30 Zen Bedroom Ideas to Inspire a Calm Space

Have you ever wondered why more and more people are into Zen in interior decorating? Although Zen is not a distinct design style with a set of rigid guidelines, it is frequently associated with simplicity, minimalist, and nature’s elements. Let us show you 30 Zen bedroom ideas that will leave you wondering why you never opted for this style in the first place.

1. Feel the Room

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With cushions, blankets, rugs, and linens, you can literally soften your surroundings, creating a refuge that will greet you with open arms at the end of a long day. Plus, even the choice the colors is inviting us to relax. This definitely looks like a place where I’d like to be at the end of the day. 

Photo credit: Emily Henderson

2. Serene Blue Bedroom

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Whether it’s for coastal decor or you’re simply in love with the serenity inspired by blue, this bedroom is as zen as it could get. The walls are painted in mid-toned blue-greens create the perfect base for the white headboard, ribbed vases, and gray rug.

3. Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

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When you come across a nature-inspired wallpaper for your bedroom, you can’t help but feel zen (unless we’re talking about lions hunting gazels, of course). The simplicity of the wallpaper shows how little you need to actually recreate a soothing bedroom atmosphere.

Photo credit: Murals Wallpaper

4. Accent Walls

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Utilize two complementary colors to create a color-blocked accent wall. This one capitalizes on the room’s asymmetry and is an excellent option if your bed is not centered on the wall.

Photo credit: Home Style

5. Light Bedroom

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Zen is often about inviting light into the bedroom. If you don’t have large windows to work with, there are other tricks to turn to: use white bedsheets and window treatments, paint the walls in a light color, and hang mirrors that reflect light throughout the space. 

6. Black and White Bedroom

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To complement the room’s neutral hue, this bedroom has replaced the artwork with an abstract piece that complements the room’s black-and-white accessories. As a result, a tranquil, toned-down area is created that allows the eyes to rest.

Photo credit: Chris Loves Julia

7. Japanese Bedroom

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Japanese bedrooms are frequently constructed using natural materials that impart color and warmth. The majority of these bedrooms have a Zen aesthetic. Notice how these rules are especially true in a setup like this.

8. Mural Wallpaper

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If you’re looking for a Zen bedroom that compliments a traditional style, you’re going to love this suggestion. The mural wallpaper creates a relaxing and inviting spot, while the symmetry in the details gives you the sense of perfection in a room meant for relaxation. 

9. Bedroom with Nature’s Elements

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It has been scientifically shown that incorporating elements of nature into our homes can improve our mental and physical well-being. Bring a little bit of the outdoors in with this refuge that includes a large, attractive plant. Make use of wood and other natural elements to embellish.

Photo credit: The Design Files

10. Zen through Artwork

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huge framed work of art may make a statement. The choice of colors is quite pale and faded, so it’s perfect for a Zen bedroom where you don’t want to see bold and vivid colors. 

Photo credit: Centsational Style

11. Green Zen Bedroom

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Simplicity is often the epitome of a Zen setup, so it’s important to really consider opting for as many colors as possible if you want a foolproof method of making it work. Here you can see how green and white are combined to create a soothing space for rest and relaxation. 

12. Minimalistic Bedroom

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If Zen is about minimalist, this setup surely nailed it. The artwork above the side table, rather than the center of the bed, creates sufficient visual interest in this photo. Additionally, the room’s minimalist aesthetic is enhanced.

13. Floating Bed

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While everyone has their own ideal about what a Zen bedroom should look like, there are certain rules everyone agrees upon. For some people, the lack of clutter and presence of minimalist is Zen. This bedroom meets both those standards, and it’s something we love to see. 

14. Pastel Zen Bedroom

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Zen is about harmony and relaxation; it’s not just about Asian aspects in an environment, but also about a harmonious and minimalist style. Tan and beige tones, taupe, and even pastels are all appropriate and welcome for a Zen bedroom that will provide you with utmost relaxation.

15. Abstract Zen Bedroom

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Zen bedrooms are luxuriant havens where one would surely want to spend time and escape from the outer world’s troubles. It promotes sleep and rejuvenation by ensuring a simpler transition to sleep and a comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Here, Zen is about gray tones, abstract wall art, and incorporating nature into the setup. 

