40 Of The Most Spectacular Victorian Bedroom Ideas

The Victorian era was when Queen Victoria reigned from June 20, 1837, to January 22, 1901, the day she passed away. This era was full of absolutely stunning furniture and clothing. The type of furniture at that time can be distinguished by intricate carvings and natural images such as flowers, leaves, and curved lines. The material used features embellishments such as tassels, embossing, and layers upon layers of material. You’re also going to see a lot of plush and luxurious textures.

This era was quite honestly one of the most beautiful, and its distinct style is inspiring bedroom designs to this very day. If you want only the most luxurious interior designs for your bedroom, here are 40 of the most gorgeous Victorian themed bedroom ideas that we could find for you.

Victorian Master Bedrooms

#1. Gold & Green

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Here is a prime example of the natural images that I mentioned earlier. The wall is covered with beautiful branches and leaves that match the color of the headboard. This headboard also looks like a leaf, which is pretty cool. The rest of the room is decorated in cream, gold, and green colors. These were very common colors of this era and still look amazing in large master bedrooms. I really like how the green isn’t overpowering and corresponds to the other colors wonderfully.

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#2. Golden Elegance

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It’s a no-brainer that the main focal point in this room is the bed. That canopy frame is absolutely stunning and definitely one of the staple designs of the Victorian era. Each one of the poles features that fancy curved design and scroll work on the footboard. The rest of the furniture throughout the room is that gold-colored chunky style that even Queen Victoria would probably love and appreciate.

#3. Dark Wood

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I love the dark wood that this room is filled with. It brings a sense of elegance to the whole living space, and it makes the other colors pop but in a subtle way. The colors are very classic, and you can see the floral design up on the trim work that was popular in the Victorian era. The bed is a unique style that really isn’t seen in modern-day bedrooms. Honestly, I think that if you added a light on top of that frame, it would look pretty cool.

#4. A Spin On It

We know that the Victorian era was all about the darker gold colors and the scroll work, but check out this twist on the traditional style. They used neutral colors to make the lighting in the room pop more. They still incorporated the traditional-style bed frame, but they changed up the colors. They also added the more modern shag rug under the bed to mix the style up a little.

#5. Different Textures

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There are so many different things going on in this room right now. Check out those different floors. One side has hardwood, and the other has marble. I’m thinking that they wanted to make the sitting space different from the sleeping space. One thing that I want to point out is that bed. It’s a beautiful sage green color with a button tufted headboard and matching stool at the end.

#6. Lots of Floral

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Can I be honest here? This looks like a 1960’s hotel room threw up! I know that this is the traditional style of the Victorian era, but wow, there’s a lot of floral going on in here. We see a lot of red and green. The only saving grace in this room is the bed. It’s a simple sleigh bed with that scrollwork etched into it. The rest of the furniture is a dark color, complementing the red curtains and wall nicely.

#7. Golden Elegance

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If you’re looking for an elegant bedroom, here it is. This room features a beautifully designed hardwood floor with a large golden upholstered bed. The ceilings are high, and the room is well lit with a chandelier and wall sconces. There are several chairs throughout the room to make cozy sitting areas. As my daughter says, “this is a very pretty room”.

#8. Green, Black, and Gold

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I love how all of the colors work so well with each other in this room. The main color would be the gold. It is on the comforter, curtains, ceiling, carpeting, and the detailing on the bed and other furnishings. The black seems to be the accent color. It works so well with the green and gold. Speaking of green-it’s not often that we see a green wall. In this case, it’s beautifully done and complements the room perfectly.

#9. Silver & White

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The beauty of this room is overwhelming. I love the mirrored armoire. Furniture that is mirrored has a way of reflecting natural light and making the room appear brighter and bigger. The bed has the layered fabric on it that is common to the Victorian style. The rest of the room seems to be pretty modernized, especially the metallic accents on the furniture.

#10. High Ceilings

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This room clearly has some pretty high ceilings. The ceiling is like a dome with a huge chandelier in the center of it. It’s quite stunning if you ask me. The rest of the room is decorated with gold embellishments and tassels. On the headboard, we see the carvings that were common to this era as well as the coloring with the tassels on the bedding. I really like how they used brown and gold together with the white.

#11. Beautiful Mosaic

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I think that this has been popular in all eras. The mosaic is something that we see in a lot of the luxury rooms. They are a wonderful addition, and it really adds a personal touch of the space. This room is no exception. It features a gorgeous painting of the ocean and some houses. It rests on the wall behind the upholstered headboard. The room is a pretty wide open space with a lot of potential for some more decorations and maybe an area rug.

#12. Well Lit

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Oh, how I love how well lit this bedroom is! Artificial lighting can make everything look terrible, especially if you like to take selfies. Natural lighting doesn’t come easy in some homes. This room features those big windows and the bright colors. The bed is a nice cream color with white linens. There are cream-colored chairs placed on each end of the room for optimal seating space, which is always nice. Overall, this is a quaint room.

