15 Loft Bedroom Ideas

When you think of a loft bedroom, you might automatically think about small cramped spaces that aren’t flushed with natural light and a place that would be better suited for storage than sleeping quarters. Most people who never had a loft bedroom would think that is the case but the reality is that a loft bedroom can be just as spacious and stylish as a bedroom that is located on the main floors of the home.

It’s all about knowing how to decorate and use the space you have to make an oasis that you can go to unwind, relax, and prepare for the following day. So stick with us and continue reading for 15 great loft bedroom ideas.

1. A Starry Trail

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Don’t let the walk to your loft bedroom be boring and basic! Instead, take the opportunity and spec provided to create artwork on the route. This starry night trail leads the way to the bed and the sky of dreams using black paint and LED lights. Continue the pattern onto the ceiling for symmetry.

2. Hanging Bed

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Maximize your space by leaving it open and handing your bed from industrial-strength wires. This hanging bed is supported by wires and a wooden platform that is designed to withhold the weight of the bed and its occupants. A wooden staircase leads to the bed platform, allowing you to have more open space in your loft.

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3. Loft Hangouts

loft hang out

If you plan to use the lower section of your loft bedroom for your bed, then why not take the top section for your hangout place, office or the spot to fit a set of drawers and a chair? You can easily do this by investing in some cozy rugs, throw pillows and small couch to create your own reading nook, or installing a desk to provide a space to work or study.

4. Green Spaces

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An extremely easy way to increase the visual space you have in your loft bedroom is to keep clutter contained, clean lines and crisp bright colors, and to place potted greenery in strategic locations around the room. Allow the plants to guide your way up the stairs and to your bed while they also work to improve the air quality.

Photo Credit: ikole Herriott and Michael Graydon for Cup of Jo

5. Curl Up and Away

curl up and away

Sometimes, you just need a space that you can go to curl up and hide away from the people in your home, and this loft-style bed, with its enclosed upper level, is just what the sleep doctor ordered. You want a quiet space that invites you to ease your mind and is hidden from prying eyes, which is why turning your loft into this space is a great idea.

6. Storage, Please

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Generally, a loft bedroom means that the storage found within the room won’t be plentiful, making it hard to find places for your things. Use this instead for storage inspiration as you will need stairs to enter the loft right? Well, build the staircase big enough to allow for shelving and closet rods; making it easy to store all your seasonal clothes.

Photo Credit: Laura Ballinger Design

7. Simplicity at its Finest

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Take the space you’ve been given in your loft bedroom and transform it into a simple but tranquil place that you can truly breathe in. It’s a matter of using brighter colors to open up the area, allowing for natural light to filter in, and making the most of the space you have which is exhibited here. This loft has a bedroom, kitchen, and living room all in one space.

Photo Credit: Cozy & Comfy

8. Privacy


Another complaint that comes with loft bedrooms besides the lack of storage is the lack of privacy. Well, you can eliminate that complaint from your list with this perfectly private perch that has a subtle but effective wire wall with a single opening to crawl through onto a cozy bed. While it’s true anyone can see into your sleeping space, it’s high enough off the ground to offer a decent level of privacy.

9. Tucked Away

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Bring a sense of whimsy and privacy to your loft by installing soft, warm lighting throughout. Play up the exposed beams of your loft and use them for shelving and additional lighting if needed. Combine this with a snug and comfortable bed that rests on a platform (not a bed frame) and you are in the business of easy nights.

10. Extra Sleeping Space

extra sleeping space

Perfect for young kids and teenagers, this dual bedroom takes a loft-style bed and places it to the side of the main bed to offer some privacy to both sleepers. This choice is ideal for siblings who share a room or for sleepovers, with the practical double bed on the ground and a single loft bed making excellent use of the space. And will you look at all that built-in storage? Sweet.

11. Kid’s Loft Bedroom

kids loft

If you have younger children and you are worried about them sleeping in a loft space, then you want to make it as inviting as possible. This loft bed is not too high off the ground and has a nice easy-to-access wide ladder that leads up to the sleeping space. With a play area underneath and a fun teepee to nap in, what’s not to love?

12. Student Spaces

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Perfect for the teenager student in your home, this loft bed is installed into the walls and features a metal ladder to easy access. Place a desk underneath the space created by the bed, allow for the natural light to shine in, and give them their own space to learn those skills they will use for the remainder of their lives.

13. Treehouse Loft

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Get creative and artistic with your loft bed by installing a set of bunk beds that have a treehouse frame. This one is perfect for smaller children or the adult who is still quite in touch with their inner child. A sheer canopy provides privacy without being heavy for the space and the wooden ladder reminds everyone of climbing to the secret club within the treehouse.

14. Closets? OK!

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Every adult needs closet space – it’s just a fact of life but when you have a loft bedroom, that space can be in short supply. That is why you get creative with the loft space and make a closet that rests underneath your sleeping quarters. The use of natural wood allows for clean lines and style without losing precious space.

Photo Credit: De La Haye Makelaardij

15. Hidden Doorways

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Hideaway and forget the world in your cozy loft sleeping space that is only accessed via a ladder on the wall. With swinging shutters to block out the light and the stress, this little space has big possibilities when it’s used correctly. An LED light provides illumination and makes sure you get a model that runs on batteries to prevent having to run wires.

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The Bottom Line

And that’s a wrap on our 15 best loft bedroom ideas! Did you like them? Did you find some cool inspiration to apply to your home? Feel free to share and comment below. And check out our other tips and guides like our best loft bed choices.

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