Everything You Need to Know About the Quies Ear Plugs

There is a right and a wrong way to use earplugs, even if most people think of them as a one-size-fits-all kind of product. Since they are made from different materials, that also means that they have different properties, and not everyone is comfortable using the same earplugs as everyone else.

How to Choose the Right Earplugs

Since we opened up with talking about the right earplugs, it’s only fair to discuss some of the steps that you should follow when you’re on the market choosing the right earplugs for you.

The type of earplugs that you need to buy will depend a lot on what you’re trying to use them for. Earplugs can normally be used for one of two things: either to keep out water from your ears or to block a certain level of noise. Since there aren’t that many earplugs that can do both, you’ll have to pick one for each situation.

Swimmers will need a special type of earplug that can prevent water from getting inside the ear canal. That’s something that can lead to infections or swimmer’s ear. People who need such a product for blocking out noise might require products that are also equipped with noise cancellation features.

In the following paragraphs, we wanted to examine some very specific uses for earplugs and determine exactly what to choose in each specific scenario.

#1: Sleeping earplugs

There are plenty of people that have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep when there is too much noise in and outside of the bedroom. Whether you share a bed with a sleeping partner who snores, have neighbors that are throwing a party, or you want to sleep during the day and outdoor background noise is simply too disturbing, earplugs can swoop in and save the day.

For the most part, sleeping earplugs are designed to provide a balance between the flexibility of the material and comfort regardless of the sleeping position you most prefer. There are several types of earplugs to choose from:

  • Disposable earplugs are typically made with memory foam and are considered to be the most comfortable option. Foam is great because it has good contouring properties and is barely felt when you’re sleeping on the side. However, foam is also hard to clean, which makes these earplugs disposable. Automatically, you should look to buy such earplugs in bulk, so you can get them for a really good price per pair.
  • Reusable earplugs are generally made from silicone. They offer two main advantages: they are durable but also easier to clean, meaning that you can use them time and time again as long as you clean them thoroughly.
  • Moldable earplugs are just that: earplugs that can be molded to best fit inside your ear canal. These are made from soft silicone or wax, and are a great alternative for people who just don’t like the feel of foam in their ears.
  • Custom-made earplugs are recommended by a healthcare professional and can be made to fit your ears perfectly. They require making a mold from your ear canal and collaborating with someone who can actually make the earplugs for you.

#2: Swimming earplugs

As we’ve mentioned before, people who need earplugs for swimming have different requirements compared to those who need them for pretty much everything else. Keeping water out of the ears is important in order to avoid bacteria contamination and it’s also indicated if you have an ear problem and might require avoiding any type of liquids in your ear. Children are also required to use swimplugs after having received pressure equalization tubes as a treatment for potential ear infections.

Earplugs that are designed for swimming are of two main types: custom (which are bought from a healthcare professional and made to fit) and moldable (typically made from wax or silicone, these are hand-molded so that can fit inside your ears).

Custom earplugs are the more expensive option, but they are also the ones that will ensure you get an airtight seal. Moldable earplugs are a much better option for people who swim every now and then and wouldn’t gain too much if they spent a lot of money on custom-made earplugs.

#3: Noise reduction earplugs

When people hear about earplugs, they imagine that these products are mostly dedicated to swimming or sleeping. However, earplugs can save people and provide them comfort in multiple situations where noise could become an issue. Noise reduction earplugs are the next best thing to having complete silence around you and can serve for a number of purposes, from blocking background noise on an airplane to toning down some of that festival music.

The general rule is that noise levels that are above 85 dB can induce hearing problems and can eventually lead to hearing loss. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA, for short), people who work in a loud environment are required to use earplugs in order to protect their hearing. They are also an indispensable item for professional car racers, military personnel that has to work with explosives and gunfire, or people who use equipment that makes really loud noises (like power tools or heavy machinery).

As far as noise reduction products are concerned, you can choose from:

  • Custom noise plugs which, as we’ve discussed before, can be bought with the help of a healthcare professional that can take an ear impression to pass it along and have earplugs made to fit.
  • Reusable noise plugs that are typically made from soft silicone and can be cleaner over and over again, for multiple uses. These are available in corded and non-corded version.
  • Disposable noise plugs, which can easily be purchased in bulk and come at a really good price. However, these are much more suitable for people who don’t use earplugs on a regular basis, in which reusable ones are more cost-advantageous.
  • Earmuffs are probably the best choice for people who have to operate loud heavy equipment. They are designed for people who simply can’t find comfort in inserting an earplug in their ear canal. Earmuffs can be quite common amongst construction workers or aircraft engineers.

