41 Unique and Awesome Turquoise Bedroom Designs

It comes as no surprise that finding the perfect color for your bedroom seems like a difficult task. When it comes to picking those unique colors that nothing matches with, or so it seems, it’s frustrating.

Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of 41 turquoise bedroom ideas that may have you running to the paint store. Turquoise may seem like one of those colors that are hard to coordinate with, but it’s really not and this list will prove that to you. Here, you are going to see red, green, blue, black, white, orange, pink and so many more colors. I am actually quite impressed with this massive list of unique bedroom ideas.

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Grey and Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

#1. An Elegant Mix

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The colors in this room are absolutely stunning. I love how the turquoise and grey mix in with each other. The room is a very simple gray with just a few turquoise accents to brighten it up. The blue isn’t overpowering and it gives the space a very elegant touch. I love their use of crystal decor, and the mirror that makes the room seem larger than it is.

#2. Vintage Decor

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Most of this bedroom is simple and modern. We see the brown nightstands with the modern lamps on top of them. The walls are a darker gray with matching shiny curtain panels. The carpeting is also a grey which might make you think it’s too dark. However, the vintage-looking turquoise wall hangings and the matching pillows brighten the space up.

Turquoise and White Bedroom Ideas

#3. Very White

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There’s a lot of white in this room! The bed frame is a gorgeous bright white which, in turn, brings a lot of natural light into the room. Each one of the nightstands is the same color: white. They used a gorgeous combination of blue and turquoise to add some color to the entire space. I like that they made the walls turquoise and the bed white, rather than the opposite way. It‘s unique, and it really pops.

#4. A Cute Girl’s’ Room

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Turquoise certainly does make a good color scheme for a little girl’s room or a teenage kid’s room. This room, in particular, is beautifully decorated with butterflies and hanging white fabric. The big windows allow for the light to reflect off of the bright turquoise walls, creating a vibrant aura. The rest of the room is a vintage white with pink and yellow accents on the comforter.

#5. Bright & Bold

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There’s no doubt that the owner of this bedroom enjoys their bright colors. This room is painted with a bright turquoise color with matching pillows and comforter. The room is made even brighter by the sheer white drapes. The one thing that I want to point out is that little area rug. It has all kinds of colors incorporated into it, breaking up the blue and white.

#6. Lightly Colored

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I love the softness of the color that’s used on the wall. It’s not too overpowering, and it fits wonderfully with the room decor. The whole room is very minimalistic, leaving room for more decor if needed. The headboard is a darker turquoise which breaks up that soft blue color. Overall, it’s a very feminine bedroom with a beautiful decor.

#7. Lots Of Blue

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There is so much blue in this bedroom. It’s extremely vibrant. The walls are a bright turquoise with white accents. The comforter matches the walls, along with the little chair at the end of the bed. The mirrored dresser and armoire make the room look bigger which is great for smaller rooms.

#8. Beachy

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I love how beachy this room feels. The walls are panelled, which is very common in small beach cottages, and are a soft blue with white trim. They went with a white comforter and blue pillows which helps to break up the coloring of the wall. The flooring is a beautiful hardwood which helps reflect light, naturally brightening up the room. The rooms that have the hardwood flooring are probably my favorite.

Purple and Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

#9. Cute

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This is an extremely cute girls bedroom. I love how they only use a little bit of blue and more purple. All of the furniture is white along with the walls. The comforter features different patterns with different colors. The back of the headboard is lit up with turquoise lighting and the lamp generates a purple color. I like how they did this, because the lights can be changed if they want a different color.

#10. Large & Colorful

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There’s no reason to have reflections in this room to make it appear bigger. This large room features a wall with designs on it. The coloring matches the shaggy area rug and decor in the room. The bed frame is a lilac color with a turquoise comforter on top, and one of my favorite things about this room is the ceiling, which is a deep turquoise color.

