Best Travel Cribs for Parents

Corey Majeau

Your baby is younger than 2 years of age, and you want to go somewhere. Be it a road trip, a picnic, an overnight stay, or flying overseas, you’ll need to take your child with you, and they will need to get their sleep somehow.

The answer: travel cribs. A good travel crib can be used in many situations, making it cost-effective, convenient, safe, and comfortable.

But where do you find such a crib? There are plenty on the market that fit these criteria and more; you just need to know where to look. That’s where this review round-up comes in. With a buying guide full of tips on what to look for and some of our recommendations, you can begin looking for your own travel crib in no time.

#1Graco Pack n’ Play on the Go Playard

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#2BABYBJORN Travel Crib

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#3Lotus Travel Crib

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#4BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

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#5Dream on ME Travel Light PlayYard

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Let’s Dive In!

Whatever questions you may have before buying a travel crib should be answered with the buying guide below. Finding the right one for your baby and situation doesn’t have to be tricky – knowing why and what to look for helps make it much easier to decide for yourself.

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Why Buy a Travel Crib?

Travel cribs are a great way for your baby to sleep in a comfortable and familiar setting when away from home. It’s important for everyone including babies to get adequate rest no matter where they are and traveling often interrupts that healthy sleep cycle.

Being unfamiliar with a new environment can hinder a baby’s will to sleep. Travel cribs have that look and smell babies can easily become familiar with and can, therefore, go to sleep soundly.

Most travel cribs can easily be used at home as well as on the go. They provide a safe place for your little one to play in when they’re not asleep, away from any hazards in the home or disruptive pets and siblings.

Travel cribs are safe and easy to use, with designs made to be set up in a matter of minutes or seconds as well as being packed in an easy-to-carry, compact manner.

Overall, travel cribs are a convenient place for your baby to sleep and play: whether you’re out traveling, or at a picnic or someone’s house overnight, the travel crib is a useful thing to bring with you.

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What to Look for In A Travel Crib


Needless to say, being a travel crib means it should be a suitable weight for travel. In most cases the lighter the crib the better, but you also want it to be sturdy enough to hold a moving infant or child (especially if said child also plays in the crib).

Many travel cribs will advertise that they’re very lightweight, but you should take into account the weight and size of your own child and if it is suitable for the weight limit.


Setting up the tent would ideally be no hassle, and the best-designed cribs come pretty close. They can be folded, packed, and reopened with ease no matter your intended use wherever you are. Sellers will usually advertise how their setup works, and it helps to check customer reviews to see how well they fared with the advertised set up themselves.

The ease of use can vary – some travel cribs fold open and shut-in one action, whereas others might take some fiddling with the legs before being suitable for use.


One department many travel cribs would be lacking in is the mattress department. Of course, you’re not going to find luxurious soft mattresses, but the baby will need a decently comfortable place to sleep. The mattress included should be a decent thickness and it’s an added plus if they include a mattress cover for extra comfort.

Be especially careful when it comes to cheaper travel cribs. They are more likely to have flimsy mattresses that won’t do much to support your baby.

The crib should offer good airflow, usually through mesh walls. This not only helps for safety reasons but also makes for a cooler circulation of air.


Safety should be the top priority when buying anything involving your baby. Travel cribs are no different. Check first to see if the crib you’re deciding on has good safety ratings among reviewers and previous customers. Some safety features to look out for are locking mechanisms for setup, height, zipper entrances, how well the mattress fits into the travel crib frame, and (as an added plus) third-party certifications verifying that the travel crib is free from harmful substances.


Should something be defected with the travel crib you buy, or something goes wrong, you want to rest assured your purchase has been covered and you’ll receive some sort of refund or compensation.


The type of travel bedding you’ll need will depend on your circumstances. Ask yourself: Will you be staying somewhere? How much space do you have for packing or carry-ons? Are you getting there by driving or flying? How old is your baby?

When it comes to that last question, you should really consider the size of the bedding. Smaller babies would best be put into bassinets, as they’re the lightest and take the least amount of space. However, if your baby has begun moving around something more spacious would be needed such as a regular travel crib or a “pack n’ play” that would keep them busy.

Best Travel Crib Reviews

Graco Pack n’ Play on the Go Playard

Best overall

The Graco Pack n’ Play Playard is a popular travel crib option for all the right reasons. It comes with more than you could need, all at one of the best prices on the market. From the quality to the double functionality, you’re getting your money’s worth with this travel crib.

Don’t know if you want a full-sized travel crib or a more compact bassinet? No worries – this pack n’ play crib can do both, no matter the situation. To make lighter travel easier, you have a full-size removable bassinet for your baby to take a nap in that folds up far more compact than the full crib.

You don’t have to worry about portability with the crib, either. When not in use, you can fold it with one push of a button – a Graco signature feature. You can then bring it hassle-free wherever you go thanks to wheels and a handy carry case.

The frame is durable, and the mesh walls help add to the crib’s lightweight portability and air circulation. A bar of amusing soft toys is located right above the baby, and the crib also works as a small playpen available in a variety of cute colors.

When it comes to cleaning, the Graco Pack n’ Play Playard is no challenge. The carry bag is machine washable while the crib itself can be washed using household soap and warm water.


  • Doubles as a bassinet and crib
  • Durable quality construction
  • Decently portable
  • Easy folding and packing
  • Easy to clean


  • May be considered a bit clunky for some parent’s taste

Who Should Buy This?

Whether you have a baby or toddler, this trusty and affordable travel crib from Graco can work no matter how much space you have with you on your journey. Parents on a budget can especially benefit if they travel with their child often.

