What Are Supima Cotton Sheets?

When shopping for new bedding sheet sets, you probably have found yourself wondering what all the terms in relation to material comfort mean. Finding what works best for your own personal comfort and bedding needs can become quite the challenge at times, and it isn’t hard to become quickly confused over which is the best material and quality option for your money.

If you have asked yourself what are Supima cotton sheets, or how does Supima differs from others, then this article is here to explain everything you need to know. Supima is a term used for a quality grown cotton, and when woven into material creates a popular, quality choice for bedding options.

Defining Pima Cottons

The term Pima refers to long-fibered cotton grown in many places in South America, Australia, and the Southwestern United States. It only makes up a small percentage of all cotton grown in the world and is highly sought after due to the long-staple fibers which are stronger and more durable than short-staple fiber choices. These fibers can be up to 2 inches in length, which when compared to the average 1.1 inches of regular cotton is quite long. When woven into a material they create softer and thicker bedding.

Pima Cotton Labeling

The trouble with Pima cotton is that they are not wholly regulated and can be difficult to verify when used in materials. Pure Pima materials are rare because of these verification processes, and many levels actually reflect the use of Pima cotton blended with other, shorter fibered cotton.

Because of this, it is difficult for consumers to determine what they are purchasing. Pima is naturally a more costly fiber due to its high quality, but the blending of the fibers when woven reduces this value. Although the material created is still a better option when compared to a 100% short-staple weave. Consumers should look for labels that reflect these percentages for company transparency.

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PimaCott Cotton Labeling

PimaCott labeling refers to a Pima cotton grown and cultivated in California fields for distribution to various material manufacturing companies. PimaCott is carefully verified and tracked through harvest and processing and is ginned in California as well. These careful steps to ensure purity and quality are the answer to the poor verification process of Pima cotton grown within other areas.

These materials are amongst the best quality in the world and are carefully labeled to reflect the care and attention paid to this process. The cost of these products reflect these labels, and consumers should watch for confirmation of this superior quality cotton.

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Supima Cotton Labeling

Supima cotton is another cotton grown only in the United States. These are long-stapled cotton that averages 1.5 inches in length which results in a heavier, smoother woven material. It is carefully sourced and licensed for purity, and all products should be either labeled on the products directly or be able to be authenticated online through company websites.

Although not tracked in the same detail as PimaCott cotton, Supima cotton choices are considered a comparable alternative with a slightly more affordable price tag. Consumers should be easily able to verify the purity of Supima to ensure they are getting a quality, durable fabric.

Supima vs Regular Cotton

So how does Supima cotton compare to regular cottons? As mentioned above, Pima cottons have a longer staple fiber that translates into a thicker, durable, and softer weave. Supima, in particular, is heavier, quality cotton that is more durable due to its 1.5-inch fiber length average compared to short-staple cotton’s 1.1-inch fiber length average.

Why Supima Cottons are Worth Considering

If cotton sheets are on your list of favorites, considering these materials made from longer-stapled cotton fibers are well worth it. This higher quality material allows for a longer lasting product- negating the higher overall cost as these sheets last longer than comparable cotton sheets. These also hold dye better and are less likely to fade with regular wear and laundering. And, as with any natural cotton, they breathe well and soften with use and laundering, making them a comforting bedding choice.

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Hopefully, this article has helped clear up any confusion surrounding some variations in cotton terminology. If you had been asking what are Supima cotton sheets- now you know where they are sourced from, why they are a quality option, and how to best verify their label. When you invest in your night-time comfort, you want to be assured that you are getting products that will provide a soft surface and last through regular use.

Supima cottons are sourced from United States growers and are licensed to ensure quality. Raw fibers are woven into pure materials and blends with full transparency on the labels and through the companies that manufacture these products.