16. Balanced Zen Bedroom

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When we talk about Zen, we’re referring to ancient Chinese teachings that emphasize the holistic advantages of natural components. The classic components of metal, fire, earth, wood, and water are all included. Notice how wooden details prevail in this setup, alongside greenery that strengthens man’s bond with nature. 

17. Iron Bed

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Zen bedrooms maintain a balance of design and features for an improved quality of life. It is clutter-free and contains minimal furniture, decorations, and personal items. When one enters a Zen bedroom, he is immediately relaxed by its appearance, as you can see in this example. 

18. Modern Zen Bedroom

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Clean lines indicate modern styling in this instance. The channel tufted headboard, throw cushions, furniture, and even decorative items all work in harmony to create a calm and serene atmosphere.

19. Neutral Bedroom Pallete

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This bedroom is another example that natural and neutral palettes are the best. Consider the natural hues – the faint blue of the sky, the golden beige found across the sandy beach, the green of the fields, and the gray or rocks. These are the ideal Zen-inspired colors to incorporate into your home.

20. Refreshing White Bedroom

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Clutter is a certain way to induce tension in a hurry, so ensure that your bedroom has lots of storage options. Large cabinets keep clutter at bay in this quiet, serene boudoir. The only visible objects are a few carefully selected pieces of decor.

21. Pattern-Free Bedroom

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Notice how everything is kept simple? Fabrics with a lot of design do not go with this style at all. If you truly want to include some pattern into your space or home, a touch of Japanese flowers or a very simple geometric pattern should fit the bill.

22. Cozy Bedroom

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Zen isn’t always about coziness, but there are ways to work around that, as long as the space you create manages to bring inner peace. Here you can see how a knitted throw blanket pairs with a simple wall decoration with string lights, offering you everything you can expect to get from a Zen bedroom. 

23. Modern Zen Bedroom

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In a Zen bedroom like this one, you want to keep your lines simple, with a few softer curved edges to soften the look. Extensive futon legs and swirls or decorations, as well as abrupt, sharp angles and pointed elements, should be avoided.

24. Delicate Pink Bedroom

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One might be wrongfully thinking that pink doesn’t belong in the Zen bedroom, but achieving this style is so much more than focusing on just the color alone. If you feel like the first thing you want to do when you see this picture is lie down and take a nap, the room has already achieved its purpose. 

25. Simple Zen Bedroom

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The Zen master bedroom in your home should have the feel of a sanctuary,  a space conducive to rest and relaxation. Fortunately, attaining this usually requires only a few basic styling tricks: investing in new bedding items, painting the walls a fresh new color, or adding a few comfortable cushions and a nice throw blanket.

26. Carpets in a Zen Bedroom

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Wool carpets offer a genuine sensation of coziness but require more maintenance. If you choose a carpet, you can enhance your Zen décor and amplify the room’s cocooning sensation by grouping numerous wool or pure cotton carpets together. The carpet’s color should complement the floor or be in the spectrum of grey, moleskin, or khaki.

27. Floral Zen

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In this remodeled Barwon Heads Californian bungalow, the master bedroom includes paneled walls painted in a relaxing light grey, creating a stylish hideaway from the rest of the home’s vibrancy. Needless to say, I have a crush on this floral bedding. 

28. Zen Bedroom with a View

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Replace harsh fluorescent lights with peaceful, nature-inspired, or candlelight to create a completely relaxing setting. Here, you can see the rattan lampshades that are grouped in callups of three, creating symmetry, but also a cozy ambiance. 

29. Play with Light

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To get closer to that Zen bedroom feel, place the bed near a source of natural light and away from the door or passageway. The bed should be at a height that is comfortable for you. However, high beds typically emphasize the impression of comfort. And I love the Bohemian tassel chandelier. 

30. Simple Gray Bedroom

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A Zen-inspired design is characterized by natural colors in gentle tones, such as the predominant gray you see in this image, which have the ability to generate feelings of relaxation and peace. Chromatic harmony is critical between the numerous pieces, as is visual continuity between the walls, furnishings, and floors.

Final Words

As you can see from these 30 Zen bedroom ideas, the rules are not always strict. Zen feels mostly like a state inspired by your surrounding rather than strict guidelines on how to furnish a bedroom. Which Zen approach do you feel is most suitable for your bedroom? And for more inspiration, have a look at our list of industrial bedroom ideas!