Tuck Mattress Unboxing

Updated August 26, 2019

Trying to find a sleep product that will be compatible with sleep partners can be a challenge. Think of the three bears. Papa liked it firm, Mama preferred plush, and the baby bear seemed to be right in the middle. While you may be deeply in love with your sleep partner, chances are you have different needs when it comes to the mattress you share.








If you’re looking for a product that works to accommodate both of your needs, Tuck is worth a look. When you order, they ask both you and your sleep partner a series of questions that lead to the formulation of the best blended or dual sleep product to meet your needs.

Unboxing/First Impression

A Variety of Materials for Good Breathability and Support

Breathability is important, especially if you have a sleep partner who will also be adding body heat to the bed. I have high expectations that cooling will be high in the Tuck mattress, and this is due to the combination of materials we find within the mattress. The memory foam layer uses both gel and copper to help transfer heat, and the unit also utilizes a 6 inch pocketed coils support core, and this should serve to allow the mattress to breathe well. Stay tuned for our full review. We’ll use our thermal imaging camera to see how well this mattress cools down as well as perform some tracking to analyze bed temperature through the night.

Tuck Mattress Overview


The firmness of your mattress will vary depending on your answers to the questions asked when you order. If you and your sleep partner have very different preferences, you may want to opt for the dual product as it will offer two separate sides featuring the best firmness for each. Blended products combine your preferences to arrive at a happy medium. My mattress feels like around 6 out of 10 with ten being very firm.

Bounce and Responsiveness

Bounce and responsiveness largely dictate whether you’ll have trouble moving around and getting out of bed. Since this product does use the layer of pocketed coils along with memory foam, you can enjoy a good degree of bounce with the motion isolation capabilities. In our full review, we’ll put it to the test and see how well the memory foam serves to reduce motion transfer.

Full Review Coming Soon!

I haven’t had my Tuck mattress very long, so there’s still much to learn. Offgassing is minimal following your unboxing. In my unboxing video, you could see my very curious kitty sniffing around at the unusual smell, but you can’t really smell it unless you put your nose directly on the fabric. Stay tuned for our full review where we’ll perform numerous tests to help you determine if this could be a good product for your needs.

In the meantime, check out Tuck’s website. Here, you can go ahead and answer the questions to determine what Tuck recommends for you and your sleep partner in terms of feel, breathability, support, motion isolation and conforming ability before you buy. You can also drop us a line below for questions or comments.