Best Standing-Desk Converters

Candace Osmond

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Whether you are new to the concept of working from home or already have a dedicated, fully-equipped office space, you’ve likely figured out that a comfortable, ergonomically appropriate computer set-up makes a big difference. And you’ll notice this difference from the moment you sit down at your desk to later in the day when you realize your back, arms and shoulders no longer feel stiff and achy from hours of leaning over a computer.

Chances are that if you’ve already experienced this type of pain, you’ve also already upgraded many of your office furnishings to include a good quality chair with lumbar support and an oversized computer monitor to help alleviate the stiff neck and tired back. But if in spite of this, you’re still feeling physically fatigued at the end of your day, it may be time to look at additional options.

While the stand-up desk has been around for a number of years and was designed to help alleviate back stress caused by prolonged periods of sitting, for many, it isn’t always the most practical option. Price and space constraints aside, not all of us are ready or able to spend the bulk of our working day on our feet.

So, what’s the solution when deadlines loom and the constant need to get up from your chair to stretch and move around begins to disrupt your productivity? Consider a stand-up desk converter

This simple piece of equipment is ideal for a home or business office set-up, it sits atop any flat surface and it allows you to alternate between standing up and sitting down throughout your workday.

The convertor is less expensive than the full-size desk version and it’s ergonomically designed so regardless of your height, it’s right for you. Best of all, it helps you stay on top of productivity by minimizing the downtime that comes from all those frequent yet necessary stand-and-stretch breaks.

So what features are available in today’s desk converter and how do you know what to look for?  Consider these five points:

  1. Affordability – There are some great, inexpensive options on the market. What are the best brands, qualities, and features available within your budget?
  2. Stability – Potential tipping should never be a problem. Is it sturdy enough to hold your laptop and any other work-related items you like to have at hand?
  3. Adjustability – It must be ergonomically ideal for your height and reach. Can you customize and then lock the work surface in place to ensure it meets your exacting needs?
  4. Flexibility – Ensure it fits your personal work style. Does it have a monitor stand, multi-monitor stands, a keyboard stand… or does it just need to hold a laptop?
  5. Portability – It needs to make sense for your workplace. Do you need a stand that you can pack up and put away at the end of the day, leave in place or store in luggage for travel?




WorkEZ Standing Desk



Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter




Fancierstudio Riser 38



Flexispot M2W 35



Ergo Kangaroo Pro Junior



VariDesk Pro Plus 36



Rocelco 46″




Uplift E7



VariDesk Pro Plus 36


Now, let’s take a look at what we consider to be 10 of the top stand-up desk converters on the market:

  1. StandStand

This simple, portable desk converter is designed for the business person on the go. The interlocking pieces take just seconds to assemble or disassemble and it packs flat for easy storage and transportation. The lightweight, birchwood design of this stand up desk converter weighs in at just 2 pounds and comes in 4 sizes that range from 9-inches in height (for users up to 5’5” tall) all the way up to 16 inches (perfect for those who are 6’1” or taller). Neat and tidy, you have just one flat work surface which, for those traveling, is often all you require. In spite of its basic design, this stand-desk converter is sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of laptops and is one of the most affordable units on the market, at just $69.00.

  1. WorkEZ Standing Desk

Perfect for a small home office or dining room table set-up, this lightweight stand-up converter is quick and easy to install and takes up minimal desk space. The independently adjustable monitor and keyboard stands can be customized to virtually any angle for neutral or negative wrist action while the mousepad is easily converted to either right- or left-hand users Extending up to 18 inches above the desk height, the monitor stand can be ideally positioned at eye level to ergonomically suit any user. It’s capable of holding up to 13 pounds of equipment, so it is the ideal option for those who use just a single, basic monitor and a standard keyboard. It’s streamlined design, practical functionality, and ease of installation make this standing desk convertor a great deal at just $99.99.

  1. Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter

For those who don’t have the time or patience to assemble office equipment, this standing-desk converter is a perfect choice. Lightweight and easy to set-up or breakdown for quick storage, it’s an ideal solution for home use. The stand’s work surface measures 31-inches by 22-inches which is sufficient to hold a laptop, keyboard, and mouse, while its non-skid pads protect furniture and prevent the stand from shifting during use. Made with a liquid-resistant laminate top and super-light aluminum base, its sturdy enough to hold up to 22 pounds of equipment without tipping or collapsing. It extends in increments up to 15.7-inches so it can easily adapt to meet the ergonomic needs of any user’s height. At just $150.00, it’s a practical, affordable option.

