Restonic Mattress Reviews: Handcrafted Comfort

Updated August 1, 2019

Both your physical and mental health depends upon a proper amount of sleep to help rejuvenate your body and mind. If you are looking to support a deep, more restful night, your creature comforts are the perfect place to start. You need a bed that helps support your unique body structure, as well as your sleep position, and your mattress can be highly influential in how well you sleep each night.

Restonic mattresses have been around for the better part of a century and are considered a quality sleep option for a wide range of comfort needs. If you have been looking for a more comfortable sleep surface, the following reviews can help break down exactly what this company can do for you. If you have ever wondered if Restonic mattress is any good, this article should get that answered in detail.

Restonic Mattress History

In business since 1936, Restonic has offered innovative comfort approaches since day one. They were the first to provide added support through the middle third of a mattress where the bulk of your body lays, paving the way for companies to take a closer look at consumer sleep needs. Through the years Restonic has only improved upon their designs to offer a healthy array of mattress designs to meet the many needs of their consumers. Today they are considered a luxury mattress offered at reasonable prices compared to similar top name brand selections.

Why Choose a Restonic Mattress?

Not only do you get a product that has been a tried and true option for almost 100 years, you also get an excellent value for the comfort offered. Restonic also has paired with major names, such as Scott Living and The Biltmore Estates to provide one of a kind, luxurious comfort options you can put in your own homes. Since the quality of sleep you receive is directly related to health, always review your options closely for our needs.

These mattresses have a  long list of quality comfort and best buy awards associated with the name and are offered through licensed dealers. Some of the models can also be purchased online through the company as well, although the selection is limited. By finding a nearby store locator, you can also experience the comfort first hand prior to purchase.

Restonic Collection Options

Restonic offers their mattress models through three different design series. These encompass their different constructions, broken into micro coils, hybrid, foam, and latex uses- allowing you to shop both by collection, or by construction and material needs.

– Scott Living Mattresses

The Scott Living Mattress series is endorsed by the faces behind Property Brother, a reality television series that follows two identical twin brother, Drew and Jonathan, and their many home renovation projects. Part of what drives them to succeed in their own business is their belief that everyone has a right to creature comforts, highlighted through the choices they provide – such as Restonic mattress designs.


Biltmore Mattresses

Designed and built in the 1800s, the Biltmore home and estates were opened to enjoyment in 1895. Today they serve as a gathering place for conferences and outings and provide luxurious amenities to all who stay there. The Biltmore Mattress Collection was designed to elevate sleep to the art of relaxation.

ComfortCare Mattresses

The ComfortCare Mattress Series is the company’s foundational design line from which all others spring from. These provide a wide range of construction and sleep surface options to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to sleep in comfort.

Restonic Construction Option

As mentioned, encompassed within the series described above are various construction options. If you are looking for a specific material, or are curious about the differences between each, this is a good place to start in your search for proper sleep support.

MicroCoil Mattresses

Micro Coil options are found within both the Scott Living and Biltmore series and use two separate self-encased coil systems to target conforming support and pressure point relief. Each also boasts a patented gel technology to provide temperature control.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress options can be found throughout all the mattress series, and also include detailed choices such as a Euro and Pillowtop, or more firm designs. These layered mattresses use a patented specialty foam layered over innersprings to give you balanced comfort care.

Foam Mattresses

These high-performance mattresses can be found only in the Scott Living and Biltmore series, and are designed to provide luxurious freedom of movement and pressure point relief using patented memory foam. Made to support, rather than over delivering support and sink, these sleep cooler than many of their competition.

Latex Mattresses

Latex is a popular alternative to memory foam as it allows the soft pressure point sink but without any sort of foam memory. It bounces back wonderfully, and these mattress options can be found in both the Scott Living and Biltmore series.

10 Year Warranty

All of the mattresses offered by the company are under warranty for 10 years. This protects against defective material and design and will replace or repair the product depending on the severity of it. Not included is shipping either way if required.

How to Choose the Best Restonic Mattress for You

Obviously, when choosing the best mattress for your needs, you need to consider your own sleep style right from the start. Sleeping on your side requires a much different surface than sleeping on your back or stomach, and your own body type can play a large part in what options may be most comfortable for you. Our Ultimate Mattress Buyers Guide can help you better narrow down your needs.

Ne sure to consider the following when reviewing out top picks:

  • Sleep Position
  • Personal preferences
  • If you prefer a cooling material
  • Firm vs soft top materials
  • Bed size

Top 5 Restonic Mattress Picks Reviews

Of all the mattresses offered, these top 5 picks are some of the most popular with consumers due to quality and comfort claims.

Restonic ComfortCare Select Magnolia Euro Top Mattress


  • Depth: 11.5”
  • Gel Infusion: no
  • Foam Layer: medium-firm
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

The big selling point of the ComfortCare series is the dependable, Marvelous Middle technology that helped make the mattress popular in the first place. This middle supportive layer helps keep your spine in better alignment through more advanced support. These hybrid mattresses are designed with layers of memory foam and pocketed coil innersprings to reduce motion transfer and absorb body weight without creating a sink.

A ventilated, patented Airflow border keeps airflow moving through the night, helps regulate body temperature, and allows the bedding to stay fresh to reduce allergen buildup. Edge to edge support provides a firm sidewall as well to extend the life of the mattress, and provide a stable base.


  • Very supportive of back alignment
  • Wonderful value
  • Great edge support


  • Maybe too firm for some people

Who Should Buy This Mattress
If a dependable innerspring mattress topper by a soft Euro top over a medium firm foundation is your comfort zone, this is a great mattress to consider. The supportive middle layer is especially nice for heavier bodies.

Restonic ComfortCare Select Laurel Euro Top Mattress


  • Depth: 13”
  • Gel Infusion: yes
  • Foam Layer: super soft
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King