What is the Size of a Standard Pillow Case?

Millions of people all around the world have sleep conditions and suffer disrupted sleep. This can be caused by various factors. Some reasons are health-related, while others are due to the environmental conditions. Some people do not get a good night’s sleep because they are using the wrong size or type of pillow. The size and type of pillow that will give you the best sleep will depend on your personal preference. We will be going over some of the standard sizes of pillows, and you can evaluate whether you want to switch over to a different type.

Travel Pillow Case

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When traveling, many people do not want to bother with taking full-sized pillows with them along. It uses up space and effort to carry big pillows on trips. This is why many people switch to a travel pillow instead. These pillowcases are only 11” wide by 16” long. If you have a child-sized bed, one of these pillows would fit perfectly. In a standard sized bed, two of these pillows would fit as well. These types of pillows are often taken along on camping trips. They provide the same level of comfort as a larger one but are more convenient.

Standard Pillow Case

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A standard pillowcase is a kind that is most commonly purchased and used by consumers. This type of pillowcase is 20” wide by 26” long. Normally, one standard size pillow would be the perfect size for a single twin bed. Other uses could be having two standard pillows on a queen sized bed or a full sized bed. If you have a king sized bed and prefer using standard pillows, you will probably need three of them to complete the look.

Queen Pillow Case

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If you have a queen sized bed, it is likely that you would want pillows that match. Queen sized pillowcases are approximately 20” wide by 30” long. These pillowcases are longer than the standard size but are the same width. A queen sized bed would comfortably accommodate two of these sized pillows. If you want to achieve a different look with your pillows, you could try switching around the pillowcases. For example, if you are going for a fuller look with your pillows, try putting a queen size pillow inside a standard sized pillowcase!

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King Pillow Case

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king-sized pillowcase is typically the largest that most people would go unless you want to order something custom for yourself. Custom orders are very possible, but then you will also need to order the pillowcases custom as well. The cases for a king pillow are larger than a standard or queen, as they are 20” wide by 36” long. Having two of these pillows on a king sized bed would look natural. If you have a smaller bed, you could use one king sized pillow on it, and still attain a comfortable look and feel.


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A sham is a type of decorative pillow cover that will fit over all of your ordinary pillows. Shams are designed to give the pillow a more imaginative look. Many shams have embroidery or bright colors in their design. They are often used in guest bedrooms, as they are for decoration the majority of the time. When guests come over, the homeowners can switch the shams to regular pillowcases. A sham is the same size as a regular pillow case, depending what type you are using. For example, a standard sham pillowcase would be 20” wide by 26” long; the same as a regular standard pillowcase.

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How Do I Know Which Pillow Size is Right for Me?

With all these different options and combinations readily available, how are you supposed to tell which one is right for you? This is a tough question, but luckily it has been explored in detail! The first question to answer is how you would like the aesthetic of the room to be like. If you prefer the look of lots of smaller pillows on a big bed, then go for that! On the other hand, if you would rather have a big pillow on a small bed, that would work well too. Smaller pillows take up less room, however, they are not the best option if you are a restless sleeper. Tossing and turning all night will leave you rolling off the edge of a small pillow. In these situations, a king or queen sized pillow will work better for you.

It is also important that you use a pillow that will align your neck and back in a healthy way. A pillow that is too tall for you will push your head in an upward angle, and this will be detrimental to your spine in the long run. Similarly, a pillow that is too flat is also not good for your spine. If you are regularly waking up with a stiff neck, this might be the culprit. The sleep position that you commonly are in will also make a difference in this aspect. Side sleepers will have their head tilting up more, and so they should look for a pillow that is flatter. People who sleep on their back will have the opposite problem, and so they should purchase taller pillows.

The Bottom Line

There are so many different pillows and pillowcases that are available for you. Some pillows will be better for you than others, depending on your unique situation. If you would rather just go for a look that is pleasing to the eye, you could incorporate all the different pillows! Have the larger ones in the back, and slowly tier them with the decorative throw pillows in the front. This will make the bedroom look neater and more comfortable overall. All you have to do is remember the order of the pillows when you put them back on the next morning!