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Best Lightweight

This travel crib from BABYBJORN is a rather popular higher-end travel crib that has been well-received for offering superior quality while being one of the most lightweight travel cribs on the market. It’s sure to make anyone’s travels easier and if you prioritize light weights and easy setups, the BABYBJORN travel crib is a sure treat for you.

This travel crib promises to be easy to take anywhere, weighing in at only 13 lbs. You don’t have to take it far, and the travel crib won’t be a hassle. A convenient carry bag is included for good measure.

What makes the BABYBJORN travel crib, so light is the material used. The incredibly airy sides made of mesh fabric make it easy to see your baby inside and can be removed for easy machine washing. A comfy thin mattress sits at the bottom that safely supports your baby as they go to sleep.

A notable feature of this travel crib is that all materials have been tested and approved by the OEKO-TEX Standard, meaning you’re putting your baby in a safe, chemical emission-free setting.

Along with the lightweight of the crib, many customers love the easy one-action set up: you just unfold and lock the crib, and you’re done setting up in a matter of seconds.


  • Easy setup and easy packing
  • Comes with a durable firm mattress, mattress cover, and strong carrying bag
  • Very lightweight yet stable
  • Easy to clean machine washable fabric
  • OEKO-TEX Standard approved


  • Size, when folded, is a bit large, especially for flying
  • Pricey

Who Should Buy This?

This travel crib is a great choice overall, especially for parents conscious about packing with a weight limit for whatever reason. For newborns to children up to 3 years, the BABYBJORN travel crib is a comfortable, sturdy, yet a lightweight option.

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Lotus Travel Crib

Most Portable

Yet another higher-end product, the Lotus travel crib is another popular crib on the market that’s often compared with the BABYBJORN in terms of quality. When it comes to setup, weight, safety, and comfort the two are practically neck-and-neck. But one feature where the Lotus stands out in is portability.

Whereas other travel cribs will fold up into a carry case about the size of a small suitcase, the Lotus travel crib takes it a step further and allows you to wear it on your back. This makes it much easier to take around as your hands won’t be full, and it’s compact enough to be a carry on for air travel.

The travel crib itself weighs only 13 pounds when packed and claims to set up in 15 seconds. With how easy it is to carry you can take it out more often than overnight trips.

The materials used are durable and safe enough to be used anywhere, any amount of time during the day. The Lotus travel crib has been GREENGUARD GOLD certified – the only travel crib to be certified as such.

Another feature many users enjoy is the zipper entrance through the crib’s airy mesh wall, which removes the need for arching your back while reaching your baby.

The mattress included is a relatively thick, soft foam, that’s both comfortable and safely supportive. It’s perfectly sized to fit the bottom of the travel crib and be folded with the crib without hassle.


  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to pack, compact when packed
  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified safe
  • Zipper entrance on the side is convenient


  • Pricey
  • Some find the mattress tricky to install

Who Should Buy This?

If you travel often by air with your child, the Lotus Travel Crib is excellent. The incredibly compact size it can be packed into makes it perfect to carry on with you without being too heavy on the back.

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BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Best for Newborn

The Brica Fold n’ Go Travel Bassinet is the perfect quick to-go solution for parents who are always on the go. It’s ridiculously lightweight and convenient to bring, no matter where you’re headed. Their new and improved model is made to be more durable, breathable, and safer than before to provide you with peace of mind.

As a bassinet, the Brica Fold n’ Go is going to be smaller and more compact than a travel crib, simply for the fact that it’s made for very young newborn babies. It includes mattress padding along with a fitted waterproof sheet for easy cleaning.

The Fold n’ Go weighs less than three pounds and (when not in use) can be folded totally flat for easy storage. The bottom has a carrying handle to easily bring it wherever you’re going.

For safety, you have a breathable see-through mesh panel to easily keep an eye on your baby. The bassinet is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and securely locked using a four-point system for added security. To pack the Fold n’ Go back up again, simply press a button and it’s good to go.


  • Great affordability
  • Compact
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Durable with safe construction and design


  • Not for air travel
  • Should only be used on the ground

Who Should Buy This?

For those who might just have space for a bassinet the Brica Fold n’ Go will get the job done: it’s strong, lightweight, compact, and comfortable for your young baby all at a reasonable price. You can bring your baby wherever you’re visiting and won’t have to worry about missing naptime.

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Dream on ME Travel Light PlayYard

Budget Pick

If you’re looking for a well-valued play yard for your baby at a budget-friendly price, the stylish Dream On Me Travel Light Play Yard might just be what you’re looking for. Not only does it look good, but it’s sturdy and easy to take around with you on trips or visits.

This play yard features that light, airy mesh fabric that’s breathable and soft to the touch. You can easily see into the cot and supervise your little one while they sleep or play around inside. It’s free from harmful chemicals, so you know your child will breathe safely in the travel crib.

The frame and legs of the Dream On Me PlayYard are a lightweight yet durable aluminum, and they fold and pack easily into a comfortable carry bag for hassle-free transportation.

Setup is simple enough, and though it requires more than just being folded open, there’s little effort required to assemble the crib.

The mattress pad included is soft and comfortable, and perfectly fitted to match the bottom and provide no safety hazard.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Great affordability
  • Carrying case included
  • Easy to clean


  • Setup is short but fidgety

Who Should Buy This?

Parents looking for a high-quality travel crib on a budget will enjoy using the Dream on Me travel light play yard. It’s sturdy and can be used anywhere, and you can take it everywhere you go.

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The travel crib will give your little one their own familiar space away from home and a proper place to rest, making their and your lives easier. Your ideal choice will vary depending the most on how and where you intend to use it.

Regardless, what should never change is the standard of quality you look for in your travel crib. No matter the size, price, or amount of positive reviews online, your priority should be looking for the best you can for your child, even in something as seemingly insignificant as a travel crib.