Top CBD Oil Companies

With hemp and hemp derived products made federally legal in the USA, CBD oil has become a popular commodity to help treat a variety of ailments. This non-psychoactive chemical is the main ingredient in both medical marijuana and many other supplemental products, including bath salts, lotions, pills, and tinctures.

Since CBD is sold as a legal supplement, it is not federally regulated by the FDA, meaning that companies can easily take advantage of customers by providing a lower quality product, overly diluted product, or one that doesn’t actually match the label provided. Top CBD oil companies that use a third-party testing process may come across as more expensive, but this step ensures the consumer of what you see is what you get–making your product last longer and provide a better potency

CBD Oil Defined

A main chemical ingredient of the cannabis family of plants, CBD is the non-psychoactive option that is considered safe for use without providing an altered mindset or high that is associated with THC use. THC is found in the marijuana plant, and alongside CBD is an effective medicinal ingredient, but is psychoactive, and is still federally illegal in many parts of the US, as well as subject to local laws in Canada.

What’s In It?

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and diluted with a carrier oil, usually fractionated coconut or hemp seed oil, to use as the consumer chooses. It can be used on the skin, taken orally, mixed into favorite drinks or foods, or even taken as a capsule or gel pill. Many companies may also flavor it naturally, or use essential oil for both scent and taste purposes. Essential oils are incredibly beneficial as well and can help with a variety of symptoms all on their own.

Full Spectrum vs Isolate Oils

CBD oils are also sold as either an Isolate or Full Spectrum choice. An isolate contains nothing but CBD in a pure form. All other compounds found in the plant it is derived from is completely separated from it.

A full spectrum oil contains many other compounds found within the plant. Many studies point towards the full spectrum options being the better choices as these compounds may work together to magnify therapeutic effects. These additional compounds include proteins, fiber, fatty acids, chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids- all which have many benefits on their own.

Safety and Side Effects

With less than 0.3% of THC present (and many with 0%), CBD side effects, when they exist, are similar to over the counter painkiller sensitivities and may include tiredness, nausea, jitteriness. These are rare and generally only found in the people who are already sensitive to these over the counter pain control options. This makes CBD a very safe alternative to receiving all the benefits without any of the risks of a drug-induced high.

Why Use CBD Oil?

Mentioned multiple times is how beneficial it can be, which is what drives its popularity. Not only is it safe with very minor side effects if sensitivity occurs, but it can also be used in many different ways or in a combination of ways to treat various ailments. The strong anti-inflammatory properties, especially when blended with the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of coconut oil and certain essential oils, make it open to a wide variety of benefits.

Some of these benefits include aiding in smoking and drug withdrawal, pain management, epilepsy, focus and attention, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Studies are also continually ongoing to test the effectiveness of other disorders and medical issues.

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What to Look for When Choosing a CBD Oil Supplier

Obviously, the foremost thing that should be on your mind is the quality of the product being provided. Labels and ingredients should be transparent in nature and provide explanations for any added substances. 3rd party analysis and testing results should be easy to receive if requested or found on their website without a hassle as well. This is an especially important step to check as it explains the ingredient percentages, potency, as well as levels of possible THC percentages (which MUST be under 0.3% to be legally sold as CBD).

The cost should reflect both the percentage of oil you are receiving, the potency, as well as the quality. An average cost of a 30 ml bottle of a 250mg CBD potency usually falls around $40 a bottle from one company to the next. Expect prices to rise exponentially with greater potency.

You may want to avoid any obvious company gimmicks that want you to invest in them or direct sales companies that claim their products contain CBD. This is probably a true statement, but their potency levels and percentage of oil in comparison to other ingredients is most likely low. Unless they have the proof to back them, don’t take chances with what might possibly be a low-quality product.

Top CBD Oil Companies to Try

The following companies were chosen for their consistent reviews, high consumer popularity, ingredient transparency, and easy to find third-party testing results. Many of these businesses are located in Colorado, a state which made growing hemp and recreational use of marijuana legal early on, creating a foundation to manufacture and perfect CBD oil products for consumer use.

Just because these top choices made our list doesn’t mean there aren’t many, many more excellent companies and brands out there that produce just as good a product. With the legality of CBD products changed only recently at the writing of this article, it is expected to see many more companies take advantage of the use of this supplement in their products.

This saturation of the market is exactly why it is important to find a reputable company and know what to look for in terms of quality and ingredient transparency.

Charlotte’s Web

Found worldwide, Charlotte’s Web has long been manufacturing high-quality CBD oils for use in various products. These whole plant extracts include a variety of phytochemicals to work with your system to decrease stressors.

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Veritas Farms

Founded in Colorado, Veritas Farms practices sustainable farming practices to reduce land impact while growing a quality hemp product for CBD oil and oil products. Considered pure and of excellent quality, the company prides itself in providing the best for their companies crop after crop.


Eureka Effects

Also produced in Colorado, Eureka Effects started small and has grown into a dominant CBD product business that provides a clean, potent, and quality product. With hemp sourced from wholly organic hemp flower sources, prides themselves in providing a consistent product batch after batch.


4 Corners Cannabis

This Colorado-based company was one of the first CBD companies of its kind in the world, and manufacturers a third-party tested quality oil. Fully organic, their products are triple-filtered to remove and plant by-products.



Receptra is a family-owned business in Colorado that still handpicks its hemp to provide a quality oil product. Hemp seeds, stalks, and stems are left out of the process to provide the best parts for CBD extraction which is tested and verified with favorable results.



Phytologica claims their products are created by nature but perfected by science to create high quality, pure CBD oil. The company was founded on the premise of helping others to experience wellness, and their safety, quality, and innovative approaches reflect this ideal.

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RE Botanicals

With a USDA certified organic label placed on their product line, RE Botanicals isn’t a company just to make a claim, they provide the proof you need to determine what you are working with a quality lab that produces a quality product.


BioCBD +

BioCBD + designed the first water-soluble CBD oil to provide a product that is more readily available for your body to utilize. Highly tested and fully transparent, the oils produced by this company are widely popular and help fund a wide variety of charities as a portion of their sales go towards giving back.


Bluebird Botanical

Bluebird Botanicals offers a wide variety of oil-based products, all of which undergo rigorous testing to ensure all sources are pure and of acceptable quality. Considered one of the most generous companies in existence, they are located in Colorado and provide discount programs, and build relationships throughout the community they are in.


Hawaiian Choice

Made in Hawaii, Hawaiian Choice CBD products are USA sourced to provide a more rigorous testing option compared to overseas products. Blended with locally grown Hawaiin fruit extracts, they provide a wide array of options and unique flavors to choose from.


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Whether you are new to CBD use or have used it for years, it is important to stay on top of your favorite companies to check for purity and testing verification, as well as know what other companies exist. This is especially true in such a fast-growing industry spurred on by the changes in legal CBD use which are quickly saturating a market with claims that may not be able to be verified in reference to purity and quality of the oil.