#13. Victorian Carpet

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This is a cute little attic bedroom. It features that Victorian carpet with the swirly designs. The rest of the room has a very unique style to it. It features a lot of different patterns and colors. The one thing that I like about it is the four post bed. It is a very traditional style, and it really fits in with the overall style of the room.

Modern Victorian Bedroom

#14. Bright Salmon

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This room is a very bright salmon color if you didn’t already figure that out yet. The bed is a mixture of modern and Victorian. On one hand, you have the older era head and footboard with the tufts. On the other hand, there are the modern plastic or glass posts coming up from them. The rest of the room is a mixture of modern and traditional.

#15. Decorative Windows

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Most of this room is modern. We see a very modern four post bed with matching furniture and accent pieces. The wallpaper has the traditional-style markings on it to mix things up a bit. The two things that stand out are those decorative windows. They are very pretty and bring a lot of light into the room.

#16. Trees

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This seems like a very mysterious room. I love how the trees are lightly printed on the walls and aren’t overpowering. It almost looks like they are encased in a fog. The bed is a beautiful upholstered four post style with a button tufted design. The carpet coloring corresponds with the coloring on the walls, and the pattern matches the design on the ceiling. There’s a lot of grey throughout the room so they added some gold to the mixture.

#17. Patterns

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Here’s another room that looks like it came out of the 60’s-70’s. It is full of different patterns and really strange colors. The orange coloring is a bold move, and it is popular to those who love the modernized retro look. They incorporated the Vintage style by using those heavy-duty bronze night stands. They also incorporated the modernized candle-style chandelier.

#18. Fluffy Linens

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One of the main characteristics of this era was definitely the layers of fluffy materials in both clothing and linens. This comforter is one of those styles. You can see that there are fringes hanging from the bed, just like there would be back then. The headboard is that very common tufted upholstered type in a cream color. On each side of the bed is a mirrored nightstand, which is very common to find in your local home furnishing store.

#19. Victorian Furniture

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You don’t need to deck out your whole bedroom in Victorian linens, colors, patterns, etc. to make it look like that style. This room only has a few pieces of furniture that come from that area. First, notice the bed. It has that traditional tufted upholstered look with curved edges. The armoire is large and also curved, and the chair in the sitting area has the same tufted design. The rest of the room is pretty modern with beautiful brick walls and hardwood flooring.


Dark Victorian Bedroom

#20. A Medieval Twist

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I am a sucker for dark bedrooms, and this one is no exception. You would expect a bed from this era to be bright and flashy, but this one actually has kind of a medieval twist on it. The bed features high points with black and gold coloring. It looks as if it comes from the gothic era. The rest of the room is a beautiful and elegant coffee color. You can see from the doorway that the rest of the house is just as gorgeous, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying to make this room your own.

#21. Black & Blue

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Everything in this room is as beautiful as it would have been back in this era. The bed is a gorgeous canopy-style bed in a slate color. Rested upon it is that brilliant deep blue color with the gold mixed in. It looks as if it flows like water off of the bed. The large curtains match the comforter as do the designs on the pillows and the chest that is used as a coffee table. The center of the room features a very elegant sitting area fit for a queen.

#22. Very Dark

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If you like dark colors, check this room out! Everything in this room is black other than a few details such as the gold lamp, gold knobs on the nightstands, purple rug, and grey walls. Even on the walls are black leaves. The bed frame features that gorgeous curved and naturistic design, but its black instead of a bright color. The shag carpet is also black as are the carpets. This is definitely somebody who doesn’t enjoy their natural lighting.

#23. Coffee & Cream

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This room has me running to the furniture store…well…thinking about it anyway. I love the colors that are used in this room. They consist of a very lovely coffee color for the furniture and a light cream color for the linens and carpeting. I love the tiered curtains on the curved rods. The room itself isn’t dark, but the furnishings are.

#24. Beautiful Drapery

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Oh, be still my beating heart! This room is absolutely stunning, and if my house were big enough, this is the style I would go for. This bed is beyond compare. The crosses on the top are very gothic/Victorian. The one thing that stands out in this room besides those beautiful drapes on the bed is the chandelier inside of the bed frame. The whole bed is encased and features a stained glass on the top. The rest of the room is a golden mustard color with a brown floor and coffee-colored furnishings.

White Victorian Bedroom Sets

#25. White & Pink

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I love the style of this room. The white upholstered headboard is both elegant and vintage. It’s again, that button tufted design. It is complemented by a beautiful white quilt and that pink Victorian loveseat. Behind the bed is a gorgeous mural of cherry blossoms. I really like all of the white in this room because it allows the natural lighting to come in and reflect off of the bright colors, eliminating the use of unnatural lights.

#26. Simplicity

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This room is very simple. There aren’t a lot of furnishings in this room, giving the occupants plenty of space to move around. The bed is a simple style, but at the end of it, there’s that beautiful traditional loveseat. It looks to be a suede material. It complements the bed and the area rug under it very well. The rest of the room is filled with windows, which allows natural lighting to come in and illuminate the room.

