Simmons Beautyrest Geo Mattress Topper Review

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Our Rating: (8.6 / Out Of 10)

A few years back I was unfortunate enough to live through the purchase of a new mattress that was not all all to my liking. It was entirely too soft in my opinion, and as a stomach and side sleeper, it wasn’t long before I began to experience major back and hip pain issues (which I am seriously much too young for). Per my usual self, I lived with the issues until I was forced to sleep on a stiff hospital couch for a week while my son recovered from appendicitis, and woke each morning feeling like a million bucks which reminded me of how horrible that dang mattress was.

The time had come. If sleeping on what was basically a wooden plank was more comfortable than my own bed; action was needed. Buying a new mattress was not at all within reach financially, but something to curb the softness of the sinking mess mine had become was. I read a ton of reviews, and finally settled on a mattress topper that swore it could alleviate my pain issues.

Enter the 3.5 inch hypoallergenic, Beautyrest Geo Matt Topper by Simmons- of which I am here to review for you today.

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The Simmons Beautyrest GeoMatt Topper Specs

Polyurethane Foam Foam Mattress Topper
2.5-3.5 widths/ Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
OdorWarrantyShipping Weight or Weight
Slight odor upon openingDetermined by third party warehouseApproximately 16lb for a Queen Size 3.5 inch

Breakdown of the Simmons Beautyrest GeoMatt Topper

Toted as having the same therapeutic foam materials found in medical facilities worldwide, Beautyrest considers their products amongst the best in the industry due to being one of the oldest companies to manufacture bedding products in the world. Since that was one of the first things that originally drew me to their product line, I feel this is a credible argument to use in narrowing down the many choices that were presented to me.

Although this particular topper comes in multiple thicknesses, the 3.5 inch width is the largest of those sizes, and allows plenty of airflow through the open channel design. This unique build is supposed to distribute weight evenly as well, relieve pressure points, and resist the breakdown of materials over time to avoid the creation of a mattress ‘sink’.

This is also supposed to be among the most firm foam toppers in the industry, and provide full support to a variety of sleeping styles. This is definitely marketed to anyone looking for extra padding on their bed that keeps its shape for added support. For soft mattresses, it creates a firmer top, and for too-firm mattresses, it softens it a bit for a more restful sleep.



  • Works well on a variety of mattress styles
  • Firm support that keeps it’s shape over time
  • Air circulation keeps it cool
  • Eases back issues, including sciatica
  • Cleans well and is long lasting



  • May have a new chemical smell upon opening
  • Bulky to roll and store when not in use
  • Life expectancy between 3-5 years

Features & Benefits

After all my research to help relieve my back pain (of which some is attributed to mild sciatica), and firm up my sleeping space, I decided upon the thicker version of this product due to the softness of my mattress. After my decision to purchase the topper I was slightly anxious upon it’s arrival as it came in a very non-descript box, and was simply rolled, folded, and wrapped in clingy plastic.

It also came with a tag that said it was from Hollander Sleep Products, which made me think I was getting a cheap knockoff, however I did my research first and discovered that Hollander actually acquired this bedding for Beautyrest and it was, in fact Beautyrest approved.

However, upon opening it quickly sprang open and filled in the areas that had been folded. Within seconds I was unable to see where the tight folds and folded rolls had been.There was a slight new plastic smell that very quickly dissipated, and of which I could not smell even after pressing my nose to the material after about 10 minutes.


I was happy to find that this was not a memory foam-like product at all because in my personal experience I have not been comfortable sleeping upon them- although I have many friends who are happy with the product.  At first I wasn’t aware of the difference in types of foam, but the polyurethane foam was, in fact, very firm. Poly-foam is less expensive as well, hence the affordability of this particular topper.

The channels look like long, folded over foam partitions that would cause a series of ridges along your body surface. But in fact are very comfortable and the ridging cannot be felt at all. In fact, they allow plenty of air circulation as I found out during the height of a Southwestern Autumn heat wave. At first, the open channels looked as if they could easily shift out of place, but after lying on it in multiple positions without a sheet over the top, they very much stayed where they were supposed to.




Honestly I could not have been more happy about the comfort of the purchase. How the foam settles and distributes with weight will of course be different for each person, but as a 5’4” small to average sized woman, I found there was little to no sink, and my weight was evenly distributed from head to foot. Many of my back issues arose due to my lower body becoming misaligned through poor nighttime support, and I noticed an immediate difference in my pain levels after only one night on this topper. Over three months the topper kept its firmness and support consistent.

As mentioned, I had the opportunity to sleep through some very hot weather, and the bed never felt that is was holding in heat at any time, even when it was holding two or more people (my children love to crawl into bed with me at ungodly hours). I did notice that with two adults in the bed it did not provide the same amount of firm support over the softness of the mattress as I experienced alone, however even after prolonged lengths of two people it felt as firm as it did new with only a single adult.



