The Best Places to Buy a Futon

Are you in need of a futon? If you’re tired of your bed, or just need another piece of furniture for your home which is a little more versatile, a futon can be a great asset. Futons come in a variety of shapes and styles, each with their own benefits, which can make the decision a little difficult.

What can make the decision of where to a buy a futon a little easier, however, is where you choose to buy it from. Some retailers do a good job of sorting the futons, as well as providing excellent descriptions and feedback regarding the products. With information such as this, your decision can be made much more easily.

Whether you’re looking to purchase online or from a brick and mortar store, there are a multitude of great options out there for you, though not all are created equal. Take a look at this list of retailers and see which one might work best for you.

#1. Amazon

It should be no surprise you can find more than a few futons at Amazon, both from Amazon itself and various resellers using Amazon’s service. One thing Amazon offers which you find as prominently on other websites is a review system.

Since the audience for the site is so large, most of the products you’ll be bringing up will have a fair amount of reviews, giving you a better idea of what you’re getting than on some other sites where you may have to go on only what the seller says.

Amazon also offers a highly diverse variety of products. You’ll get full sets, futon mattresses, traditional Japanese futon mattresses and everything in between. It’s safe to say none of the other stores on this list are going to offer the same sort of variety. Amazon is a great option if you are feeling a bit indecisive.

This variety, however, does mean not all of the products will have reviews. The more items you have, the more you split up your user base. However, you can rest assured the most popular products are going to be well covered.

Another great benefit to Amazon is, of course, their Prime service, which offers free shipping on pretty much anything they either sell or distribute. Something the size of a futon can easily jump into the higher ranges for shipping prices, so being able to wipe that away is fantastic.


#2. Wayfair

Along with a whole heck of a lot of home decor items, Wayfair has a fair selection of futons you can plop into your home. They all look pretty good and are reasonably priced, and most of them have more than a handful of reviews to let you know what’s going on with your potential new futon.

Additionally, most, if not all, of their futons include free shipping. Another great part about Wayfair’s collection is that they have pretty much all of the various designs seen across multiple other stores. They have the kind with detachable mattresses, as well as all-in-one units. The have multiple frame styles, as well, letting you really find exactly what you need for your home.

If you want something which looks super nice, however, you’re going to have to pay a bit more. Sure, Wayfair sports a fair amount of futons in the $200 and below range, but some of the nicest are quite a bit higher, so you’ll need to shop around and take a good look at the details before deciding.


#3. The Futon Shop


The Futon Shop lives up to its name, and then some. The Futon Shop sells mattresses, frames, covers, pillows and more. They even have outdoor futon frames and mattresses so you can take your convertible relaxation space into your yard.

If you want information on futons, their blog is a great place to take a look. On their futon section, they also layout more information regarding specific types of futons and the brands which they sell, with convenient links to each of their specific YouTube sites.

The Futon Shop also does custom jobs, creating cushions you can put into your RV, boat or any other sort of situation. And they do all this with a keen eye toward making sure they are environmentally friendly and chemical free while still being well built and quite stylish.

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#4. Target

While they may be known for their brick and mortar stores, Target’s online store contains a number of futons at great prices, though their versatility isn’t quite as good as products found in other stores. The majority of Target’s pieces are more like adjustable sofas than your traditional futon with a futon mattress.

They tend to either be leather or some other sort of fabric which can be transformed into a flat surface, rather than using a futon mattress. They all look very stylish and sturdy, but are perhaps not as customizable or versatile as the kind of products you might find elsewhere.

The price cannot be beat, however. At Target, you’re unlikely to pay more than a few hundred dollars for a good piece, whereas a more targeted futon store is going to have a higher price. Using Target also means you get a discount of you have Target’s Red Card.


#5. Walmart


Much like the futons you’ll find at Target, the futons at Walmart are mostly single piece units in a variety of styles at fairly low prices. In fact, from a purely cost perspective, Walmart probably wins out. With dozens of futons at under $200 in a variety of configurations, there’s definitely something you’re sure to love.

While Walmart may be a larger brand, that doesn’t mean there are a whole lot of reviews of the products on the site. Yes, some do have reviews, but most do not. You’ll have to take a deep look at product descriptions, and maybe even take a trip over to the manufacturer’s site, before making a decision on what you would like to get from Walmart.


#6. Overstock


With medium-range prices and a good variety, Overstock has some good options for someone looking to go a little bit above the inexpensive options found at the big box stores, and with a bit more quality. Many of their models also allow for aftermarket futon mattresses, letting you customize a bit if you find your mattress isn’t living up to your expectations after a while.

Overstock also has sales from time to time, letting you get some of the more expensive items at great prices, and the great variety of items tend to each have a fair number of reviews, which gives you some great insight into how well the products will perform.


#7. Futon Planet


Futon Planet is loaded with information to help in your quest to find the perfect futon for you. Their site includes a handy “How to Buy” section and a section full of videos which can help you understand your futon options and learn how to assemble them once they arrive.

The site itself feels a little on the old side, with some strange fonts and odd design decisions, but their inventory is definitely impressive. They have futon frames which can’t be found in other places. For some added security, they also claim an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and sport more than a handful of customer testimonials, none of which seem to have been planted.

If all of that wasn’t good enough, Futon Planet also offers free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. If you can get past the old-fashioned design, you’re likely to have a pretty good time shopping for a futon here.


#8. Hayneedle


Every style of futon is represented at Hayneedle. Wood, metal, thin, thick, big, small, basically everything. And the prices aren’t half bad, either. Some of my favorites are the chair futons, which are single-seat futons which just look like fun. Other sites have them, as well, but Hayneedle seems to have a couple varieties which are different.

