Spindle Mattress Unboxing

It’s my pleasure today to introduce you to the Spindle mattress. Spindle offers shoppers the unique ability to construct their mattress on their own. When you receive your product, you’ll expect several boxes. You’ll be constructing this product on your own, and the various layers and cover are boxed separately. You have the option of purchasing an 8 inch foundation to go along with your mattress made of Canadian spruce. This you will assemble at home as well.

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I was impressed at the ease in construction of this product. It’s worth noting that Spindle recommends you have someone help you assemble, so I’d suggest that you have a friend or family member available when it’s time to put everything together. Fortunately for me, I had plenty of help! This is a great way for Spindle to cut down on costs to offer you the best possible price.


A Look at the Materials

The Spindle is comprised of three 3-inch layers of natural Dunlop latex that is three times as durable and four times as breathable as conventional foams. Because of this, I expect this product to do well when I perform my heat transfer test later this week. The cover is made of organic cotton without pesticides, pigments or bleach and natural wool batting which provides a natural fire barrier and prevents moisture from infiltrating your mattress.

When you order, you’ll be asked a few questions such as your height, weight and preferred sleeping position. This enables Spindle to customize the right firmness and comfort for your unique needs.

Specs page available here.


My Thoughts So Far

— Firmness

I have only slept on the Spindle one night, but I thought I’d go ahead and share with you some of my initial insights. I have the medium firm product, and the indentation load deflection is 17.5 to 20.5. An ILD of 12 is very plush while 50 is very firm. Therefore, this puts my Spindle mattress on the slightly plusher end of medium.

I’ve mentioned in other reviews that I prefer firmness on the plusher side, and the firmness on the Spindle was perfect for my needs. I slept through the night like a baby. In my case, Spindle did a great job customizing my firmness.

— Bounce and Responsiveness

Overall, this mattress does bounce back pretty quickly when pressure is released. This makes it easy to move around or get out of bed. While it is quick to respond, this doesn’t mean its bounce is springy. Since there is no innerspring included in this mattress, edge support is a little lacking as you do sink in a little bit when sitting on the side of the bed. Furthermore, you will start to slide out of the bed if lying on the edge.


Full Review to Come

After one night of sleeping on the Spindle mattress, I particularly enjoyed the firmness as it’s a little more plush. There is much more to be explored in this comfortable product, and Iyou can read the full Spindle mattress review here. I encourage you to stay tuned for our full review. However, in the meantime, definitely take a look at

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