Stuff You Need To Know: What Is A Shorty Bunk Bed?

Remodeling a child’s bedroom isn’t easy. We all know it. There are so many things to consider from color schemes and budgets to space and safety concerns. Then of course there are the children themselves who have their own wants and needs that tend to complicate things for any parent. These decisions can be tough, but they don’t have to be. Thankfully, you’ve come to The Sleep Judge. We’re here to help ensure that you and your child get the bedroom that you both deserve. Maybe even a bedroom with a shorty bunk bed? That’s why you clicked, isn’t it?

Bunk beds are always a popular option for any kid’s room. They are childhood staples and something most kids find exciting. However, many parents stay away from them due to safety concerns. These beds do tend to lift those kiddies fairly high off the ground during slumber, so it’s easy to see why that might raise some red flags for risk adverse moms and dads. Fortunately, bunk beds don’t have to be considered adorable death traps. If you are interested in incorporating a stacked bed into your child’s room but are concerned about safety, then you just might want to look into a shorty bunk bed. Never heard of a shorty? Not a problem, that’s why we’re here!. Just keep your eyeballs scrolling through this text to find out exactly what a shorty bunk bed is to and whether or not it’s a viable option for your child’s bedroom.

What is a Shorty Bunk Bed?

A shorty bunk bed brings all the benefits of a standard stacked bed without all the safety concerns. They are just like regular stacked beds, only these are closer to the ground and much shorter. Parents oftentimes prefer these smaller versions over regular ones because if a child accidentally falls off the top bunk of the shorty design, it definitely will be less of an impact.

These special bunks are also more compact. They are oftentimes made of rounded off plastic in place of metal bars or wooden beams. They are more compact and therefore, call for minimal material and easier setup.

There have been talks as to what age are shorty bunk beds for, but it’s unclear at the moment. Although, they are ideal for a bedroom for two younger children, as they are safer and much more compact than a standard stacked model.

Benefits of a Shorty Bunk Bed

Softer, Safer Material

The short models are more commonly made of plastic which is less harsh on the body in case of an incident. If a child were to bump his or her head, for example, bumping head-on a plastic is less impactful than bumping head-on on a metal or hardwood. It’s also beneficial that the short style is closer to the ground, preventing severe damage from potential falls.

Safer Design

Lower designs are also very compact. Not only are they closer to the ground, but they are much shorter than regular bunks, too. This is helpful if you don’t want a bed so close to the ceiling, or you don’t have the space to accommodate a normal bunk bed setup. It still offers all the fun standard bunks do, just without the height and worry.

Modern Designs

Another great benefit of these stumpy designs are all the styles you can choose from. From color, makeup, and design, there are just so many different versions of a shorty bunk bed that could easily be incorporated into almost any design scheme you may have. Parents especially tend to favor the funkier designs because they make a room look more modern.

Downsides to a Shorty Bunk Bed

Still a Risk

Unfortunately, although one of these is so much shorter than a standard stacked bed, you could still have those potential accidents. If a child were to fall from the top bunk of a short-stacked bed, odds are the child would be fine, but it still is a fall. The child would more than likely need to get checked out in a hospital because any kind of fall a child takes could potentially be dangerous. In order to avoid worrisome falls, parents may just opt out of the bunked type of layout altogether.

Still a Large Foot Print

Although these stumpy stacked beds are more compact, they could still prove to be a bit more cumbersome than some may like. Most of the shorty models are rounded, creating this “shell-like” look to the bunked setup that is a modern version of the standard stacked setup. If you are needing to provide beds for a multi-child smaller room, a shorty design may still be too large for the room. It’d be best to measure the room out before making a purchase.

Not Great if You Don’t Like Modern Looks

Although there are so many different styles of shorties to choose from, the fact is you may just not find that perfect bed you’re looking for. You may see all types of designs and still not fall in love with any particular one. This is fine, too, it just means you should search for something beyond a short-stack bed

Why You Should Buy a Shorty Bunk Bed


  • Is a fun, funky sleep setup for kids
  • Is much more compact than traditional bunk beds
  • Is a bit safer than standard bunk beds
  • Comes in varying material such as plastic and wood


  • Could still be too large for a smaller room
  • Can still cause a child to fall from the top bunk
  • Can be too high or too short depending on preference
  • May not be big enough of a sleep space


Overall, deciding if a shorty bunk bed is the right sleep setup for your family could be a tad difficult. It may be harder because, although, it is a bit safer than a standard stacked bed setup, parents could still have reservations about the height of the frame. If a child were to fall from the top bunk, it’d definitely still cause some pain, but it’d be hard to say if a shorter version could prevent a serious accident.

Although it may be hard to decide, you should take into consideration all the factors involved: Space, supervision, number of children, etc. Hopefully, this information has helped with your decision making, but if not, you could still research more on this topic online. Plus, you are free to look around before making any major decisions!

Do you have experience with a shorty bunk bed? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your comments and insight below so that we can all get some feedback.