35 Space Themed Bedroom Ideas That are Out of This World

The fascination for space is something completely understandable. What’s out there is still one of the world’s greatest mysteries. If you’re fascinated with the universe and what lies beyond planet Earth, maybe you’re also interested in having a space-themed bedroom. For both children and adults, we have a list of space-themed bedrooms that you’re bound to love.

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Space Themed Baby Room

1. Celestial Baby Crib

Image Source

It’s not actually a crib from outer space, but the wallpaper behind it sure could have fooled us! In this space-themed baby room, we even have a planet-themed cot mobile and even moon and star-shaped wall hangers.

2. Galaxy Wallpaper

Image Source

The best part about turning a baby’s room into one with a space theme is that you can easily do it with something like an accent wall covered in space-themed paper. Since such wallpaper is large and has many space elements, you can’t really go wrong with such a choice.

3. Under Starry Skies

Image Source

Who said wallpaper is limited to walls? Notice how the accent wall covered in stars is actually… the ceiling! Fun fact: this isn’t actually wallpaper you see here, but rather navy wall paint and stars painted using a stencil (you can find those on Etsy).

4. Nursery with Constellations

Image Source

It takes very little to pull off a space theme in a bedroom, as you might have guessed from the examples so far. Naturally, you can also invest in the details, but if you pick a themed wallpaper, half the job is almost done for you.

5. Nursery Space Theme and Colors

Image Source

Once again, we see the specifically themed wallpaper, but there are a few extra elements that help achieve the desired vibe. As you might have noticed, the fabric on the changing table also has a color and pattern to match the space theme, as well as the wall art located next to the crib.

6. Astronaut Nursery

Image Source

You can totally pull off a space-themed bedroom even when the nursery is smaller. Here, the wall with the window was painted white to make the room appear brighter, but the decorator stuck with a constellation mural as well. Also, how adorable is the astronaut on the cot mobile?

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7. Playful Nursery

Image Source

We love everything about this nursery, from the mural with the cute rocket to the lighting decoration that’s shaped like the moon. There are other elements that contribute to the theme as well, like the adorable star-shaped plushie you see on top of the book cubbies.

8. Space Themed Wall Art

Image Source

We finally see an example without space themed wall murals or wallpapers. We do, however, see that wall art has been used to influence the deepness of the theme. The best thing about decorating a nursery with a space theme is that you have a lot of themed crib mobiles to choose from.

9. Solar System Nursery

Image Source

This particular nursery also comes with a space theme, specifically one that revolves around the planets in the solar system. They can be found on the wall posted hung on the wall behind the crib, as well as on the crib mobile that hangs above the baby’s bed.

Space Themed Room for Toddler

10. Amongst the Stars

Image Source

Pulling off a space-themed toddler bedroom is super easy. As you can see in this example, it’s mostly about choosing a navy or some other dark blue paint color for the walls and painting or sticking stars to an accent wall. If you’re not that good at painting shapes, there are plenty of star stencils you can purchase online.

11. Space Themed Bedroom with Loft

Image Source

Lofts are invaluable in a small children’s room because the space underneath the bed can be used for a variety of different things. Here, it’s turned into a secluded play area, but there’s also a small desk for crafting or doing homework.

12. Neutral Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source

When you focus on the colors alone, this might not feel like a kid’s bedroom because of the lack of color vibrancy. However, everything here is extremely pleasant to look at: from the solar system wall art to the rocket-shaped throw pillow on the bed. Everything just falls into place.

13. Space Themed Canvas Wall Art

Image Source

Sometimes, all you need to pull off a space theme is space-themed wall art. Here, you can see how six canvases manage to make the entire theme come to life. The air balloon-shaped hanging lights also add up the ambiance, making everything soothing and dreamy.

14. Play Cot

Image Source

This is basically the neutral theme bedroom we saw earlier shot from a different angle. The image depicts the cutest play area ever, one where we can also see space-themed elements come into play. The colors are soft and pale, so the entire ambiance is very relaxing.

15. Blue Themed Bedroom

Image Source

In this example, you can see how close one can get to the space theme just by using specific colors from the blue palette and without having to invest too much in decor elements that are linked to the theme itself.

16. Adorable Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source

We love a good decorating story, so naturally, we were inspired by this couple who made a space-themed bedroom for their boy all by themselves. They began with a navy hue called Cosmique from Ressource, which they applied to the ceiling, trim, and walls. They created a lunar mountain range inspired by sci-fi pictures to the lower half of the walls to anchor all that sky.

Photo credit: BELLE MORIZIO

17. Dark Colored Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source

Every element in this bedroom contributes to the atmosphere that you want to feel all around you if you’re fascinated with what lies above the perception of the human eye. The space-themed hanging pendants add a drop of color to the room while projecting themed-specific images on the wall.

18. To the Moon

Image Source

Here is an example that you don’t always need a dark blue bedroom color to get that space theme going. If you want to keep the room brighter, just focus on the shapes and elements that are reminiscent of space, such as rockets, decorative stars, and themed pillow covers.