They also carry all manner of mattress types. If you want springs, they’ve got it, but if the softer foam style is more your thing, they’ve got that, too. Reviews on products are relatively slim, but they do exist. Whether or not they can help you make your decision is going to depend greatly on the products which hold your interest.

It appears all items come with free shipping, which is appreciated when dealing with products of this size. Whether you’re looking for form or function, Hayneedle has probably got you covered.


#9. Futon Creations


Free shipping, no tax and good quality? Futon Creations definitely belongs on this list. Futon Creations covers every part of the futon. If you want to buy a futon one piece at a time, you can do that. If you want to buy a full set, you’ll actually get a discount.

Customization is also something they offer. By offering dozens of different patterns and prints, you can definitely find exactly the right sort of material which is going to match your home perfectly. They even have different types of material, so you can choose to use microfiber, velvet, chenille and more, giving yourself just the sort of luxury you feel you deserve.

Their frame selection is also impressive. They’ve got the traditional sort of frames with wooden arm rests, but they also have some thoughtful designs. Consider, for instance, the Princeton Futon Frame whose arms can also serve as shelves, holding books or remote controls.


#10. FutonLand


FutonLand has some fun stuff in their stock. Sure, they’ve got the usual futons, but they’ve also got some absolutely amazing sofa beds which can serve the same sort of purpose. Rather than your typical pull-out sleeper bed, they’ve got these really cool transforming beds which look outright futuristic.

One neat thing about this site is, at least in a few cases, they offer suggestions as to how their items can be improved. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all just marketing, but I can absolutely appreciate their suggestion to add a mattress topper to the transforming sofa beds.

They also offer some very interesting chair beds which fold out to something very similar to a cot, but which looks far more comfortable.

On the actual futon front, the offerings are standard, but not unimpressive. Their prices are also somewhat reasonable, with some items seen on other sites running a little cheaper on FutonLand. I did find it a little confusing, however, to see a whole slew of items marked “Best Deal.” How can so many items be the “best?”

While FutonLand doesn’t offer free shipping on every item, they do offer White Glove Delivery & Assembly, a service which includes the assembly of the futon, which can be of great help in certain cases. It should be noted, this only includes 30 minutes of assembly, so if there is any more, they charge more. That’s a little frustrating.


#11. Houzz

Houzz, from the description, sounds like it started out as something of a home-focused Pinterest. It has evolved into a store, giving people access to really neat products which can be purchased and put into your home. Among them are some very nice futons.

Some of them really evoke a style you can’t find elsewhere. Take for instance the white tufted leather sleeper futon which looks as though it could have been pulled from some black and white noir film.

Style aside, if the original prices are to be believed, Houzz also has some incredible deals. There should be a futon for anyone with any budget without sacrificing style and comfort.

Most listed items have at least one review, with more than a handful featuring several of them, which is always a good thing. Perhaps as the site grows in popularity, more reviews will begin popping up.


#12. IKEA


If you’re surprised IKEA has a wide variety of futons and futon-like seating areas, then you don’t know IKEA. As can be expected from a company who puts out fashionable home products with versatile uses, IKEA has all kinds of neat stuff one can use as a couch and a sleeping area.

On the more traditional futon side, they’ve got two models which include wheels to make it easier to transform and move. Moving away from tradition, however, you get into some neat items including sectionals with hidden mattresses which can be placed across the top of them when put into a bed configuration. It’s a little hard to convey in text, but it’s neat stuff.

As usual, IKEA takes a cool idea and expands upon it in interesting and functional ways. However, they do have fairly high shipping costs. So, while some of the more extravagant designs may come with very fair prices, you’re looking at $100 or so in shipping costs, so that’s something to keep in mind.

To help in your decision, they do have a review system with a handful of reviews on most items, especially the more popular models.


#13. Bed, Bath & Beyond

While Bed, Bath & Beyond may only have a couple futon frames, they do sell a variety of mattresses at a range of prices. If you’re looking for a replacement futon mattress, Bed, Bath & Beyond is a great place. They carry Simmons, Serta and DHP futon mattresses ranging from about $125 all the way up to $454.

These aren’t terrible mattresses, either. They’ve got individually wrapped coils and memory foam and everything you need to have a restful night’s sleep on the floor or on a futon frame. The one frame they offer on the site is a bit pricey, but it includes a 6-inch innerspring futon mattress from Simmons Beautysleep.

There aren’t many reviews for these items, save for one of the least expensive which has a whopping 43 reviews at the time of writing. On the upside, because of the price of all of these, they qualify for free shipping.


#14. Oriental Furniture


Let’s throw out the frame and head straight for the floor, just like the Japanese. In Japan, sleeping on the floor is fairly common. While the more traditional bed has begun to grow in popularity, many Japanese have for centuries slept on the floor on mats or futons. These same kinds of futons can be purchased from Oriental Furniture.

They aren’t cheap, but they come in some really great designs. They are four inches thick, filled with 100 percent cotton and have a strong, durable cover. While their mattresses can be used directly on the floor, Oriental Furniture also produces a Tatami platform bed which can be used as a support layer to give a little more height to your sleeping surface.

It’s a fair niche site, so Oriental Furniture doesn’t have a whole lot of reviews for their products, but since they’re all the same with different coverings, one is as good as another. This is certainly something to consider if you’re interested in going the more traditional futon route, but expect to pay a bit more.



So there you have it! These are some of the very best and most reliable sources on the net if you’re looking where to buy a good futon. Each has their pros and cons, so it’s best to figure out what you need and what your budget is. Also, always check if online stores deliver to your area.

If this list helped you track down a great online futon store, or if you had one of your own to add, let us know! Share and comment below!