What is the Best Cotton for Sheets?

Cotton sheets are definitely a product that can be both simple and luxurious at the same time. It can bring back precious childhood memories at the same time the peace of wrapping your body in a crisp and smooth texture washes over you and your skin. Cotton sheets have long been hailed as the kingpins when it comes to bedsheets and with good reason. These sheets have a life span that cannot be matched, differing types and styles that can fit any budget, and even a recommendation from healthcare professionals. So, with all these differing styles and types, what cotton is the best for sheets? Let’s find out below.

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Types or Styles of Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets can be easily cleaned at home, which is not only practical but also affordable. They will not need expensive dry-cleaning or a special laundry detergent but instead they simply need a washing machine with a normal cycle and a dryer that can tumble-dry on low heat. While they tend to shrink by a couple inches after the first wash-and-dry, they should still easily fit you’re over your mattress. Most manufacturers allow for shrinkage and will add a couple extra inches of fabric to your selected size.

But as with any product, there are various types available for purchase and can contain different thread counts, softness levels, etc. The higher thread counts are definitely more luxurious, with a price tag to match but a softness that makes it seem worth it.

Generally, when someone says they need to buy new cotton sheets for their bed, it doesn’t pose that much thought or reaction other than “okay”. But when you are faced with the various thread counts and cotton styles, suddenly the task of purchasing cotton sheets are on a different level. Cotton is breathable and durable, which is everything you want and need in a bedsheet.

People who sleep on the hot side have reported that cotton sheets tend to be the best for sleeping, as the breathability and natural moisture-wicking ensure that you wake up dry!

— Standard Cotton

Standard cotton sheets will still have a soft feel to the touch but cannot beat the feel of higher-quality cotton because of the lower thread count throughout the sheet. While they are still soft to the touch, they do not possess the silkiness of a high thread count sheet, such as Egyptian cotton. Thread count refers to the number of threads in each square inch of the material and as you lean towards higher-thread count sheets, be prepared to shell out more money for your product. The recommended thread count for standard cotton sheets would be approximately 400 to 500 thread counts because higher thread counts can sometimes feel stiff because of the vast amount of threads in the one square inch.

Try to choose sheets that have 100% of the fabric desired listed as the material, as other blends might not have the same breathability or durability that true cotton has. Thanks to modern processing and a lack of chemicals used in the weaving process, even lower thread count standard cotton sheets have a soft but crisp feel. If purchasing sheets on a budget, check out standard cotton sheets but from a brand name you can trust, as their finished standards can be higher than that of a pop-up brand.

— Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is definitely one of the most high-quality sheets you can purchase. With a softness that feels identical to silk but without the restrictive cleaning process, a durable life span that only cotton can boast about, and a thread count that can range anywhere from the recommended 400 count to 1500 count; it is no wonder that when you are splurging on bed sheets, Egyptian cotton is the way to go.

Made from natural fibers derived from Egyptian cotton plants, these sheets gain their softness from the extra-long but fine fibers that are weaved together to form a large swath of material. Egyptian cotton sheets allow those living an organic lifestyle to feel at peace with their decision. If you do not want harsh chemicals or a mishmash of materials cocooning your skin each night, then higher quality cotton sheets will definitely be up your alley and Egyptian cotton? Reportedly, the best.

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— Pima Cotton (Supima)

The Pima cotton sheets are soft, smooth sheets made from the fibers of pima cotton grown right in the United States. With all-natural fibers and a natural smooth feel, these sheets will attract not only those seeking comfort but also those who like to live an organic lifestyle. A slight sheen is added to the look of these sheets because of the medium-length but fine fibers that make up their composition.

At a lower price tag then that of Egyptian cotton, they still have a softness and breathability that is unmatched by other types of sheets. Those purchasing sheets on a budget but want something higher-quality than standard cotton, will lean towards Pima cotton sheets during the research process.

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The type of cotton sheets that you choose to use on your bed is entirely up to your personal preference with a little interference from your wallet. Even the lower-priced cotton sheets can boast of their long life-span that comes complete with easy maintenance right at home. Cotton sheets can be repurposed when they have outlived your bedroom to be used as craft cloths or picnic blankets, or even in your child’s toy chest for when it comes time to build an inclusive fort!

Look into different thread counts of cotton sheets and compare both brand (and their reputation) with the price being asked. Choose sheets that fit nicely into your budget, or if you can swing it, a nice little treat for yourself for working so hard. When a person spends on average, a third of their lives sleeping, shouldn’t it be in comfort?

If you enjoyed this article and learning about the different types of cotton sheets, we want to know! Is there a particular brand or thread count that you cannot live without? Tell us in the comments below!