Turquoise and Brown Bedroom Ideas

#11. Brown & Turquoise

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This is a pattern that I see a lot when I’m strolling through my local retail store. Brown and blue is a very popular color pattern. This room in particular features both brown and blue walls. The color pattern on the comforter is the same. On the ceiling, there are blue flowers hanging down. This is one of those rooms that I would replicate in a heartbeat. This would look great in my daughter’s room.

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#12. Elegance

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There is quite a lot going on in this room. There is more than enough blue and brown to go around. The main focal point in this room would have to be the brown headboard that extends up the wall. The furniture is a mix of white and turquoise. I love how all of the colors work so well together without looking too cluttered. This is another one of those rooms that I’d expect to see in a high-end hotel room or bed and breakfast.

Coral and Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

#13. Unique Coloring

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This room certainly has some rather unique coloring. It’s very feminine, as are most of the rooms on this list. Let’s take a look at the wall. It’s a beautiful pattern and breaks up all of the white, as does the dark turquoise headboard. These types of headboards are easy to make if you have the time and skill. At the end of the bed, there’s a coral-colored bench which matches the other coral decorations around the room.

#14. Coral Walls

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I would definitely use this color in my master bedroom. I really adore how elegantly it’s used. Even with that blue headboard against the coral, everything works well together. The dresser matches the color of the wall very beautifully. The rest of the room is a white with white furniture, aside from the bed. It’s all very unique and pretty.

Turquoise and Gold Bedroom Ideas

#15. Shiny

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Well, this is quite the shiny room, don’t you think? The walls are very different from anything that we have seen so far. The turquoise and white curtains are beautiful when paired with the white and dark hardwood flooring. There is a lot of potentials here for natural lighting to illuminate throughout the room. On the headboard, we have a gold upholstery. I’m not quite sure why they chose this color, but it works.

#16. Gold Walls

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This gold-yellow wall makes for some bright coloring! When paired with the turquoise Moroccan-style pattern and colors, it makes for a unique mixture. I honestly enjoy the patterns and how well they all balance each other out. The white comforter features that same design as the curtains do, which I think is pretty awesome.

#17. Moroccan

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Here we have another bedroom that features that Moroccan style. This time it’s the gold against the turquoise. It really makes the dark color pop. The bed frame is a beautiful white leather with gold nailheads. The nightstands match the bed and they all rest on top of a white shag rug. I love all of the gold accents throughout the room. To me, gold means elegance. The more gold, the better. It also complements all of the blues very well.

#18. Very Vintage

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For some reason, when I look at this room I can feel the vintage appeal to it. That traditional-style bed frame is painted a beautiful blue with an orange comforter on top of it. There is a Moroccan-patterned area rug at the end of the bed and some elegant, yet simple, gold and white curtains. The room is bright and bold, just how a lot of people like it. The aforementioned red rug is an exclusive item in this room. It doesn’t really go with the theme, but it helps break up the blue.

#19. Fit For A Queen

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This room is by far one of the most elegant ones that we have seen so far. The comforter and curtains are a bright turquoise with a matching ceiling. There is gold and silver trim throughout the room, giving it that elegant touch. I love the canopy that is draped over the headboard which is also a blue upholstered. If I could do this to my room, I totally would!

#20. Large & Stylish

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#21. Modern Decor

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I really enjoy how homey this room feels. The blue comforter against the brown panel wall is very nice to look at. I love the gold mirrors and accent pieces on the wall. They bring a lot of character to the room. I like how they took an old filing cabinet and painted it teal to use as a nightstand. Overall, it’s a very pretty room. This would make for a great guest room in your home if you are looking for that kind of design.

Turquoise Blue Bedroom Ideas

#22. Stripes

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If you’re a fan of the color blue, you’re going to really like this design. It’s a turquoise, blue, and green color pattern. The stripes on the bed frame are one-of-a-kind and eye-catching. The nightstands are a beautiful white with green accent coloring. The walls are a turquoise shade of blue and make the room look dark. Hopefully, there are some windows to brighten it up.