  1. Fancierstudio Riser 38

When your home office set-up actually includes a dedicated workspace, this impressive standing-desk converter is the way to go. Its heavy-duty, Z-shape design and a lower center of gravity provide ideal stability and can support up to 30 pounds of computer equipment. The expansive, 38-inch wide upper stand holds up to two monitors (maximum height 17.7-inches per) so you never have to compromise your preferred work style. Using simple hand levers, you can easily adjust this unit to meet any of its eight different height levels – from a seated work height of just 5-inches up to 17.7-inches for when you want to switch it up and work while standing. A full-width keyboard tray is fully customizable to meet the ergonomic needs of any user. Shipped fully assembled, it’s a great home office addition at just $169.00.

  1. Flexispot M2W 35

If your idea of working productively means having everything at your fingertips, this stand-up desk converter is a great choice. It features an extra-wide, extra-deep, 35-inch by 31.5-inch work surface that’s large enough to hold everything from your laptop to your monitor, to paperwork and even stationery supplies. A separate keyboard tray is generously sized and removable. Because the ultra-smooth, gas spring hovering system allows your work surface to be easily adjusted up to 12 different height levels, you can quickly adapt your configuration to meet your ergonomic needs as you transition from sitting to standing throughout the day. This unit folds neatly into its footprint and is sturdy enough to support up to 35 pounds of computer equipment. At just $279.00, it’s about to become your favorite piece of office equipment.

  1. Ergo Kangaroo Pro Junior

When space is an issue, this stand-up desk converter is the ideal solution. In spite of its compact 18-inches deep by 24-inches wide footprint, its super stable and uses a solid steel plate base to ensure tipping is never an issue. And because the work surface and monitor mount can be adjusted separately, you’re able to customize either to suit your ergonomic needs. The workspace platform can be positioned up to 15-inches above your desktop making it ideal for users up to 6-feet in height. This feature helps ensure continual comfort as you move from a seated to standing position. Its smaller stature can accommodate monitors up to 12 pounds and most laptops. At $399.00, it’s not the cheapest on the market but it delivers the stability and ergonomic functionality you won’t find in most compact models.

  1. VariDesk Pro Plus 36

If you love that “command central” feeling, where everything is within arm’s reach, the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is the stand-up desk converter for you. This super-efficient unit arrives pre-assembled and ready to take on the day. A weighted base keeps it wobble-free during work while the two-tier set-up simultaneously adjusts both the keyboard and monitor stands to suit your ergonomic needs whether you’re seated or standing. The upper stand is generously sized to hold up to two monitors plus a laptop while the lower one provides ample space for your keyboard, mousepad and working notes. A spring-loaded boost mechanism and 11 different height settings ranging to 17.5-inches above your desktop, make it quick and easy to meet the ergonomic needs of any user. At $350.00 it’s an affordable alternative to the full stand-up desk.

8.      Rocelco 46″

If your work productivity is reliant on a multi-monitor computer set-up, this large-format, standing-desk converter needs to be on your short-list. Designed with an over-sized, 45-inch work surface it holds up to 3 medium- or 2-large sized monitors plus a laptop, notepads and, other workplace essentials. A separate, retractable ergonomic keyboard tray is deep enough to hold any sized keyboard or a full laptop. It’s the perfect stand-up desk converter for those who have a dedicated office space and are looking for a substantial alternative to the pricey standing- desk. Gas spring assist allows you to raise or lower up to 45 pounds of computer equipment between 5-inches and 20-inches for an ideal ergonomic, whether you opt to work seated or standing. It arrives pre-assembled so eliminates down-time and at $219.00, is well priced.

  1. Uplift E7

For those who love the convenience technology brings to the workplace, this electric stand-up desk converter delivers big-time. With over 24 possible height combinations ranging up to 21-inches, it takes just a simple touch of a button on the built-in advanced memory keypad for both the computer and keyboard stands to immediately adjust to your pre-set, ideal height preferences. You’ll lose no time to fiddling with multiple levers to get it right. This is a welcome feature for those who continually transition from seated to standing throughout the workday. Powerfully built, this converter can lift up to 110 pounds of equipment and although the base model is designed to hold a single monitor, it can easily be adapted for two with the addition of the dual monitor arm accessory. Priced in the $500.00 range, this standing-desk converter is a wise investment in enhanced productivity.

  1. VariDesk Pro Plus 36

Adjusting the height of a stand-up desk converter can be a challenge when you’re working with the weight of multiple monitors. That’s why you need to look at the many benefits an electric variation can bring to your fast-paced work environment. With the Pro Plus 36 model, transitioning from a seated to a standing position while still maintaining an ideal ergonomic set-up is as easy as touching a button. This electric unit includes a heavily weighted base to provide enhanced stability as it raises the primary work stand up as high as 18.75-inches from your desktop. A generously-sized keyboard stand will easily accommodate a mousepad and any sized keyboard. Included in its $600.00 price tag is the handy VariDesk PowerHub with 2 USB ports and 3 AC outlets to help ensure important devices are fully charged and close at hand.