What is a Murphy Bed?

Everyone has a different living situation. Where you live, how you live, and who you live with all change what meets your requirements for a lot of things. Living in a house, apartment, dorm, or studio apartment makes the most impact. Among one option for beds for small places is the Murphy bed.

Before we break down the Murphy bed to its features and functionality, we’ll answer the first question: what is a Murphy bed?

The Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed goes by three other names; a wall bed, a pull-down bed, and a fold-down bed, all of which are self-explanatory. Murphy beds are stored vertically inside of a wall accessory made to hold the bed, or they can come as stand-alone furniture pieces.

They are best used in studio apartments, where space is scarce and multifunctional furniture is preferred.

Important Factors When Considering a Murphy Bed

Nowadays, if you’re interested in buying a Murphy bed, there are a few considerations you should address beforehand. You may find that a Murphy bed is or isn’t the solution you’re looking for.

— Space

First, there is the consideration of how much space you have. Many people love the idea of their bed being tucked neatly away into the wall, but they forget to consider how big the bed is once it unfolds. The layout of your room and the assembly of the bed are intertwined in this consideration. If you need to move your other furniture out of the way when pulling down the bed every night, then perhaps the Murphy bed isn’t worth it.

— Maintenance

Maintenance is also another consideration. The Murphy bed has moving parts, which means you need to care for it to ensure it works properly. You need to remove blankets and pillows from the bed before you tuck it away, so they’re not compressed and ruined over time.

— Features

Murphy beds can come with different features, such as built-in shelves and storage compartments, along with seating arrangements when the bed is upright. Depending on your living situation, it’s up to you to determine whether these additional features are worth it or if you’re looking for something simpler.

— Purpose

Finally, there is the purpose of the bed. How exactly do you intend to use it? If you plan on using it every day, a robust and simple bed is what you should be looking for. If you’re trying to replace other pieces of furniture, then a combo-bed is a better option. If you need one as a guest bed option, then look for a wall-mounted one as these take up the least amount of space when stored away.

Wall-Mounted VS Freestanding

There are two types of Murphy beds, the wall-mounted Murphy bed, and the freestanding Murphy bed. The wall-mounted models can be directly installed on a wall, closet, and can even come as an inclusive sofa when put upright.

The freestanding models can come in a different variety. They can come as closets, cabinets, and sofas as well. They are mobile furniture pieces and a better idea if you’re renting your apartment.

Pros of a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds do have a lot of benefits to them, which can make them desirable for many studio residents. They save an abundant amount of space in your home and are made specially to complement smaller living spaces. Tinier homes, rentals, studio apartments, and RVs all welcome a Murphy bed into their premises.

They can come as multifunctional furniture pieces, acting as walls, shelves, closets, storage units, and seating arrangements when you’re not sleeping. They blend in easily with the rest of the room when not in use and can come with a wide array of features and accessories in newer models.

They are also a wonderful solution for people who have guests come over often. This bed doesn’t take up additional space when it’s not in use, and it’s comfortable to sleep on for guests so long as you have a suitable mattress to go with it.

Cons of a Murphy Bed

There are some dangers and inconveniences of a Murphy bed that must be taken into account.

The mechanics behind the Murphy bed can be difficult for some to figure out, and for others, too much of a hassle. The elderly, children, the disabled, and pregnant women are all examples of people who cannot comfortably rely on a Murphy bed. The bed may also become trickier to use and assemble the more accessories it has.

When the Murphy bed is pulled down, some people find they have to rearrange the furniture and decorations in their room to make it comfortable to move around. This becomes quite the chore if you intend on sleeping on the Murphy bed every day. You’ll also have to remove and replace the bed sheets, blankets, and pillows every morning and night when you fold and unfold it.

Since Murphy beds have moving parts, they have a shorter lifespan. They live around 13 -16 years before they need replacement, which is much shorter than standard bed frames. If they’re used as a guest bed, they can live for up to 20 years. Murphy beds are also a pricey investment in comparison to other compact bedding solutions.

Finally, there is still the possibility of your Murphy bed being dangerous. There have been recorded incidents where a Murphy bed has snapped back into its place injuring its occupant. While newer models are better built to prevent this kind of accident, it’s not a bed you want to risk having children nearby.

Substitutes for The Murphy Bed

As time has gone by, new replacements and substitutes for saving space and convenience have been found. Futon beds are mattresses infused into sofas and seating arrangements while sofa beds have mattresses hidden in their frame which can be pulled out for extra sleeping arrangements. These options are safer, easier to maintain, cheaper, and quite durable. The popularity of Murphy beds is diminishing, but not yet gone.


The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in a Murphy bed, fret not, for there is an expansive variety out there and much utility you can find from them.

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