What is a Trundle Bed?

Space is not always on your side. Temporary or tight living conditions mean you don’t get the luxury of an additional room in your home. Nonetheless, as the world’s living spaces advance, so does our furniture. Where there is limited space, there is versatile and space-saving furniture to save the day.

One of the biggest concerns when furnishing your home is sleeping space. Is there enough space for everyone? And what about the occasional overnight guest? Not everyone can afford to have empty beds waiting for visitors, there simply isn’t enough space. A better solution? Trundle beds.

What is a Trundle Bed?

To put it simply, a trundle bed is a 2-in-1 bed within one frame. The first bed is the upper one which is standard in size and mattress thickness. It’s more often than not found in a twin size, though it’s not uncommon to find queen and full sizes as well.

The second bed lies underneath the first one, inside of the framework. This bed is typically twin-size, though once again, you can find full-sized and queen-sized options. The trundle is pulled out on wheels and top of this you can place a thinner mattress. (The mattress has to be thinner so it fits in the framework of the bed) It can very easily be pulled out and pushed back in.

Trundle Bed vs Daybed

Two bed frames commonly mistaken for one another are trundle beds and daybeds. We’re here to finally clear up the difference between the two.

— Trundle Bed

First off, trundle beds sleep a maximum of two people. There is one bed sitting on top of the frame and another bed tucked neatly inside of the frame. It can be pulled out when needed and pushed back in to save space. Trundle beds can also come with additional storage space in more intricate frames. A trundle bed will always perform its function as a bed.

— Daybed

Best Toddler Day Bed

Daybeds are multi-functional furniture pieces that allow for one sleeper alone. This furniture piece can act as both a sofa and a bed. You can use it to complete your seating arrangement as well as provide sleeping space to unexpected visitors. Daybeds don’t commonly come with any means of additional storage.

While a trundle bed and a daybed are two different things, there is a possibility of finding a combination. That’s right, you can find trundle daybeds! These beds have the additional one tucked into their frame, and when the trundle isn’t pulled out you can use the first bed as a sofa! The frame will have armrests on the side and one steady backboard. Imagine the convenience; two beds, less space consumed, and a complete seating arrangement all in one!

When is a Trundle Bed a Good Idea?

If you’ve been looking for alternative beds for a while, then you’ll know that the market is full of possibilities! There are trundle beds, bunk beds, daybeds, Murphy beds, so much to choose from! The question to end your debate is, where does each frame come in full, practical use?

A trundle bed will find a snug home where space is not on your side. You have sleepovers and overnight guests at your place, but not enough space to provide them with their own beds. The trundle bed frame doesn’t take up too much space when closed, and the trundle is simply a nighttime fix. Keep in mind, the bottom bed is not made for nightly use. If you have more than one child sleeping in one room, then invest in a bunk bed rather than a trundle bed.

Who Can Use a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are an ideal solution for children and teenagers who are the frequent hosts of sleepovers. This temporary bed is perfect for friends, and when it’s not in use, your child loses no space in their room for other furniture pieces or activities.

If you have a small living space, such as a studio apartment, then a trundle bed is a good solution for overnight guests. The closed bedframe takes no more space than a standard twin-sized frame. Plus, if you find something with additional storage, you get more out of your purchase and save on even more space. You can even get a full or queen-sized trundle bed frame in case you have a guest room that needs to host a family.

The top bed is standard and supportive but is slightly more elevated, so you need to be able to climb into the bed to sleep on it. The trundle bed is flimsier and uses a thinner mattress, meaning it provides less support. It is also much closer to the ground. Therefore, trundle beds are not the most practical beds for seniors or pregnant women.

Trundle Bed Types

There are lots of different trundle bed types to get through so first, we’re going to deal with their sizes. They can come in three possibilities of twin, full, and queen. Twin-sized frames come with a twin bed on top, but they can have a different sized bed underneath. Depending on the machinery, the mattress underneath could be a twin-sized one or even a queen. Of course, the mattress will be much thinner and not as supportive.

A full-sized or queen-sized frame will have a corresponding mattress size on top and can either have a full or queen trundle or even a twin-sized trundle underneath. These trundle beds are better utilized in guest rooms where families may need to sleep.

There is also the material which you can come across. Most trundle beds are traditionally made of wooden frames. Newer models which have folding mechanisms when the trundle is being pushed or pulled into place are made of metal. Fancier models which pamper the appearance of guest rooms are upholstered and decorative.
Some trundle bed frames do come with storage compartments which optimizes their purpose. They could come with drawers, cupboards, and shelves so you can keep your bedding and accessories close at hand. Even if you’re not using the trundle bed for sleeping, you can use it as an additional storage compartment.


Trundle beds are a great solution for people who are tight on space but have a bustling life with constant visitors. They can easily find space for a trundle bed, and it has so much to offer.

You shouldn’t be the only one who benefits from the knowledge of a trundle bed. Share this article with others who might need an additional bedding solution and leave your comments below, let us know what you think.

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