#27. Very Vintage

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The traditional-ness of this room is right out there in your face. All of the furniture is from this era. I really like how they all match and have the etched designs in it like the traditional furniture does. The rest of the room is a beautiful white, and the sunlight reflects off it beautifully. The hardwood floor also helps with this effect.


Purple Victorian Bedroom

#28. White & Purple

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This would make a cute little girls room or a teenage girl’s room. The bed is a beautiful canopy-style with the draped curtains. There is a matching nightstand next to the bed. Most of the furnishings and linens are white with the exception of the purple accents on the bed and next to it. There’s also that more modern area rug under the bed. I really like how they put the bed in the corner rather than in the middle of the room.

#29. Purple Power

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If you like the color purple, this room is for you, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to replicate if you’re really creative. The walls are an iris color with those Victorian designs that we see a lot in these rooms. The dresser is a beautiful mirrored black and matches the drapes well. I love the style of the bed and how the side of it wraps partly around the head of it. There are some modern pink lamps hanging from the ceiling.


Blue Victorian Bedroom

#30. Blue & Gold

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Blue and gold were probably one of the most popular color schemes from back in that era. This room is beautifully lit thanks to that large window and door off to the other side of the room. The wall was made to look like a large headboard with blocked designs. The curtains are overlapped like they would have been from this age. The rest of the room is modernized with the hardwood flooring and white shag rug.

#31. Stripes

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If you like stripes, you’re going to love this room. The furniture in this room is all very vintage. It has a distressed look to it, which is one of my favorite styles. The comforter has bows on it, just like it would back then. The only modern part of the whole room would be the walls. They are a beautiful blue and white. There are paintings on the wall that represent that era as well.

#32. Large Post Bed

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Another one of the main characteristics of this era was the use of large four-post beds. This bed is absolutely beautiful. It flows nicely with the rest of the room decor. The curtains are very traditional as with the carpeting which features those gorgeous flowers that are seen a lot during this time. There’s also that random vintage chair by the bed ideal for sitting down to take off your shoes at the end of a long day.

#33. Window Seating

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There’s not a whole lot of this room that fits in with the Victorian era other than the picture frame and the bed. However, the flower patterns on the bench and pillows are very vintage. There’s a lot of natural lighting that comes in this room through that wonderful bay window. On that window is a relaxing seating area ideal for reading. The room is set up for plenty of lounging.

#34. Polka Dot

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This room is both modern and vintage. The headboard has that vintage tufted headboard with the matching stool. All of the furniture has those curved legs like they did back in the day. I love how the windows are all curved, and the blue color of the curtains. The colors all work well with each other, and I love the little sitting area over by the windows.


Victorian Terrace Bedroom Ideas

#35. Shiny Wood

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This charming bedroom has a very unique Victorian style to it. The bed frame is a beautiful canopy style. At the end of the bed is a bench which is ideal for putting on or taking off shoes. The curtains match the color scheme of the room perfectly. All of the furnishings in the room compliment each other very well.

#36. Victorian With A Twist

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This gorgeous bedroom features a Victorian-style furniture. The headboard has that curved upholstery as with the loveseat at the end of the bed. The patterns are also consistent with that era as well. The twist is the modern look of the rest of the room. The desk is ultra modern, like the nightstand and the carpeting.

#37. Bohemia Victorian

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Here, we see a mix of a few different styles. A lot of the things we see here are relevant to the Bohemian style such as the drapery on the bed and the entryway of the door. The rest of the fabric on the chairs is relevant to the Victorian era. There are also candle sconces on the walls that match this time period as well as its bed frame.


Romantic Victorian Bedroom Ideas

#38. Gold Patterns

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This room has a very romantic aesthetic appeal to it. The walls are a gorgeous gold, red, and brown color. The pattern is common with this time period, and it matches the pillows on the bed. The whole room itself is very quaint, making it a perfect getaway for those looking for a little romance. The lighting is dim and beautiful, and the whole room has subtle decorations that work perfectly with one another.

#39. Silky

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When I look at this room, the only thing that I can think of is silk. The bed is a beautiful four-post frame in a shimmery white color. On it is a creamy pink blanket with a silky pink throw with tassels. At the end of the bed, we see that velvet and nailhead pattern stool that we see in this era. To finish off the room, the walls are painted a gorgeous lavender color.

#40. Lovely Red

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The romance in this room is spewing all over the place. The walls are a shiny cream color with that traditional floral pattern. The headboard is a tufted upholstered style with the curved top, and upon the bed is a gorgeous red and cream-colored oversized blanket. The whole room in itself is like something out of a movie and can be easily replicated with the right tools and supplies.


There you have it, folks! 40 of the most spectacular Victorian designs we could find in the wonderful world of the internet. Most of these are probably out of our budgets, but I’m sure that you could find ways to make it work, or you make your own DIY if you can. I love most of the designs on this list, and I hope that you did as well. If you know anyone who is looking for design or decorating ideas, please feel free to share!