#23. A Fun Kids Room

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When I look at this room, I can picture it being in my house. The bunk bed is a good option for smaller rooms and the coloring of it is pretty. The way it blends in with the wall is pretty cool. I really like the darker colored chair in the corner, as it breaks up all of the other light colorings. To add a pop of brighter colors, those balloons are placed on the ceiling. I am not sure how easy the bunk bed would be to make, but you surely can buy them in stores if you have the extra funds.

#24. Very Blue

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Well, this room has a whole lot of blue in it. There isn’t any part of this room that doesn’t incorporate blue into it. The bed frame is a gorgeous wrought iron canopy. The curtains are a patterned blue and white to match the pillows. The rest of the room, including the ceiling, is that turquoise color. If you want to feel like you’re living under the sea, this would be a good design.

Turquoise and Pink Bedroom Ideas

#25. Lovely

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Lovely is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this bedroom. I love how there are little pink hearts on the wall behind the bed. The bed frame is a cute blue color with a matching chair in the corner. There are multiple pink accents throughout the room which work wonderfully with the turquoise. This is definitely a room that any little girl would love.

#26. Simply Pink & Blue

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There’s nothing really spectacular about this room, but it’s still pretty. The bedspread is a hot pink, and the walls are a light blue. The rest of the furniture is white, aside from that chandelier. It’s full of vibrant colors and really adds a touch of flair to this simple room. This is one of the more minimal designs that we have seen so far. Definitely ideal for those on a budget.

#27. Cotton Candy

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Here, we have another room that’s filled with stripes. The ones on the wall are thick and multi-colored. The pink-against-turquoise pattern reminds me of cotton candy. The bed frames have stripes on them as well. The rest of the walls are pink, and the floor has a cool pattern on it. Overall, the room is vibrant, colorful and fit for any girl.

#28. Vintage Pink

The pink that we see on the wall is the same color we’d see in the 1950’s era. It’s a vintage color along with the blue on the bed. The bed frame is upholstered with turquoise fabric that matches the large curtains. The floor is a beautiful white color, allowing the light to reflect off of it, brightening up the room. Since the room is so large, there is plenty of space to add more furnishings, but they left it simple and beautiful. I love the overall vintage feel to it.

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Turquoise and Black Bedroom Ideas

#29. Black & Blue

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These used to be my two favorite colors when I was a teenager. The use of them in this room are exquisite. The walls are painted a beautiful blue and have black picture frames hung blankly on the wall. On the ceiling, we see a crystal and black chandelier, which I love. The rest of the furnishings are a white color with black accents on most of them. Definitely an awesome design.

Turquoise and Silver Bedroom Ideas

#30. Elegant Blue

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There is so much elegance in this room. I love the silver mirrored canopy bed frame. It’s absolutely stunning, especially when paired with the turquoise. There are also some black nightstands with silver accents. The large windows do an excellent job of allowing that natural sunlight to illuminate the room. That bench off to the side of the room is an ideal sitting area for when you need to relax somewhere that isn’t in your bed. It’s a great spot to read a book or listen to music.

Lime Green and Turquoise Bedroom Ideas

#31. Lime & Blue

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Lime green is one of my favorite colors which is why I love this room so much. The green against the blue is quite a unique contrast, but it is more popular these days. The wall is a beautiful lime color with the turquoise comforter on the bed. There is also a turquoise colored wall with other colors surrounding it. If you want a vibrant and colorful room, this is a great design for you. Since lime is such a difficult color to work with, I’m impressed at how well they made all of these colors work together.

#32. Flower Power

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Here we have another room that features the lime green and blue color. This is one of those rooms that would be in a beach house, given the surfboard behind the bed. The green and blue are divided by white which is a great way to break up colors. The bed frame is a simple single wooden bed. The room is colorful, but simple, making it an easy room to decorate on a budget. I especially like that oversized chair in the corner. It’s a great spot to curl up and read a book.

