SnoreRX vs PureSleep: Can Your Obnoxious Snoring be Stopped?

Updated October 22, 2019

Do you snore? If so, you’ve likely been told by those who sleep within close proximity. Even though you very likely may not realize you do it, you probably do notice waking up not feeling very well-rested despite sleeping for a full eight hours.

Truth be told, around 25 percent of adults snore habitually. Yes, it’s annoying for those who can hear it, but it can also pose health risks to the snorer and prevent them from enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

With so many anti-snoring devices on the market, it can be difficult to decide what will work best for you. Today, we’re going to narrow down two popular options and look at them from different viewpoints to help you decide which is more likely to put an end to your snoring. So, let’s examine: SnoreRX vs Puresleep: which will stop your snoring?

Mandibular Advancement Devices: How do They Work?


There are a variety of types of anti snoring mouthpieces on the market that take different approaches to ending snoring. Both of these products are mandibular advancement devices. The name sounds confusing, but, when you break it down, it’s self explanatory. In a nutshell, these products move the lower jaw (mandible) forward, thus advancing it.

By moving the lower jaw forward, the tongue and soft tissue are prevented from falling back into the throat and blocking the airway. My sleep partner suffers with obstructive sleep apnea, and MADs in general have done an excellent job in stopping his snoring.

Boil-and-Bite Customization

The boil-and-bite customization method is very popular with MADs. Here’s a look at the general process:

  • Water is heated to a boil.
  • MAD is submerged in boiling water for specified period of time.
  • MAD is removed from water, and snorer bites down on the softened material.
  • Once impression is created, it’s set by submerging the device in cold water.

Be Careful Customizing PureSleep

Both SnoreRX and PureSleep use this customization method, and this is great since many products don’t offer any type of customization at all. This allows you to personalize the product to fit your mouth. However, SnoreRX is superior in that, in the event your first attempt is unsuccessful, you can try up to three more times. With PureSleep, you only get one shot to get it right.

Prior to customizing your PureSleep device, you are also able to set the degree of lower jaw advancement that works for you. Keep reading to learn how this works.

Do These Products Stop Snoring?

Both SnoreRX and PureSleep have proven successful at putting a stop to snoring. They are both a little bit large and can be difficult to fit properly for females and those with smaller jaws. If you do have a smaller jaw, I’d recommend to start with SnoreRX since they offer a risk-free trial. Or, check out the SnoreMeds mouthpiece. It offer versions specifically-designed for females.

Which is Best for Mouth Breathing?

If you rely on mouth breathing, you’ll be pleased to know that both of these products provide air holes in the front to accommodate your needs. Neither one should cause any hindrances, and I’d rate them equal in terms of ease in mouth breathing.

PureSleep- Developed by a Dentist Who Snored

I found it interesting that PureSleep was developed by a dentist who suffered with snoring. His snoring was so severe his wife would often have to sleep in another room. Not only did he create this product over several years, but he also uses it with success.

Lower Jaw Advancement Customization Capability

I love that each of these products offers the ability to customize the degree of advancement of the lower jaw. They both take their own approach:

  • Micro Fit feature
  • Allows user to adjust the lower jaw in one millimeter increments
  • Position locks in using Posi-Lock feature to avoid it slipping out of place while you sleep


  • Pick one of the three available positions that feels right for you and make sure you are certain since, once you set it, the decision is permanent
  • Snap the upper and lower pieces together
  • Proceed to the boil-and-bite customization process

SnoreRX vs PureSleep Durability vs Cost Breakdown

These products certainly have a lot in common. One of the biggest factors that come into play for many consumers is the cost. However, when considering this factor, you should never do so without also factoring in how long it should last.

– SnoreRX

With SnoreRX, you can expect the product to last around 11 months when properly cared for. This would include cleaning with toothpaste after every use, which we found to be very easy to fit into your daily schedule. This product costs $99 for one device and $154 for two.

– PureSleep

When you order PureSleep, you will be required to pay $9.95 upfront. Once you receive your device, you do get 30 days to try it out. If you decide to keep it, you’ll then be charged $59.90. This means you pay a total of $69.85.

This product typically needs to be replaced every two to three months due to the silicone against your teeth wearing down. When this happens, the teeth slip out, thus rendering the device ineffective.

Breaking It Down: Which Offers the Better Value?

PureSleep does offer a buy one, get one free option when you order. Essentially, you get two devices that should last a total of about five months on average if devices are used consecutively. SnoreRX, on the other hand, will run you more than double the price for two devices. However, if you also use these products consecutively, you should get around 22 months of use.

Overall, you can expect to your investment to be divided up into the following monthly amounts based on durability expectations:

– SnoreRX
  • $7/month

– PureSleep

  • $13.97/month


While both products are capable of putting a stop to snoring, the clear winner in my books is SnoreRX. Just some of the reasons include:

  • You can attempt the boil and bite method a total of four times while PureSleep only allows one try.
  • Lower jaw advancement can be modified as often as necessary while PureSleep requires you to set it before you’ve even had a chance to try it out.
  • Despite a seemingly lower price, the price to durability ratio reveals PureSleep costs you nearly double in the long-run.
  • Both products offer a 30 day trial period, but you have to invest $9.95 for PureSleep that you don’t get back.

The only reason I can think of to go with PureSleep is if you are on a seriously tight budget. If so, you don’t have to pay the entire amount upfront. Instead, you’re only charged $9.95, and the remaining balance is taken out of your account after 30 days. (Personally, this is not a setup I prefer, especially when money’s tight, as the payment can slip my mind). You also get the two products for a lower price than one SnoreRX.

In the long run, however, you’re going to be disappointed when you have to replace your device after just a few short months. Keep in mind, while MADs have proven to reduce or stop snoring, they don’t cure it. No matter which you choose, you will need to replace it when it wears out.

I’d say, if you’re budget is tight, it’s better to wait until you can pay the extra $84.15 (or $29.15 if you just get one device, which will still feature longer durability) for SnoreRX.
I hope this review has helped steer you in the right direction. If you still aren’t quite sure what’s best for you and would like to ask a question or make a comment, we encourage you to fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to get back with you promptly.

SnoreRX vs PureSleep Comparison

Stays in place well Developed by a dentist who suffered with snoring
30-day trial period with the full money-back guarantee
Great fit for men as it’s large 100% made in the USA
Customization through the boil-and-bite method Upper and lower pieces join together in three settings for lower jaw advancement customization, but you can only set it once
30-day trial period with the full money-back guarantee Allows mouth breathing with hole in front
Allows mouth breathing through V-Flow design If you don’t keep it after 30 day trial, initial $9.95 payment is lost
Allows for lower mandibular advancement customization through Micro Fit feature Can only go through the customization process once
Can attempt the boil-and-bite method up to three times after initial try Have had complaints with the BBB
Can be cleaned with toothpaste FDA-approved
Durability nine to 11 months
Cannot be used with dentures