34 Wood Accent Wall Ideas

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what features of an accent wall make them so popular in homes around the globe but there is one certain thing – a room with an accent wall instantly looks refreshed and revitalized when you are making over the room. The smallest details, the simplest things; all of this comes together when creating an accent wall to give your rooms the oomph they deserve.

A Closer Look

One trend that is starting to pick up steam in the interior design world, however, is the use of wood in your accent wall. Wooden walls have been a staple of homes since the early days of building but instead of covering it up, people are starting to showcase the natural wooden beauty that is found in the bones of their residence.

Not sure if you want to start ripping out drywall? No worries because we have you covered with these wood accent wall ideas that don’t require a major gutting of the room.

1. DIY Wood Slats

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If you are ready to get your hands dirty, then you are ready to complete this wood accent wall all on your own. All you need are wood slats, paint or stain, measuring tape, and some form of adhesive (liquid nails or air nailer works the best). Simply measure your slats, cut them as needed, and install them directly onto the wall you are looking to accent.

2. Textured Wood Wall

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For those that want to think outside the box and install a wood accent wall so real, you can reach out and feel the grooves. These stick-on pieces can be purchased online and adhere directly over the current drywall for a quick and easy refresher on your décor. The textured wall gives it a luxurious feel without the expensive price tag.

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3. Panels of Wood

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An accent wall gets quite the upgrade when you take into account the panels of wood that give it a braced and sectioned vibe. This accent wall also takes on new dimensions outside the texture when it is painted a matte green to give contrast within the room. Don’t go bright for painted wood walls, as this can distract, but instead stick with shades found in nature.

4. Shiny Natural

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Keep things au naturel when you are installing a wood accent wall for the best results. As evidenced here, these walls can be easily done yourself with the right tools and time for the job. Let the slats of wood come together in a smooth pattern that exposes the wood grains and knots. Finish with a coat of shiny varnish to allow the light to be captured and reflected.

5. Chevron Lines

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The greatest part about completing a wood accent wall in your own home is that you don’t need to hire expensive contractors and you have full control over the design, the style, and the finished product. You can make a slat wall, a raised wall, or to be even more creative – a chevron wall that is painted a glossy white.

6. Rustic Elegance

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Bring a touch of rustic and vintage elegance into your home when you install an oak plank wood wall. These walls look as if the wood has weathered and aged over time when in fact, it is brand new. This style of wall fits easily and flawlessly into any décor theme, making it a favorite amongst the masses.

7. Creative Wood Wall

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Get creative and artistic with your décor, and take this opportunity to make your bedroom into something that expresses your personality. Instead of a traditional flat-paneled wall, go beyond the norm and install a wood wall that features slates that don’t really have rhyme or reason until you look closely. Even with a flat back and slats that stick off from the wall, this one is ideal for behind the bed.

8. Weathered Wood

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Bring a touch of the ancient wisdom of the forest into the living room of your home when you install a weathered wood accent wall. This type of wood looks as if it can tell you stories of the years gone by and the textured wall is wonderful for displaying your favorite vintage works. Bonus points if you install this style of wall around a weathered fireplace.

9. Woodgrain Wall

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When you have the time and the effort, the tools and the vision – nothing is impossible when it comes to home décor. Take the example shown here where a wood grain accent wall was installed using pine boards from the local hardware store. You simply need to determine what direction you want your chevrons to go in, choose your paint color, and get handy.

10. Barn Style Siding

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Bring the outside inside when you install a weathered barn-style siding wall. This wall uses various shades of natural wood to balance the colors and details of the bedroom. What makes this wall so appealing, however, is the way that it is following the slant of the ceiling; it brings out the quirky nature instead of trying to disguise it.

11. Carved Wood

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If you are not interested in installing wood over your entire wall but you still want to dress it up somehow and make it an accent wall – then why not look into wood panels that are carved to tell a story or that feature delicate designs. These panels are large enough for people to take notice but they won’t cover your entire wall.

12. Colorful Shades

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Whoever said that you had to stick to just natural wood colors? While this effect is beautiful in its own right, you are also allowed to stick in planks of color as well. Think natural beiges and grays that are broken up with pops of turquoise or lilac. You want the planks going in the same direction so you don’t get dizzy though!

13. Boho Panel Wall

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How amazing would a boho panel wall look on your patio? Think a natural wood wall that is broken up with strips of LED lighting, a cozy reading chair and table right alongside it, and potted plants of thriving greenery? This is a relaxation oasis and it can be found in the comfort of your own home, or more specifically, your own backyard.

14. Kid’s Room

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Let your kid in on the fun with a plank wall that is broken up with pops of painted drywall underneath. This is still an accent wall but it’s young and fresh enough that your kids will love it! It’s the type of wall that allows them to put their own artistic mark on their room and to keep with the wooden theme – hang a cutout of their first initial in a bright color to make it pop!

15. Shades of Grey

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Give your bedroom depth with a wood wall that features classy and neutral shades of grey within the planks. These stick-on planks range in shades from almost-white to almost-black in-depth, allowing the room to open up and appear larger. Pair with funky hanging light fixtures and suddenly your bedroom looks as if it belongs in a five-star resort.

16. Gridlocked

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Keep things classy and simple with a grid-design wood wall. You simply need to cut small wood strips of the board – avoid having them lay flat to the wall or you lose the look – and paint them a color of your choosing. You can go the same color as the paint of the wall for uniformity or you can make them pop with color.