Turquoise and Orange Bedroom Ideas

#33. Lots of Windows

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Here’s another room with the striped walls. We see blue and white with lots of windows against each wall. The curtains are a turquoise and orange color. I can see why they didn’t use a lot of the orange – it’s not an easy color to pair with blue. The rest of the room is a beautiful shiny white with mirrored nightstands. This makes the room appear larger than it really is, which is a good idea for smaller rooms.

#34. Just A Hint of Orange

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This is another one of those beach-styled rooms. There’s the surfboard in the corner and the flower patterns that you can see a lot in beach stores. The whole room is a bright blue with just a few simple orange items to break up the blue. As you can see, it is very brightly lit and needing little to no artificial lighting. The one thing that I noticed about this room is that it has a vintage hardwood flooring pattern. The square design was very popular in older styled homes.

#35. Orange Patterned

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If you like bright patterns, you’ll love this design. The bed frame is obviously the main focal point of this bedroom. It has an orange and white diamond pattern on it, which is very eye-catching. It rests upon a light blue colored wall with orange nightstands next to it. The area rug has a variety of different colors to it as do the curtains. It’s definitely a very vibrant bedroom design.

#36. Dark Colors

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I am a huge fan of the dark colors. I love how the orange and the dark brown work with each other. On the ceiling and bed frame, we see the turquoise coloring. The stripe pattern seems to be a big theme with this list. There are certainly a lot of patterns going on in this room. The zebra stripes, palm trees, solid orange colors, and stripes. It’s all very busy, but the right person will appreciate the design.

Turquoise and Red Bedroom Ideas

#37. Red, White, and Blue

When I see this room, I think of the American Flag because of the red, white, and blue coloring. I love the rustic red desk and nightstand. They really pop against the blue walls and white headboard. The floor is a simple hardwood which allows that natural light to reflect and bounce around to create more lighting. The rest of the room is very minimal, making it easy to replicate. If you are a patriotic person, this may be another reason to go with this design. Remember, you can mix up the colors as well. Maybe a red comforter and white dresser? You can make it whatever you want.

#38. Trees & Flowers

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I think that this room is very cute. I love how the white tree is painted against the blue walls. The red curtain rests beautifully upon the window to create kind of a red hue in the room. The daybed has a beautiful blue and red printed comforter on it with white pillows. The room is very simple and would be easy to replicate if you’re on a budget.

Turquoise and Zebra Bedroom Ideas

#39. Zebra & Blue

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This is one pattern that I didn’t think I would see. The combination of blue and zebra pattern is very unique. This room is definitely meant for somebody who loves the zebra print. The walls are different colors, one being blue and the other being grey. The bed frame is a simple black metal with a blue blanket and zebra print bedding. This room is definitely super pretty and edgy. I love how all of the colors work together.

#40. Blue Zebra Stripe

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Here, we see the blue zebra stripe pattern rather than the black and white. The whole room is extremely vibrant and lively. The walls are a bright turquoise as with the area rug and the accents around the room. The rest of the furnishings are a bright white color which works well to break up all of that eye-popping blue.

#41. A Chic Nursery

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If you have the money to drop a nursery like this, I would do it. There is a beautiful couch on one side for the mom to snuggle with her baby and a crib on the other side of the room. The walls are a bright blue, and the room is accented with zebra stripes. There are other black and white accent pieces throughout the room, but overall, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and any baby would be lucky to have a room like that.

Final Words

There you have it, 41 of the most unique, simple, and vibrant turquoise bedroom ideas that we could find. Sure, some of them may be a little out of reach, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some of the same furnishings or color patterns. I’m a fan of the more minimalistic rooms because they’re easier to replicate. If you know somebody who can benefit from this list, please feel free to share. If you have your own design or have any ideas for us, drop us a comment!

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