19. Cartoon Space Wallpaper

Image Source

This wallpaper has to be one of the best choices for a toddler’s bedroom because it’s space-themed and has a playful cartoonish vibe to it. Much like in the previous example, the colors are kept light to make the bedroom appear brighter.

20. Educational Constellation Wallpaper

Image Source

What’s really awesome about the wallpaper chosen for this room is that, aside from throwing space vibes all around, it’s also educative, as it has the names of each constellation written underneath it. Definitely a good choice for a child’s bedroom.

21. Space Bedding and Wall Stickers

Image Source

Wall stickers are ridiculously cheap and you can have them custom made because manufacturers use plotters to cut the vinyl to the shape of your choice. This is how you can decorate a bedroom in a space theme without spending a small fortune.

22. Planets Aligned

Image Source

They say that the devil is in the details but, in this case, we have a space theme in the details. The plants hanging from the ceiling, the rocket-shaped book cubbies, and even the telescope; all contribute to bringing space-themed vibes to the bedroom.

23. Star Wars Bedroom Theme

Image Source

There’s not much you can do when the Force is calling. If you’re planning to respond, you have to do it in style, and everything about this bedroom is stylish, even if some people might argue the theme is quite “nerdy”. Hop onboard the Death Star and bring that “far far away” galaxy vibe straight to your bedroom.

Space Themed Room for Adults

24. Space Themed Bedroom with Two Beds

Image Source

By using just two colors, you can create a space-themed bedroom that stands out of the crowd by matching the theme, but is also elegant and uncluttered. By combining dark blue and white, and throwing a simple constellation wallpaper into the equation, those who get to sleep in this bedroom will feel the tranquility inspired by the theme.

25. Starlight Wallpaper

Image Source

If you want to create a bedroom with a space theme but you feel like it would be too much of a headache to think the entire thing through, you can’t go wrong if you simply opt for themed wallpaper. The theme here is “starlight” and the wallpaper fits into a space theme oh-so-well.

26. Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

Image Source

With the right choice of bedding, a hanging decoration of the solar system with planets that go in the dark, and different kinds of space-themed wallpaper, you too can make a space bedroom even if you’re on a budget.

27. Space Observer Bedroom

Image Source

I don’t know what the deal with that miniature telescope is, but it feels like the perfect thing to have in the bedroom of a space enthusiast. The lovely wall art definitely falls right into place, while the dark wall color really makes you feel like you’re floating in the Milky Way.

28. Celestial Upgrade

Image Source

As far as space-themed bedrooms for adults go, this is probably the one that’s suited to most people’s tastes. The colors are carefully chosen, with the constellation wallpaper being the focal point and having all other decoration choices start from there.

29. Space Bedroom with Constellations Ceiling

Image Source

Constellations are a huge part in making the entire space bedroom theme happen. This is mostly a map, kind of like a wallpaper that you can easily find on websites like Amazon or Etsy. Just carefully peel it on the ceiling and you’re ready to sleep in a completely different setup than before.

30. Immersive Space Themed Bedroom

Image Source

Imagine being able to close the curtains in the middle of the day and lying in bed only to feel like you’re in a spaceship. This is the perfect bedroom not just for the space enthusiast, but also for the incurable dreamer.

31. Immersive Space Themed Bedroom Reloaded

Image Source

With blackout blinds to darken the room and a space theme that feels more immersive than all the others we’ve looked at today, this has to be one of the best setups for people who love to feel like they’re floating amongst the stars.

32. Watercolor Wall Planets

Image Source

There’s something about planets painted in watercolors that really sparks a pleasant childish vibe and gives a cozy feel to the bedroom. Planets and deep space mysteries are beautifully depicted in an innovative watercolor style, transforming homes into journeys around the solar system.

Space Themed Dorm Room

33. Space Themed Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source

Imagine sleeping in a space themed bedroom that has a window on the  ceiling and actually allows you to look at the stars. We love that the sloped ceiling was painted with chalkboard paint and the stars are actually drawn by hand, using white chalk.

34. Galaxy Bedroom

Image Source

When it comes to bedroom makeovers, this is one of the best space-themed ones we’ve seen so far. The elevated bed brings the sleeper closer to the fictional stars, while the galaxies painted on the ceilings really add to the atmosphere.

35. Space Themed Bedroom with Accent Wall

Image Source

The entire space theme for the bedroom is focused around the bed, with the rest of the room being mostly white, which makes it appear brighter. The wall at the head of the bed is filled with space-themed elements, while the bedding of choice matches the theme perfectly.

Final Words

With all these ideas in mind, how would you decorate a space-themed bedroom? Would you go for themed wallpaper and make the room darker or would you rather leave it bright and focused on bringing the space theme through specific decoration elements scattered across the room? We’ve got tons more amazing bedroom ideas like this one, so check out our guide to animal-themed bedroom ideas!