex style and colors
  • Some customers find the sizes run small, especially for heavier infants.

Who Should Buy This?

If you value your clothes coming from all-natural sources, especially for your baby, take a look at the baby pajamas brought to you from Burt’s Bee’s. You can put your faith in these well-recognized jammies for their quality and safe, organic sources.


3. Best Value: Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Pajamas

Babies tend to grow quickly out of their clothes, and for some parents investing in an extra pricey pair of jammies might just not be worth it. In that case, there’s always an affordable alternative with good quality.

The goal of Luvable Friends has always been to produce quality sleepwear for your baby at a price anyone can afford without compromise. With everything needed to keep your child safe and comfortable all night, you’ll find these “Sleep and Play” onesie suits a cute way to help them sleep better.

Made with young babies and newborns in mind, these unisex pajamas are one-piece and sized for babies 0 months to 9 months old. They come footed to keep your baby’s feet nice and warm and have snap buttons down the middle for putting on and taking off easily. A parent can, if they want, completely remove the jammies for changing diapers or only partially open it to check if they need a change without hassle.

The pajamas are made with 100% cotton, making it soft, gentle and breathable for your baby. They can be machine washed many times, though be careful about possible shrinkage.

  • Great affordability
  • Good for everyday use
  • Great value (sets of 2 and 3)
  • Unisex designs
  • Sizes run a bit large
  • No non-slip coating under the feet

Who Should Buy This?

Parents looking for good value pajamas for their newborn babies will enjoy these pajamas from Luvable Friends. These are a great option that will last you more than just a few wears and washes, making it worth the purchase.


4. Best for Newborn: Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Pajamas

Hudson Baby with their sleep and play style pajamas have plenty of cute designs for parents who want something that looks good, but neutral. Their jammies are perfect for newborns: comfortable, safe, fun (but not too flashy) designs, and reasonably priced for a first sleepwear.

These printed pajamas are 100% cotton, easily making them suitable for a baby to wear. They are machine washable and will shrink a bit after the first wash. They are otherwise soft and nonabrasive and won’t wear down after regular daily wearing.

Customers like that the sleep and plays are durable and soft, and that the designs are very cute and seasonal too. They offer great value for the price and can definitely be passed on as hand me downs.

  • Unisex styles and patterns
  • Soft and durable, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Includes extra space for fitting diaper
  • Great value for the price
  • Prone to shrinking, sizing up is recommended before purchase

Who Should Buy This?

They also offer a bang for your buck if you’re looking for a good deal you don’t want to invest too much into, as a newborn will likely grow out of their clothes quickly. Parents who don’t want the hassle of looking for styles for a newborn baby can enjoy the cute unisex designs Hudson Baby has to offer with their sleep and play jammies.


5. Best Premium: Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Long Sleeve Print Pajama Set

Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson is a brand made exclusively for toddler and baby sleepwear with the high-end quality Hanna Andersson is known for at a more affordable price. The pajama sets you can get from this Amazon-exclusive brand are no exception – they’re soft, snug, and organic.

Of course, organic cotton is one of, if not the best way to attain soft and breathable comfort. These pajamas are 100 % organic cotton with hems and elastic to make sure it fits snugly and voids the need for chemical flame retardants.

As a matter of fact, these pajamas and other Moon and Back pajamas are certified OEKO-TEX to be free of any harmful chemicals, so you know for sure what you’re getting is safe. There’s a variety of cute, simplistic modern designs to choose from, and sizes from your one-year-old baby to a 6T toddler.

  • Durable, well-made materials will last
  • Soft organic cotton
  • OEKO-TEX certified free from chemicals
  • Snug fitting, no flame retardants
  • Runs small in size

Who Should Buy This?

If you want a premium option and have the budget for some of the best possible quality materials and production from a brand like Hanna Andersson, these pajamas are right for your baby. Whether they’re a baby or toddler, Moon and Back pajamas will be soft and last you a long time.


6. Best Sleeping Gown: Simple Joys by Carter’s Cotton Sleeper Gown

Besides your conventional pajamas and sleep and play onesies, sleeping gowns are another type of sleepwear that has its own benefits. They work more like something you pull over the baby, making it much easier to take off and put back on when necessary. For example, changing a baby’s diaper in the middle of the night can be much less of a hassle without the need for buttons.

Simple Joys by Carter’s has great and well-liked sleep gowns that do exactly what you’d expect them to. They may be cinched at the bottom with elastic, but it’s tight so that the baby doesn’t slip out in their sleep and can keep their feet warm.

Newborn sizes include fold-over mittens for added soft protection. Made from 100% cotton, the baby can feel safe and comfy in this breathable gown, no matter how snug they look.

  • Soft and durable cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Pullover style makes for easy midnight changing
  • Cinched hems can keep baby’s feet warm
  • Some find the bottom elastic band a bit tight.

Who Should Buy This?

For anyone who prefers having a sleeping gown for their baby instead of your traditional onesie or two-piece pajamas, Carter’s has a great option for you. Sleeping gowns have their own advantages, and these do the job just right.


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Deciding what’s best for your baby’s sleep doesn’t have to be a challenge: that’s why we’ve presented you with this buying guide as well as some recommendations to make the decision easier. Every decision for your baby matters, even if it’s something as seemingly insignificant as sleepwear.

Before finally deciding which baby pajamas you want to get for your child, remember to consider their comfort and safety first. Things like the fabric, fitting, and other measures the sellers may mention are all important in keeping the baby’s health out of harm’s way. Always check what previous users and reviewers have to say, as that can help you come to a conclusion yourself.

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