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Duvet VS Coverlet: What’s the Difference?

Updated December 10, 2019

Your bed is one of the most important things in your home. It’s where you wind down for the day and recharge for the next one. To get the best out of each night’s worth of sleep, it’s a great idea to customize your bed to its maximum comfort. But only you can decide what’s best for you. What makes you comfortable? Do you enjoy big, cozy quilts that you can snuggle under or are you the sort of person who likes little to no layers on your bed?

One of the many ways to customize your bedding is by using extra layers such as Duvets and Coverlets. The only question is, which one is better for you? To figure this out, it’s best to compare one to another.

Duvet Coverlet
Thick bag of down stuffing Lightweight bedspread
Used as the blanket and cover of the bed Used to cover thicker bedspreads
Does not make it to the floor Stretches down to the floor


Build of a Duvet

The interior stuffing of a duvet is down feathers, wool, or some sort of synthetic alternative. It’s shaped like a large flat bag and is protected with a removable cover known as the duvet cover. The duvet itself will be a white or lighter tanned shade since this skin is not important for the aesthetics of your room. To match your duvet with the rest of your room setup, the duvet cover can be modified and colored in such a way.

A duvet removes the need to have more than one cover on the bed and makes tidying up the bed easier in the morning. The duvet cover is as mandatory as a pillowcase would be to a pillow. Without it, your duvet will always be dirty, and its life will be much shorter.

Blanket and Cover

This two-in-one deal is why so many people enjoy owning a duvet. There is no need for multiple covers and bedding sheets when you have one solitary duvet. It can be used as the cover of the bed, then tucked into when the day is all over as a blanket.

It takes up a lot less space than other bedding options and can be used all-year round. The one feature you must keep a keen eye out for is the duvet cover. This cover can and will get dirty quickly. Always have a couple of spares (3-5) so you can change and clean your covers as frequently as possible. A duvet is not a cheap bedding selection. Take as much care of your duvet as you can.

Doesn’t Cover the Bedside

One aspect of many bedding options is that they go down all the way to the floor. Some people tend to enjoy the elegance of this appearance, but not a duvet. True, there are some duvets that do scan the top of the floor, but you’ll always have the pillowtop presentation when you use a bedding piece as thick as a duvet.


Build of a Coverlet

In comparison to a duvet, a coverlet is a much lighter piece of bedding. They are best for warmer seasons when there is no need for a thick layer at night. If you don’t want to take them over yourself at night, then they can be used as a decorative cover over your bed. One great factor of a coverlet is that it can be used over anything! You can use it to cover your mattress, comforter, and even duvet! They can be intricate and detailed, or simple and standard. Whichever design you want for your bed, a coverlet will cover it and make the bed more appealing.

Used as a Cover

Living up to its namesake, a coverlet’s main purpose is to be used as a cover. It goes over the bed, can be found in different specific sizes, and has the decorative quality many other beddings varieties lack.

Some people may consider this as a flaw while others may not mind; a coverlet can’t always be used as a blanket. In the summers, when there is no real need to layer up, a coverlet is a great throw to take. Throughout the rest of the year, however, a coverlet won’t be enough, and you’ll need another layer.

This can take up a lot of space in your closets. All the blankets, coverlets, quilts, and sheets will accumulate into a large heap of bedding in your closet. While some people might enjoy the wide sense of variety in their bedding, others may find it more of a nuisance.

Makes Its Way Down to the Floor

A coverlet, unlike a duvet, will give off the elegant appearance. This bed sheet will make it all the way to the floor, covering the entirety of the bedside. Now, whether you want to tuck this under the mattress to keep it secured through the night or leave it alone, so it hangs like a curtain is up to you. The point is you now have the extra material that you can do whatever you want with, not just a pillowtop presentation.

Final Words

A duvet is a one-size-fits-all situation, in the sense that it’s all you need once you have it. This can save space and make cleaning your bed easier. A coverlet can complement a duvet along with many other bedding sheets. It can be the main cover of your bed, or it can be the cover for all your quilts and blankets. The best thing about a coverlet is that it will always become the centerpiece that pulls your entire bed into synchrony.

Hopefully, this has helped you establish the difference between a duvet and coverlet, as well as give you a good idea of what you want your master bedroom to look like. Share your experience in the comments about preparing the bedroom and feel free to give some pointers in the comments we may have missed!