Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper Review

Updated December 30, 2019

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Is your mattress feeling a little too firm? Is it lumpy? These are some common issues that we see with older mattresses. Rather than going out and purchasing a whole new mattress, which can be expensive, the alternative is ultimately a mattress topper. These are smaller and lay right on top of your existing bed for either a more firm or plush feel to the bed. These can also cool your bed down and relieve pain that you may be suffering from.

One mattress topper in particular that we tested was the Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper. I slept on this topper for two weeks and tested what it felt like, how it performed, and much more. You may be interested in our findings. If so, continue reading to find out more about the Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper.

Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper Specs

 Off-Gassing- None

 Firmness (Scale of 1-10) – 3 (plush)

 Trial Period – 30-days

 Warranty – 1-year limited

Breakdown of The Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper

The Pangeabed Ultimate Copper Topper is a brand new product brought to us by Pangeabed. We have tested other products from this company like the Pangeabed mattress, so I was excited to get my hands on the topper based on the reviews of the mattress.

The founder of this company came from a family that has been in the business since the 1970’s, so they knew a little but about the mattress industry. He always had passion for building high-quality products that were better than everybody else’s.

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The Topper

This copper topper is the newest addition to the Pangeabed copper sleep product line. It is made with 100% talalay latex that is used in their mattress as well. This 2” topper was created to add a plush 2” layer of enhanced comfort to any mattress. It is ideal for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Not only that, but the talalay is supposed to contour to each individual curve, providing a supple and pliant sleeping surface.


When I received the package, it was in a smaller box than I had expected. It came in a plain cardboard box with no distinguished markings on it. When I opened the box, I saw the topper sealed inside, but there was one problem-it wouldn’t come out. I had to cut the box open and remove the product that way. I think that a bigger box would be better suited for this product.

First Impressions

Aside from the box being too small for the product, the first impression was very good. As soon as I punctured the plastic, it began to decompress. It continued to do so for a few hours after I had removed all of the plastic from the product. The cover was super soft, which I really liked and I could reposition it on my bed with ease. So far, I liked it.

What’s Inside The Topper

Before we get into all of the features and benefits of this particular product, I want to go over what the topper is actually made of. Talalay latex, best known for its durability, comes from rubber trees, concentrated down, and molded from natural rubber to latex-foam. It goes through an amazing process that offers you a solid material for a good night’s sleep.

Talalay goes through a more sophisticated production method than its counterparts. It’s very similar to the dunlop latex method, but it has two additional steps which includes flash freezing and aluminum pincore molding. This process prevents particles from settling to the bottom, thus, giving it a more solid cell structure.

Talalay latex is known for being hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, does not have off-gassing, and it’s healthy. Overall, latex is more buoyant and springy, it offers pressure relief, and it’s breathable. This particular topper is made with a copper infused talalay mixture.

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Features & Benefits

Here is what we found when we tested the copper topper by Pangeabed.


The topper is very comfortable to lay on. The cover is made from hypoallergenic organic cotton and polyester. It’s unbleached and it can be removed for easy washing. I found no problems with pain, aches, or pain that had become worse. It actually made me feel refreshed in the morning, once I finally got to sleep.

One issue is that I found was that the topper had some problems staying in place.

Firmness & Sinkage

This is a plush mattress topper, so it’s going to make your bed softer. Right now, there’s no firm option, so this is only for those looking for that plush feel, especially if you have a lumpy or hard mattress. I do recommend this mattress topper if you want to be on something that is going to conform to your body.

Motion Transfer Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of talalay latex is that it’s supposed to ease motion transfer. So if your partner or dog is moving around on one side of the bed, you shouldn’t be able to feel it. Was that the case with this topper? Honestly, I can’t feel my husband tossing and turning on the other side.

In a good topper, you want to experience little to no motion transfer, but you don’t want it to feel like you’re stuck in place. This can be an issue for toppers that are made from traditional memory foam. Since the Pangeabed Copper Topper isn’t made from this foam, you won’t have that stuck feeling as latex is known for its response.


Your bedroom should be between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. You will sleep a lot better if your room is cooler. Sometimes, there isn’t much that can be done about the temperature of your room, which is why you need a mattress topper that’s breathable.

This topper is infused with copper, which is meant to help cool you down. Have you ever noticed that copper pipes are always cold? It has the same concept. The topper also comes with holes that makes it even more breathable. Mattress toppers that are solid tend to sleep warmer, such as those that are made from traditional memory foam.

Despite the technologies added to the topper I did feel like I slept a little warmer than some of the other toppers out there, however others haven’t found any issues.


A topper isn’t going to last longer than a mattress, unless it’s made with some super secret ingredients that we don’t know about, but it should last a while. I attempted to rip the foam inside of the topper cover and failed. It’s definitely more durable than some of the other toppers that I have tested since it does happen to be the most durable material that can be used in mattresses and toppers today.

Sleep Trial

With the Pangeabed Copper Topper, you are entitled to a 30-day sleep trial. This means that you can test out the product for a full 30-days and decide whether or not it’s right for you. This is lower than some other trials offered by other companies. However, it’s a plus that this company offers a trial, because most don’t offer anything at all.

Who Is It Recommended For?

There are thousands of mattress toppers on the market today, so it can make the decision making process even more difficult. The Pangeabed Copper Topper has a lot of qualities that make it such a unique product. From its comforting surface to it’s washability, this is a pretty good topper. I think that it would be ideal for:

  • Those who don’t like firm surfaces
  • Those suffering from hip and shoulder pain
  • Sleepers of all types
  • Shoppers looking for a product that isn’t going to suck them in
  • Those with a larger budget

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The Pangeabed Copper Topper is a well-designed, high-quality product. I did have some issues keeping the topper in place and it didn’t sleep as cool as some other toppers I’ve tried (others felt it slept cool), however the comfort level, durability and overall quality build, make this one of my favorite toppers I’ve tried. The cover is nice and soft and it’s comfortable to sleep on. The Talalay latex is made to last and provides excellent motion isolation. I think that this topper will make you enjoy sleep much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Protector Needed?

Not necessarily. However, if you want to keep your warranty intact and your topper free from stains, then you can invest in a breathable mattress protector.

Washable Cover?


Does It Work on Adjustable Beds?


Are Returns Hassle Free?


Is There A Trial?

Yes. 30 days.

Is There A Warranty?

Yes. 1 year limited.

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?


How thick is it?

2 inches.

Is it easy to store?

No, it's hard to fold up.

Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?