#4: Shooting earplugs

Earplugs and earmuffs are both recommended for people who are around gunfire often. Evidence states that gunfire can cause a noise level output of 140 dB, which is a lot for the human ear to bear. When you’re being exposed to such high levels of noise on a regular basis, you risk losing your hearing permanently, which makes earplugs a necessity.

People who work at a gun range, people who fire a gun for recreational purposes, military personnel, and hunters are some of the categories of people that could benefit from using shooting earplugs.

Aside from disposable, reusable, custom-made earplugs, and earmuffs (which we’ve already talked about in the previous paragraphs), shooters can also benefit from electronic earplugs. These come equipped with microprocessors that can compress loud noises, but they do allow some sound to pass through (like ambient sounds), which keeps you safe, yet aware of the environment around you. Granted, these are the most expensive types of earplugs available on the market, but they are a small price to pay to protect your hearing.

Who Is Quies?

Quies is one of the leading names of the earplugs-making industry, as they have been around since 1921. The company was founded in France, and for nearly a century, they have been focused on improving their line up wellness-enhancing products. What started off as a small local business grew to become a brand that’s now being sold in pharmacies in approximately 20 countries.

Because they have been around in business for a long time, they’ve constantly been adding more and more products to their offer, and are now suppliers of items that go beyond your average earplugs. Even if they have generous categories of earplugs that serve different purposes, they also sell products like skin-protection solutions (such as lice shampoo or jellyfish repellent), product for eliminating earwax blockages, anti-itch ear spray, anti-snoring solutions, and even eye care products.

Noise Protection Products

Quies’s offer of noise protection earplugs isn’t as generous as some other companies that make similar items, but the quality of the earplugs that you can buy makes it futile to have more options to choose from. If you’re looking for noise protection earplugs, Quies can offer:

  • Wax earplugs that are designed to provide a noise level reduction of 27 dB. They are made from natural wax and so a really good job in making sure that whoever wears them can experience a little bit of peace and quiet in a noisy environment.

  • Foam earplugs, with a noise reduction rating of 35 dB. They are recommended for people who have to work in really loud environments, as they are exposed to levels of noise that could damage their hearing in the long haul.

  • Translucent silicone earplugs with a 20 dB noise reduction. These provide an invisible solution that could serve if you want earplugs for your outer ear instead of those that are inserted in the ear canal.

  • Corded earplugs provided by Quies have the capacity to block 26 dB of noise. This popular product makes it easy to remove the earplugs, but also prevents you from losing one of them in case it falls out of your ear.

  • Music acoustic filters are one of the different and really interesting items on Quies’s product offer. They might be able to block out only 15 dB of sound, but they do have a very interesting construction. They are enhanced with a Loudness Corrector which is meant to reduce sensitive frequencies and to equalize sound of that you can listen to music at a decent noise level and without any distortions.

Water Protection Products

As we’ve mentioned before, swimmers are a special category of earplugs users, so it only makes sense to dedicate an entire product category to help them out. Quies has designed a special type of earplugs for people who need protection when swimming.

Their silicone earplugs for swimmers are made from silicone and are available in a pack that contains three pairs. They are reusable and the surface of the silicone makes it rather easy for you to clean them. They can be used by children and adults alike, as they are soft and can be molded between your fingers to fit your ear canal. Note that Quies sells a different size for children and another one for adults, so pay close attention to which one of them you buy.

As far as water protection products are concerned, you can also buy the Quies ear band, which is a great addition to your earplugs because it basically adds another layer of protection to your ears. The bands are made with HD neoprene and serve as protection for all water contacts, from swimming to showering. These ear bands are available in two different sizes and offer a snug fit, aside from the fact that they are super comfortable to wear.

Pressure-Change Protection Products

Air travel earplugs aren’t really that common in the sense that a lot of earplugs manufacturers didn’t take the time to design a product that serves this specific purpose, and most of them sell their sleeping earplugs by advertising them as being good for air travel. However, the pressure inside the air cabin is subject to drastic change, which means that you require earplugs with a more customized design so they can actually be good in such a situation.

The Quies air travel earplugs are designed to adapt to the potentially-painful air pressure changes that might occur when you’re traveling by air. They are made from soft and comfortable silicone, but they also come with a ceramic filter that can regulate air pressure on the go. These travel plugs are designed in two different sizes: one of them is meant for adult use, while the other is good for children older than 30 months.


As you can see, earplugs come in all sizes and materials, but you need to understand a little bit more about them before you can choose a product that’s suitable for your specific situation. The reason why Quies is one of the leading global brands in this industry is because they’ve understood that earplugs need to be designed to fit a very specific purpose, and they don’t make a single product that they advertise as being good for multiple situations.

Quies is a brand that has you covered in multiple situations, from wanting to protect your ears when swimming to shielding you from air pressure changes that can cause sharp pain inside your ears.