Selling A Used Mattress - The Do's And Dont's For A Successful Sale

Have you ever cringed when browsing the for sale ads and come across the offloading of a used mattress? I know I have, but buying a used mattress is often an economical, and affordable buy for many people. If you are replacing your mattress for any reason, or are moving and don’t feel like hauling large, bulky items along, selling your mattress is definitely something you may want to consider.

Buyers and sellers alike should be aware of the proper way to present your item, as well as any laws that may pertain to such an item. The care of your mattress should be first and foremost, and below I’m going to provide you with some simple tips to get your money’s worth out of a mattress sale.

Mattress Age and Brand



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Most mattresses have a life of 10 years or more, and if you are looking to replace your mattress in less time than this, then you probably have a decent chance at getting it sold. If you still have the warranty information and original paperwork you will better prove this point, and show that it still has life it in.

Certain brands sell better than others due to how long they’ve been on the market. These mattresses have already provided knowledge to consumers about how long they can last, and these will resell much easier. For example, Tempur-Pedic has been around for 25 years, and have been known to last quite a few years.

Mattress Care

How you have cared for your mattress while owning it is an important selling point. Keeping it in a full mattress encasement or under a waterproof mattress protector will have kept it safe from any spills, stains, accidents, or breakdown of foams from moisture. Keeping your mattress covered also helps keep dust mites and other allergens from building up.

The frame or foundation your mattress has sat upon is also important. Depending on the mattress construction you’ll have wanted to make sure it has received proper support. Foam mattresses need a solid or closely slatted platform, whereas most other mattresses do well with either a boxspring or other platform base.

Selling Venue

If the age is correct and care has been taken with the mattress, then you should start to consider where you would like to sell your mattress. Some second hand stores will take in well kept mattresses if they are not too old and are of a good brand name. Other places to sell include the many social media sites now readily available that gets you both attention and views from your local population so they can see for themselves the bargain they are hoping to get.

You can also sell through 3rd party online bidding sites, although due to the nature of the item many people may want to first view the mattress to determine if what you say is true since it is such a personal item.

State Laws

If you have chosen to sell your mattress through a store or online, then you may be subject to certain state laws concerning its condition and overall sale. Most of these laws apply to selling through a third party, such as a second hand store within a specific state, but they are in place to help protect the buyer of anything unsanitary.


No matter how new your mattress is, unless it’s in the original packaging and never been used you are most likely only going to get about a 10th of the original cost. Brand name mattresses generally have a pretty hefty price tag, so you may be able to get a reasonable amount of money out of a used item.

Consider the fact that you may be able to donate your mattress to a charity or local shelter and be able to write off more than what it is currently worth.

Preparing for Sale

You have a few factors working for you however if you are considering selling a used mattress. Anything you do to prove a low use of wear, such as protective measures mentioned above, or the fact that it may have been a guest bedroom mattress for it’s entire life, will work for you.

In getting it ready to sell, you’ll want to make sure you do the following:

cleaning a mattress


Even if the mattress has been protected its entire life, clean it. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing using products made for upholstery will generally do the trick. Compact steam cleaners are also easy to get ahold of to help get rid of any possible stains and for an overall disinfecting treatment.

Check our steps on how to deep clean your mattress.



Make sure to take pictures of the bed in favorable light, and provide closeups to prove your claims concerning its condition. Photos should be from various angles, and of both sides if it is a reversible mattress. Any original tags or warranty should also be included with this to provide transparency surrounding the item.



Be honest about the mattress. If it’s been under a protective cover SINCE you spilled red wine on it, then explain what happened and be sure to showcase the incident and disclose how you cleaned it before protecting it.

sanitize your mattress

Household Conditions

Mattresses from a non-smoking, pet free household is going to be much more popular than anything that might be holding onto any lingering allergens. If it has been in contact with pets, be sure to mention this, and your cleaning and sanitizing may be best put to use in an area where the pets will no longer have access so your potential buyer is aware that you have taken precautions in your preparation of sale.



Selling your used mattress definitely isn’t an impossibility, If care and maintenance has been a part of your mattress upkeep during the time you have had it. Fully disclosing its history, keeping it clean, providing proper presentation, and not asking too much should work well for you if you can find a selling venue.

If all of this seems a bit of a hassle, then donating to a charity for a write off may be a solution to getting it off your hands if you feel it’s worth more than having it trashed. If you have sold a used mattress in the past, we;d love to hear what has worked for you!

Remember, to be successful, take into account the following tips:

  • Check state laws pertaining to where you sell your mattress
  • Make sure to fully clean and sanitize the mattress, even if it has been well cared for
  • Take good pictures from all angles and be honest about the sale
  • Disclose any household conditions and the steps you’ve taken after it’s removal from the house