15 Yellow and Gray Bedroom Décor Ideas

Looking to refresh or remake your bedroom, just to change it up a bit and make it new again, without having to splash out a foolish amount of money? It’s easily done when you choose to upgrade your bedroom décor and not the bare bones of the room.

This is done by choosing a new color palette to play with in terms of the décor and swapping out tired, outdated trends for new pieces that instantly brighten the room as a whole. It can be as small as hanging a few new pictures, changing around where the furniture is or it can be a bit more extensive, such as painting the walls, adding or removing wallpaper, and changing out the curtains.

A Closer Look

Choose a color palette and project theme that isn’t as common as most pairings but a color scheme that is still equal parts cozy and fresh, vintage and modern, and showcases your personality; such as the one we are going to look at today – yellow and gray!

1. Contemporary Wall Hanging

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Show off your keen eye for creative and contemporary artwork by hanging a modernist painting that features shades of yellow and gold with a white, gray, and black background. These modern paintings don’t even need a frame as they can distract from the image itself, so just suspend the canvas as is on the wall above your bed using a picture hanging kit.

2. Florals

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For a light and soft approach to this color theme, you want to keep the shades in the lighter section of the color wheel. Turn to more pastels and then choose pieces that complement each other in terms of shading. Use stark white detailing to break up the monochromatic feel of the room – such as a bright white comforter with gray sheets and yellow throw pillows.

3. Geometric Accent Wall

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An accent wall is an easy and surefire way to freshen up a tired bedroom, and it doesn’t take that much to complete. Go a step further and create a geometric print accent wall. You can do this in one of two ways – using a stencil (can be found online and downloaded or through an artist) and paint from your local hardware store or by using wallpaper that adheres to the existing paint.

4. Shoot for Gold

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Just because this post is using yellow and gray, it doesn’t mean you can’t go into the richer and deeper tones of the color. That’s right, you want to make a bedroom more luxurious and elegant? Then let’s break out the gold tones and use them sparingly for a great finish. Think: a gold-plated mirror and gold knobs on your furnishings.

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5. Cheery Sunshine

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Go bold with cheery sunshine shades of yellow through your bedroom or even your guest room for a welcoming and instant mood-lifting change. These bright colors will make you smile, even during those darker days that we all feel from time to time. The key to preventing it from looking cartoonish is to use soft shades of gray to tamper it down.

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6. Hints of Blue

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If you want to create a color template within your room that features more than just yellow and gray shades, then slide in hints of blue to create a nature-inspired palette of color. To keep things from being harsh on the eyes, you want to use softer shades of yellow then combine it with pops of blue in random places such as artwork, illustrations, and flower vases.

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7. Comfy Comforter

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A quick and easy way to change around your room and give it a fresh makeover is to change up your comforter as well as your curtains. Go for a fresh and floral print comforter for instant comfort in the room. There is something about a cushiony comforter on a bed of pillows that just invites you to come in, lay down, and take a load off.

8. Marbled Walls

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A marbled or speckled accent wall instantly looks luxurious and expensive as soon as it’s done in shades of gray. Using this as your accent wall provides the perfect backdrop for your room, allowing you to show off your wooden bed frame set, allow the natural light to illuminate the fine details, etc.; all against a great background of neutrality.

9. Nautical Inspired

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Perfectly at home in the helm of a ship or perfectly at home, well in the home – this nautical-inspired bedroom doesn’t use the typical colors of white and navy but instead focuses on a combination of blues, yellows, and stormy grays. These are the often-forgotten colors of the sea and how quickly Mother Nature can ensure her mood changes from sunny to stormy when needed.

10. Minimalist Wins

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One of the hottest trends when it comes to interior design is the use of minimalist decoration. You want to avoid overcrowding the walls or the floor or even the bed with unnecessary items and instead focus on rich colors, clean lines, and varnished, shiny wood furniture for the best results. Not sure if you would like this? Then click on the example shown here.

11. Minor Details

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Offset your yellow walls and yellow/gray patterned comforter (with accompanying blankets and throw pillows) by pairing them with soft white accessories for some minor detailing and decorating work. Sometimes, it’s all about the minor things that can make or break the room but in this case? We are definitely making something good happen – take a look for yourself.

12. Let’s Get Fuzzy

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Dream of adding some texture and depth to your yellow bedroom with gray details but you aren’t sure of how to go about this? Then you want to literally bring the texture and patterns into the bedroom in order to make this a reality. Bring the gray tones by combining fuzzy rugs and blankets and watch as the room will easily transform. Bonus points for rocking the geometric print curtains in a similar shade of yellow.

13. Bring in the Blue

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Blue is one of the best colors to accompany a yellow and gray room by far because it’s the perfect shade to pick up the ashy gray tones in the yellow while bringing a sense of warmth to the not-so-dreary gray. Keep the panels of the wall a deep blue then decorate around it.

14. More Gray than Yellow

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A well-done gray and yellow combination can be quite neutral or even masculine when executed properly. You want to focus more on the gray than on the yellow colors, and use the yellow detailing as the pops of color to brighten up the room. As shown here, there are a variety of gray shades used then unexpected pops of yellow to bring warmth.

15. Capture the Light

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One of the best ways to show off your design skills when it comes to a yellow and gray room is to use both natural and artificial lighting to capture the warmth of the colors. You want to focus on bringing in as much natural light as possible and then filling in the gaps for the rest with octagon mirrors.

The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 gorgeous yellow and gray bedroom ideas! Did they inspire you to start decorating your own bedroom at home? Be sure to comment and share below. And check out our tips for bedroom wall art ideas!

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