Saatva vs Loom And Leaf: Which One Is Better For You?

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The Saatva brand has become quite famous for its affordably priced, luxuriously built line of hybrid mattresses which share the brand name. Now, the manufacturer has gone and cooked up a similarly affordable line of high-end memory foam mattresses that have given established manufacturers like Tempur-Pedic® a run for their money – the Loom and Leaf.

The question many consumers are faced with now is which of the these two to get. This Saatva vs Loom and Leaf comparison is an attempt to answer exactly this question, and should hopefully give you a better insight into the qualities and limitations of each product so you can easily decide which one is more in line with your needs.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf Comparison

          Saatva      Loom and Leaf

     Read Our Review

     Read Our Review
       Layers Used     100% organic cotton cover,
Euro top, memory foam pad,
14-gauge individually
wrapped comfort coils, tempered steel coils
100% organic cotton cover,
2” 4lbs convoluted memory
foam with spinal gel panel,
2.5” 5lbs memory foam,
2” transition foam, 5.5” HD support foam
       Height     11.5 inches / 14.5 inches12 inches
       Firmness     Soft, Medium-Firm, FirmMedium-Firm, Firm
    Motion TransferMinimalMinimal
       Breathability     Slightly below averageSlightly above average
(for memory foam mattresses)
       Trial Period     120-day120-day
       Warranty     15-year non-prorated15-year non-prorated
    Pricing (Queen)$999$1,099
       Shipping     Free across the USFree across the US
       Discount     No DiscountNo Discount

A Breakdown of the Loom and Leaf Mattress


The Loom and Leaf is made from 4 layers of foam wrapped up in a cotton cover, adding up to a height of 12 inches:

a. Cover

The cover is made from pure organic cotton and quilted with a 5/8-inch foam layer to create a breathable, soft sleeping surface. The tightly quilted cotton cover yields a tighter initial feel that prevents excessive sinking in the lumbar region.

Underneath the foam is a fine layer of natural thistle that serves as a fire retardant. It is important to note that using a natural flame barrier is in line with the mattress’ motivation of staying environmentally safe.

b. Top Layer

The top layer of the Loom and Leaf consists of 2.0” deep, 4 lbs/cu ft gel-swirl viscoelastic foam that has a convoluted (egg-crate) like construction. This enables it to provide soft, conforming comfort whilst promoting airflow too.

Furthermore, the gel-swirl technology is coupled with a dedicated cooling gel spinal panel to provide optimum heat dissipation. In particular, the spinal panel transports heat away from your lumbar region where much of your body’s heat is concentrated.

c. Second Layer

The second layer is 2.5”, 5 lbs/cu ft viscoelastic foam that provides contouring support for your posture. The 5 lbs density means it will continue to perform for a long duration (since a frequent complaint with viscoelastic mattresses is that they start to get mushy and unsupportive with the passage of time).

Here are some tips to maximize the lifetime of your viscoelastic mattress:

d. Third Layer

This 2” layer of transition foam compresses to sustain some of your body weight and helps the upper comfort layers to transition in tandem with the underlying support layer.

e. Support Layer

A 5.5” layer of HD polyurethane foam bears the brunt of your weight, and it provides deep support for continued spinal alignment after the upper layers have taken the initial impact.

Firmness and Feel

There are two distinct variants of the Loom and Leaf available based on the degree of firmness they offer:

Relaxed Firm

This model yields a ‘medium’ firmness level, and on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being quicksand-like sinkage, and 10 being tabletop like hardness), it lies in the range of 5 to 7. In other words, the mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, but it is just the right amount for a balance between contouring and support.

For the normal weighted individual, the Relaxed Firm model overall offers a soft initial feel in conjunction with deeply compressive, responsive support without an excess of the ‘sinking’ sensation associated with memory foam.

This combination of support and contouring is best suited to people who prefer sleeping on their side or those who switch sleep styles during the night since they need a bed that conforms to their posture and keeps their spine aligned, while also responding quickly to any changes in their posture.


The firm model offers more push-back and a stiffer initial response with even less of the enveloping feel of viscoelastic. This firmer support is geared towards heavier individuals or back/stomach sleepers who wish for a bed that adapts to their posture but doesn’t sink from the pressure their body exerts on it.

Unique Features

• Quilted, Padded Cover

With its classic quilted top, the Loom and Leaf exudes an aura of luxury while also yielding a soft, pressure relieving sensation on your first contact.

• Soft Contouring Feel Without Much Sinkage

Memory foam mattresses are characterized by a plush, enveloping type of support that adapts itself to the shape of your body, and therefore, it prevents the development of pressure points due to awkward stress on your spine.

While there are those who enjoy this sinking sensation, there are many who wish it wouldn’t be so pronounced. The Loom and Leaf has been crafted to provide exactly this kind of balance between soft conformity and tight support.

• Cool For a Viscoelastic Product

A consequence of the enveloping nature of traditional viscoelastic is that it isn’t good at dissipating your body heat (this is only compounded by its molecular structure, which is inherently a heat retainer). The Loom and Leaf remedies this problem by using newer gel-swirl memory foam in conjunction with a special spinal gel pad to rapidly transport heat away from your body.