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17. Rainbows Everywhere

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A great way to showcase your creative and artistic side or keep things bright and cheery for your little one – a rainbow-striped wall. These slats have been painted the colors of the rainbow and installed directly onto the wall in sections, allowing the stark white background to peek out and pop the colors to the naked eye.

18. Decorative Wood Panel

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People always hang framed photos or framed sketches, watercolors, etc. and that is because they truly can brighten up the room as a whole or they have special sentimental meaning. But people are starting to sit up and take notice of decorative wooden panels as well. These panels are hung the same as a framed picture but allow the color of your walls to peer through.

19. Vertical Slats

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Go for a contemporary and modern look with painted vertical slats. This example is using all black slats for a penthouse style but you can mix it up to whatever color you want. The key undeniably is to use smaller vertical slats that are installed directly together with no seam in sight.

20. Wood Artwork

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If you want your hung artwork to have an image or place that you always feel at home, small and vast at the same time, and a piece that will get compliments – you want to look for wood artwork. These pieces are made entirely from wood but using different species to get a variety of colors, ideal for imagery.

21. Chocolate Browns

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Keep things neutral and natural with chocolate brown shades of plank wood when building an accent wall. These planks are adhered to the wall using strong glue to prevent damage but they also can be sized to fit on the smallest or largest of walls. The pattern brings the style while the use of these planks as an accent brings the heat.

22. Slanted Natural Wood

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Keep things interesting in the bedroom with a slanted wood wall that uses all-natural shades that are found outside. These slanted walls go down on the wall and switch directions in the middle. It’s classy and elegant without being boring, allowing the occupant of the room the option to dress it up with color or leave it as it is with clean lines.

23. Exposed Support Beams

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Play up the rustic bones of your home when you have exposed support beams. These large wooden beams go across a stark white ceiling to rest against a wood accent wall made from natural planks of the board. The little details of wood found within the room only enhance the rustic characteristics, it doesn’t compete with them for glory.

24. Chevron Accent Wall (Small)

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Give depth and character to a small portion of your room when you install a chevron accent wall using wood in only the reading corner. How cozy and inviting does this look when you size up the overly stuffed reading chair, the decorative wood mirror, and the decorative basket? You just want to curl and never leave this spot until you have that latest best-seller done.

25. Geometric Art

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Do you know that if you combine strips of wood with a patterned wallpaper wall, magic can happen? It’s true and it’s showcased here with a textured wall that has been broken up into eye-catching geometric prints using only small black strips of wood. It’s simple, effective, and stunning in its entirety.

Photo Credit: Mario Mimoso

26. Warm Wood

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A great way to add not only depth but also warmth to your bedroom is to use soft and medium-colored wood for your accent wall. You don’t want dark as this can make the room appear smaller when you are trying to infuse warmth and pale shades can wash out when natural light strikes them.

27. Dark Wood and Unique Light Fixture

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The best way to showcase something new and decorative in your bedroom is to use darker colors to allow them to pop against them. It’s a tried and true method of using the shadows and contrasts the dark colors provide. This method is showcased here by using darker wooden walls to allow the unique and funky light fixture to take center stage.

28. Match the Wood

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One easy and simple way to dress up the home, giving it a modern and updated feel, is to use the same wood that is found on your accent wall in other areas of not only the room but also the home. You want to use the same color or species of wood and outline the doorways, windows, and even moldings.

29. Hexagonal Tiles

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Add new depth and character to a room by using hexagonal wood tiles to create a half accent wall. Typically, you would do this over your bed in your bedroom (provided you don’t have a decorative headboard that can cause competition in styles). This style and design look as if it’s about to pop off the walls due to the 3D imagery and magic that created this look.

Photo Credit: Andrey Sokruta Workshop

30. Patterned DIY Wall

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Sometimes, the best renovations in any room of the home are the ones that you can do yourself. You aren’t limited to the designs or style that someone else thought up but instead, you are the captain of the ship. Check out this tutorial on how to make a wood accent wall using strips and shades for new dimensions.

31. Postcard Room

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Transform a tiny attic room into an oasis of privacy for yourself or your teenager. This room has been remodeled to look as if it is something out of a postcard for a private cottage and you can easily recreate this with crisp clean lines, paneled walls, and a textured ceiling. Keep similar shades throughout for the best results.

32. Shelves = Bonus

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If there is one complaint that can be found about any home, is that there isn’t always enough room for both storage and display. That issue is easily resolved here by installing a wooden shelf on the wooden accent wall. The shelving tends to blend in and it’s only the treasured books and potted plants that make it pop from the wall.

33. to the Ceiling, to the Wall

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This bedroom gets a major upgrade when the wooden ceiling is accompanied by a wooden accent wall but the real magic is when you realize that not only were two different species of wood used but also two different shades and sizes. This ensures the room doesn’t look too matched and instead, you are shown an aspect of personality.

Photo Credit: @carvedwoodworks

34. Full Logs

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A fun way to dress up a basement rec room or living room is to use the ends of full logs that have been cut directly from the source instead of using planks or slats. This unexpected look brings something unique and artistic to the room, allowing you to have some design elements in the areas that people will least expect them.

Final Verdict

What did you think of our awesome wood accent wall ideas? Did you find any ideas that inspired you to make an accent wall in your own home? Be sure to share your comments and questions below! And check out our other bedroom décor tips like choosing the most relaxing wall colors for your bedroom!

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