17 Super Cool Types of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be used for a whole host of different reasons. Sure, they’re handy if you have children who are sharing a room, but they’re just as handy as spare beds or even an office bed, too. And while you’re able to use them for a whole host of reasons like saving space in any room, there are also a whole different array of styles to choose from. Our aim from below is to offer you a whole host of original, traditional and contemporary design ideas to fit any home and any room. So, without further ado, check out our 17 coolest types of bunk beds.

Wooden Bunk Beds

1. A World of Wood

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This simple, yet effective bunk bed spread is perfect for almost any room. The bare aesthetics of the bed mean it’s as adaptable as any other bed set you’re likely to find, and would easily work for a spare room or second bedroom. Not too tall a bed, this would be excellent for young children to add to their rooms too.

Metal Bunk Beds

2. Stylish Steel

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This cool, stylish set of bunk beds would really add an excellent central feature to any room, as the slim bed frame is very non-specific – the design wouldn’t alienate any room. As you can see here, it’s being used for a child’s bedroom and fits in beautifully. Painted a sleek grey colour, there’s nowhere that you couldn’t use this bed.



3. Wonderful in White

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This plain white double-decker bed set-up is a neat bed with a cool set of bedding, to bring what is an otherwise plain and simple frame to life. You can see this fitting perfectly in your child’s room, with the funky bedding fully appropriate for young children. I can see this being a popular, cheap alternative to buying two separate, single beds.


4. Sofa Bed Bonus

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This is a truly smart and classy bunk bed, which allows you to have a seat on the bottom, while still holding it true to the description of having two beds instead of one. The two contrasting tones in the colour scheme – white and black – make this bed a lot smoother, and more mature than some of the other images before.


5. Beauty without the Beast

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This classic bed formation, with gated ends, is an old-school looking set-up, looking like it’s come straight from a doll’s house as much as a store. Which makes this a really awesome bed. Coming with the addition of a trundle, so you can make two turn into three easily. The wood shack that you’re seeing here is very cute, and would certainly please any kid.


6. Treehouse Times

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When a room calls for novelty, is there really anything else out there that betters this awesome treehouse/bunk-bed combo? Imagine the face of your youngsters when you build this, they would be buzzing. With additional storage space to boot, there’s also plenty of practicality to go along with the beauty of this awesome indoor treehouse.


7. The All in One Office Space

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Although this bunk doesn’t have a second bed, it still has plenty of room beneath the top bunk for the rest of your office needs. Here you see a seat, desk and computer space which seriously helps utilise the space that you were otherwise going to waste. A smart look too, this is an inventive way of bringing your bed and your office together.

Three Tier

8. When Three Become One

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This triple sized bed is certainly one for the group sleep-over, when two children turn into three. A basic wooden framework offers you the ability to make the most out of the same amount of room as with merely one – or even two – beds with a third in the same space. Available in multiple colours, this should suit almost anyone as a bargain for what you’re getting.

L shaped

9. L is the Letter

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This strange but fun L shaped high-level bunk bed is an unusual but very cool take on a traditional style frame. Instead of offering a proper bed below, these designers have gone for a sofa-bed style underneath a standard type bed, with extra space for drawers in not one, or two, but three places. This is certainly one for the family who want to solve those storage woes.

Loft Bunk bed

10. A Station for Relaxing

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This bed, with it’s mental frame and under-bed space, is a modern and spacious addition to any room. If you’re looking to use space well, offer a practical solution to a bedroom or spare room, while still keeping the room functional as an office, this would be the bed to go to.

Twin Over Full

11. Two and a Half Singles

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Sometimes having two single beds just isn’t quite enough. Especially if you’re using it for two children, and one starts to get a little too big for a single as they get older. This is the perfect half-and-half space before they settle for a standard bed away from a bunk. Also, perfect for a guest room, allowing adult guests a little bit more room like they’re used to.


12. Classic is Best

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This is a typical traditional bunk bed set-up, but it’s been designed in a very modern way, with a beautiful solid white colour, a decent size and a good shape to the bed as a whole. Slim, neat and tidy so it will fit in many smaller spaces and rooms, this type of bed would prove popular in a lot of wooden, traditional homes.


13. Are You Ready for the Rustic?

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The first rustic style within these pictures, this lovely bare wood style is a fresh take on a concept that is so often bland and uninteresting. As you can see in this picture, the owners of this bed have coupled it with the neat wooden furnishing in the room – mainly the floor and the window sill – and the whole room looks better for it. Although a simple, small tweak, the rustic feel to this room also makes it feel fresh and new.


14. Space Age Sleeping

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The total white bed is something like a futuristic look at home beds could be made in the future. Completely sanitised white with very little by the way of decor, this may not be a bed for a child’s room, but it would be a perfectly inoffensive item to use in a guest room or spare room when extra beds are needed.


15. Full Bunk Fun

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This full bunk idea with additional storage space is unique in that it opens outwards as opposed to parallel with the upper bunk, meaning you actually have more space to sleep on than traditional bunks. The cute bedsheet decor looks perfect for a young girl’s room, with the flower and patchwork theme giving a mature but cool look to their room.


16. Lofty Bed Ideas

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This loft bed, full in metallic black and a slender framework is a great, standard frame that would work in pretty much all situations and styles. The bottom deck has room for many things – desk, bed, storage – while the top deck is the standard twin bed you would expect.

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I hope you’ve found this guide of awesome bunk beds helpful in identifying exactly what you may want for your home. The great thing about any of these pictures are they show that these styles of beds are anything but restrictive, and you can get plenty of different designs for plenty of styles of rooms. I absolutely love the rustic style bunk beds, and the beauty is you may find something completely different for you or your kids. The prices certainly vary, and it depends exactly what you want with your bed – take note, the office-style are a tad more expensive – but you get what you pay for, so why not go nuts! If you loved these bunk bed ideas, or had some of your own to add, feel free to comment and share below!