The convoluted design of the gel-swirl foam layer means better air ventilation, too, which further promotes cooling.

Thermal Start
Thermal Finish

A Breakdown of the Saatva Mattress


The Saatva mattress is a foam / innerspring hybrid with a decided emphasis on the innerspring part which is thanks to the two dedicated coil layers:

a. Cover and Euro top

Like the Loom and Leaf, the Saatva also has a 100% organic cotton cover for an airy, silky initial touch. Underneath is a Euro pillow top that is perfectly aligned with the rest of the mattress, and it adds some luxuriously supportive cushioning to the bed while also upping its aesthetic appeal.

b. Top Layer

This thin 3/8-inch layer of memory foam ensures a soft early response, and it takes off some of the stiffness that is characteristic of innerspring mattresses without impacting the overall bounciness of the bed.

c. Second Layer

The second layer comprises 4” deep, 14-gauge individually wrapped comfort coils. The independent action of these coils ensures personalized spinal support without any risk of motion transfer (traditionally associated with continuous coil structures).

Each of these coils is wrapped in foam to promote edge support.

d. Support Layer

The support layer incorporates 5.5” deep, 13-gauge (thicker) steel coils connected by helical wire. This layer is responsible for yielding the springy, deeply supportive feel of an innerspring product. However, its impact is a bit dulled (not in a negative way) because of the adaptive action of the upper layers.

e. Edge support perimeter

Going around the two coil layers is a perimeter of edge support foam which ensures that the mattress doesn’t sink on the sides when you sit on it.

Firmness and Feel

There are three different variants of the Saatva mattress based on firmness:


The plush variant has an overall ILD of 18 (which is soft but not so much that the mattress feels like quicksand). On the 1-10 scale described above (this is actually a scale that the manufacturer has created to avoid quoting exact ILD values for proprietary reasons), the Plush model could be called a 3.

This model offers a healthy amount of contouring and motion isolation due to the soft foam materials used in its comfort layer, and it is ideal for side sleepers.

Luxury Firm

This model is the ‘flagship’ of the Saatva line, and it offers a middle ground between bouncy resilience and a degree of conformity. No direct ILD value is quoted by the manufacturer (as explained before), but on their own 1-10 scale, this mattress lies in the 5 to 7 range which should suit the average sleeper just fine.


The firm variant has a 30 ILD rating so it is stiff with minimal cushioning afforded by the firm foam present in the upper layers. This foam is an 8 on the 1-10 scale, which means it is firm but not so much that there is no contouring at all for your posture, making it a better option for heavier individuals as well as back and side sleepers.

That said, you can expect this one to transfer some bounce as you move around in bed since it deliberately does not cushion the action of the spring coils underneath.

Unique Features

Bounce and Contouring In A Single Package

By combining a cushioning Euro top, viscoelastic foam, and the individually wrapped coils in the comfort layer with tempered steel connected coils in the support layer, the Loom and Leaf is able to achieve a blend of contouring and bouncy responsiveness that a pure foam mattress simply cannot achieve.

Euro top

The Loom and Leaf’s Euro pillow top provides cushioning as soon as you rest your head on the mattress. Beyond that, it is seamlessly combined with the rest of the mattress which looks cleaner and is more durable than a regular pillow top that has been stitched on the mattress like an addon.

Covers a Wider Consumer Segment

Since it is available in plush, luxury firm, and firm variants, it caters to the needs of side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers comprehensively, which the Loom and Leaf with its fewer variants is not so all-encompassing.

Which One To Get?

The Loom and Leaf and the Saatva are two very different mattresses: the former being an all-foam product focusing on viscoelastic properties, the latter being a memory foam / innerspring hybrid aiming for a combination of bounce and contouring. Due to this, it is hard to draw a direct comparison between the two, and it makes more sense to discuss the situations where each is most suitable:

Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf is worth considering if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that provides you all the conformity you need without succumbing to the notorious ‘sinking’ phenomenon. Its use of durable, high-density foams ensures that it achieves this with aplomb.

The Loom and Leaf is also a good choice for people who want a memory foam mattress without having to deal with any heat retention problems that are generally ascribed to this material. The convoluted gel-swirl memory foam layer and the dedicated cooling gel spinal panel are able to achieve heat dissipation that is significantly better than typical viscoelastic beds.


The Saatva’s luxury firm and firm variants may appeal to you if you want a bed that shapes up to your body but doesn’t envelop it like memory foam does. By only using a thin layer of memory foam and incorporating two spring coil layers in its construction, the Saatva is able to yield such type of support quite well.

The individually pocketed coils in its comfort layer ensure that the bed doesn’t become excessively stiff as in the case of traditional coiled mattresses, and it provides support that is customized to your sleep style without sacrificing any resilience.

The Saatva is also offered in a plush variant, and you could consider it if you’re looking for something that offers a high degree of immediate contouring (good for side sleepers and lightweight individuals) – that said, don’t expect it to ‘wrap’ around you like a proper viscoelastic foam product.

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