The Beautyrest Promise

The Simmons Beautyrest products promise a better sleep through quality products and state of the art technologies, just like they have been doing since the 1870’s. Their love of innovation is supposed to translate into your love of the product, and I will admit, I am a fan of this particular mattress topper. Loved by celebrities and hotel chains around the world, Simmons also makes good on manufacturing their products within the USA.

Heat Retention

Despite the ridiculous softness of my mattresses, this topper stayed well above the sink it created and was amazingly cool to sleep upon. We had some very warm autumn nights this last year that I couldn’t justify turning AC on for, but could have still become uncomfortably warm due to body heat.

The patented ‘ring of air’ design, which is what Beautyrest calls the slotted construction of the topper surface, really does allow air to move uninhibited beneath the sleeper. Like I mentioned earlier, I fully expected to watch those raised foam paddings to collapse under weight, but insteads they were supported by one another under pressure to allow the design to do it’s job.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

There truly is no maintenance required concerning this product. Despite being an extra 3.5 inches, it fit well under my mattress protector and sheets- of which are deep mattress pockets I should mention. It does spot clean wonderfully with a fabric cleaner of your choice (I use a homemade vinegar and soap concoction), but I do suggest that you use a mattress protector over it as there is no way you are going to get this thing in a washing machine if it gets really dirty.


The warranty it came with offered a 90 day no hassle return, although I believe that may have been through the company that carried the product and not through Beautyrest itself. I will note here that once you get this bugger open getting it back down to shipping size will definitely be a challenge. You would probably want to give it away first.

Overall Results

It should be no secret by this point that I was very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for added mattress comfort and firmness. It also serves well as a comfortable place to lie on the floor if you ever needed a temporary bed in a quick fix. As a side and stomach sleeper, I never experienced any pressure pain like I used to through my hips and lower back, and was finally able to rise from bed and walk without having to first stretch out the compression that had occurred overnight.

It also stayed in place well as the material it is made of is somewhat ‘clingy’ and does not shift at all with movement, which was a definite perk with my little guys constantly pulling themselves up onto the bed. It was nice not to have to readjust the topper every few days due to their actions.

Overall I slept on this topper for a little over four months before I could purchase a new mattress, and with a little elbow grease it rolled up well and folded so I could store it within a large garbage bag that I secured around with tape. It has stored well (although it is bulky) and is now used on the futon for guests and the kid’s sleepovers on the floor. It has totally held up it’s shape and firmness through the use it’s received over the last six months (jumping children included) which makes me believe it would have lasted me at least the three to five years many reviews of the product mention.

Simmons Beautyrest GeoMatt Topper Consumer Reviews And Feedback

Hundreds of consumer reviews exist concerning this particular topper ranging from the 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch widths through a variety of stores that carry the product. Because one version or another of the GroMatt has been in existence for close to a decade, many people have commented on how they come back to the same topper when their original purchase begins to wear out. This time ranges from around 3 to 5 years depending on the amount of use, and the weight it supports over this time.  

Mentions of odor are consistent, but mainly to point out that even though there is an odor upon unwrapping, that it is faint and dissipates quickly.  The product is hypoallergenic, but despite this, some people who are sensitive to smell have complained of the odor being too strong for them initially and have given them headaches until it dissipates (the shortest time given for this to go away was 10 minutes, the longest: 3 hours).

Customer support depends on the business you purchase the product from. Beautyrest does not personally cover the warranty of the product as they sell these types of purchases through multiple warehouses.  I had a 90 day return policy, and many of the companies I researched that carry it in stock had between a 30 and 90 day hassle free policy as well.

Consumers purchased this matt for many reasons, but the main ones focused on providing relief from too firm mattresses, or to alleviate back pain. Complaints focus on odor (detailed above) and that the topper can occasionally be a few inches too short of the sides of the mattress despite enjoying the product overall.

Of course this is a product that will be different for each user, and overall satisfaction ratings were given based on overall comfort. People who found it uncomfortable were certainly a minority, but made mention of it being too soft and flattening out too quickly. High ratings were given for the overall comfort level and how affordable it was when the purchase of a new mattress was not an option.


This is a mattress pad suitable for any sort of sleeper looking to alleviate back tensions and provide a more comfortable sleeping surface. The patented air flow chambers, firm construction, and weight distribution are a winning combination that delivers for a good night’s rest.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and the comfort it provided me while waiting to receive a new mattress. Have you ever used a Beautyrest GeoMatt topper? Would you know? Curious to hear your thoughts and questions below!

Simmons Beautyrest GeoMatt Topper


Comfort & Support


Temperature Regulation


Ease Of Use







  • Works well on a variety of mattress styles
  • Firm support that keeps it’s shape over time
  • Air circulation keeps it cool
  • Eases back issues, including sciatica
  • Cleans well and is long lasting


  • May have a new chemical smell upon opening
  • Bulky to roll and store when not in use
  • Life expectancy between 3-5 years