What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

Cherry wood is a rich wooden hue that is considered an elegant and luxurious option. The darker color and warm reds can make it hard to match, however, and if you prefer it as a bedroom furniture choice, you might need some help matching it to the rest of your decor.

If you need some advice about which colors to match with your cherry wood furniture, this is the article for you. Don’t avoid investing in this beautiful wood because its tones are hard to match. Rather, look at the challenge and know you can create a truly unique decor with its addition.

What is Cherry Wood?

Cherry wood is a hardwood marked by a deep, rich hue with warm reddish undertones. It is an old choice that works well in rustic settings, as well as elegant and modern decors.

It is a favorite amongst woodworkers due to how easy it is to work with due to its hardness level and workable cellular structure. Strong and durable, it is long-lasting and makes a perfect heirloom piece. In fact, you’ll most likely have more luck finding used furniture pieces than new ones.

In the past cherry wood has been coveted by those who wanted to show off their wealth, and it became popular to use in large bedrooms and living spaces. Because of this, for a while it was considered a luxury to own it and was associated with an old fashioned style of decorating.

Now it is a perfect wood for anyone, especially in a day when most furniture is pre-fabricated, and solid wood pieces are hard to come by. It is an especially nice wood to use in a contemporary setting due to its warmth and depth of grain, yet still works well if you prefer a more rustic style of decorating.

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How to Decorate with Cherry Wood

Because cherry wood is a rich looking wood, it is best fit in a larger space, especially if you have a large bed. But, it can be used in a smaller room as long as you pick and choose the rest of your decor wisely.

More than anything you want the bed to be a focal point to show off the beauty of the wood. Light walls with or without accent walls, limited accessories and wall hangings, natural lighting and real or faux plants, and decorative rugs are excellent ways to bring out the natural wood tones.

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Colors That Go With Cherry Wood

Because cherry wood has a warm based tone, it is typically stained to bring out the reds and orange hues hidden in the wood. This can range from a lighter, rich warmth to a dark, deep tone. When decorating with cherrywood furniture, you need to choose colors that work with the wood tones and don’t overwhelm the rest of the room.

The best thing to do is lighten the room with neutral walls and a light, contrasting floor surface. This helps create a contrast against the furniture and makes it a focal point. Then, use some of the following colors to add depth and interest:


White, gray, taupe, and beige are all neutral tones that work well on the walls and floors around your bed. Your bedding should also reflect neutrals to help lighten the room and showcase your bedroom furniture.

These neutrals should be your overall base. Feel free to use one or two in lighter and darker shades and make them the foundation of the rest of the decor. You can easily add more colors to compliment the cherrywood as long as you have the backdrop, per se, to work with.

Pale Yellows

Faded yellows as well as true yellows look especially nice with cherry wood. The warmth compliments the wood well, and it is a perfect accent color to use throughout the room. Use it with your neutral tones, or mix it in with some other bold colors and make your decor bright and exciting.

Earth Tones

Earthy browns, cinnamon, sepia, burnt orange, and other earthy wood tones work well with the natural cherry wood. Because cherry wood is slightly darker overall and can be stained even darker, you want to limit the use of your earth tones.

Use them in bedding patterns against neutrals or with brighter colors. They work especially well with yellow and greens to help showcase their warmth.

Pale and Olive Greens

Pale greens and olive greens are a contrast color against the reds found in the cherry wood. They work well with yellow and are also complementary to earth tones.

Plants are great options to place in the same room as cherry wood furniture as well, and whether you prefer live or realistic faux choices, the green of the plants will help highlight the warmth of the wood.

Bold Accents

Bold accents can be used in various ways and can help make your wood grain pop. Accent walls, an accent furniture piece (such as a side table), accent pillows, and even curtains in either bright warm colors or cool jewel tones will work well. But, pick one, not both – either bright warm colors, or cool jewel tones.

Be sure to use light neutrals if you plan on integrating bold, bright colors into the decor. You want contrasting pops of colored tones, not a muddied or busy look. Bed accent pillows are often best for this. You can even place a few more strategically on a chaise lounge or other sitting area in the room.

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Wrapping it Up

Cherrywood bedroom furniture may sound old-fashioned, but it is a long lasting option that works well in any decor, and is especially popular with modern day contemporary looks. Whether you inherited a piece, found a winner at an antique store, or are looking for a heirloom option, you want to make sure you showcase it properly in your bedroom.

Working with a neutral foundation of whites, beiges, or taupes allows you to easily add other colors. Yellows and greens in particular are complimentary, as are earthy tones. Just keep from using too many all at once to avoid creating a busy or muddy look.

You can also add pops of bright colors, both bright and warm or cool jewel tones.

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